Rad Picks at Reformation.

I recently came across a dress on the world wide web that I fell in love with...come to find out it was from Reformation...and also come to find out it no longer exists on the site.  BOLLOCKS.  But, regardless, the more I explored the site (admittedly for the first time in quite a while, especially with a couple impending summer weddings in which I would delight in a new frock or two), the more a bigger problem reared its face. 3



I want to try everything on.  I want to buy everything.  I want to have costume changes at said love fests.






Suggestions welcome.


(All images c/o Reformation)

NYFW Spring 2013: Badgley Mischka, Betsey Johnson, Emerson & Norisol Ferrari

Whenever I think of Badgley Mischka, I think of extreme formal wear and dresses.  I'm not complaining but that is what I have come to expect from this staple of New York Fashion Week.  And the Badgley Mischka boys gave us exactly what we wanted but a little bit more. The stand out looks from this show were actually the seperates...including sweatpants!  Even the most casual garments had the special flare of the label (i.e. gold, embroidery, bedazzlement) so nothing seemed out-of-place or entirely unusual, just refreshing and ever so romantic.

It is a life goal of mine to go to a Betsey Johnson show.  The Queen of all things kooky did not disappoint this year and though she may have given us some pretty strong insight into the reasons she ended up filing for bankruptcy this year, she also didn't let that get her down.  Bizarre props, including an actual piglet, were gleefully used by models who struck you as the type of cool girl that you were also a little bit scared of.  An insane amount of looks shimmied down the runway, each styled like a little girl who wants to wear all of her favorite things at once.  In truth, I made a point to not show you this show and the Anna Sui show in the same post because I am pretty sure all our heads would explode  :)

I had the pleasure of attending the Emerson at Lincoln Center this year and for someone who was otherwise unfamiliar with the label, I left being pretty excited about it.  I don't know if it was the inspiration or the styling or the label itself but I really did fall a little bit in love.  Focused on the idea of 1970s horror films, the Emerson show did an amazing job at depicting the beautiful bad girl.  From the first look with a very cool letter man jacket to the black dip-dyed messy braids, this show was youthful and girly without letting you think for a minute that the Emerson chick wouldn't kick your ass given half a reason.  It was a collision of the 'Carrie' and 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' (the movie, not the TV show) in all the best ways.  And the final walk complete with red confetti to a Beastie Boys anthem sealed the deal.

Another show I was happy to attend this seasons was Norisol Ferrari.  To sum up the experience, a drum & bass version of 'Hey Big Spender' was met with outfit names such as 'Dinner with the Ex' and 'How I Got My Raise' and models ranged from new unknowns to 81-year-old supermodels who maybe made moments of the show a bit creepy but kept the entertainment up.  It was a beautiful show, as evident below, drawing on the idea of the classic Hollywood starlet.  Not ground breaking but it doesn't always need to be.

(Badgley Mischka and Betsey Johnson images c/o Style.com. Emerson images c/o Zimbio. Norisol Ferrari images c/o fashionising.com)

Weddings of Women I Wish I Knew.

It is no question that we are in the feverish height of wedding season at the moment, and though I am not one to really focus much on this phenomenon of great fashion, brilliant parties and a boatload of love, I can't help but comment.  In the last few weeks, three of the coolest girls I look up to have gotten married and have done it bloody well.  In my humble opinion, these events are increasingly being taken over by 'what are we meant to do' and have lost a bit of 'what do we want to do'.  The Missoni, Love and Jagger camps all seemed to go back to themselves and made sure their celebrations were everything to do with their personalities and the meaning of the day. So I present to you, three weddings of women I wish I knew (and wish I had been invited to).

Margherita Missoni - Adorable, fashionable and the face of one of the coolest families in the world.

Pamela Love - Badass flower child, jewelry designer extraordinaire, coolest chick ever.

Jade Jagger - Rock royalty who kept it simple but ever so British.

Opinions please! Wedding Guest Outfit Emergency

Emergency is an overstatement.  But I would like your thoughts! One of my very dear friends is marrying a sweetheart of a girl on Friday and I am over the moon.  I was lucky enough to be there with the groom and help him buy the engagement ring, which was really one of the most wonderful things I have ever gotten to do with a friend.  (He picked very well!)  And now the big day is here...

I have the dress.  A gorgeous kimono maxi dress from Nicole Richie's Winter Kate collection in lovely purples, blues and greys (see below) and some lovely grey suede peep toe booties with ruffles down the front.  But I need help on hair, make-up and accessories.  So please see the picture of the dress below and then let me know your thoughts on the other options as follows...have a better idea, I'd love to hear it!

Now for hair...I know the easy option is to wear my now shoulder-length hair down, maybe tousle it a bit, and see if I can get my fringe to behave.  But thoughts on all the styles below is appreciated!

Make-up...this is an afternoon ceremony and evening reception.  I tend to be really drawn to the 1960s clean face and thick liner and wouldn't at all argue with that...

Accessories.  Or mostly do I wear my fascinator (guess it depends on the hairstyle?)


Love it or Hate it: Badgley Mischka Crystal Silk-Chiffon Dress

So two of my very good friends here in London are getting hitched in a couple of weeks and though I already have a dress, I can't help but just take a sneaky peek at some others...  :)  And this one I think I really love.  Key word: 'think'.  Love the colour and think they style is quite quirky and cute.  So Jury...what say you?