A Study In Streetstyle.

In the fashion and social media community, we are at a major crossroads.  Though it has been years in the making, it has seems as if out of nowhere, bloggers and streetstyle icons have begun to be the voice of the fashion industry.  They aren't running it, I want to make that clear.  Or at least in my mind, they aren't running it.  But they have begun an accidental revolution of sorts that has them sitting front row at shows, being paid to collaborate with some of the biggest designers out there and have forced the already delicate world of print media to go digital. Something has happened in the last season that has us all questioning this influence yet again.  Bloggers are bored.  Readers are bored looking at the same content over and over again as delivered by said bored bloggers.  And the fashion industry is questioning how long these kids are going to keep nosing into their world.  This is all a generalization but one that has us all wondering where it is all going.  Susie Bubble, along with the incredible Tim Blanks and more, have just published this great 'mini documentary' on the entire situation and it's brilliant.  Now I want the full-feature version.  So, Susie, make that exist please.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/61348049]