The Story of Stu & John (Project #1)

If it hasn't been obvious from my ramblings and updates on Thrill of the Chaise being a bit slower than usual, I have been working awfully hard for the last month.  Mid term exams have literally lasted for a month and I have finally finished up my two major projects that will mark my making it through the halfway point of this semester. I've had an absolute ball working on these projects, the only things I wish were that 1. I was a better artist and 2. I had more time to dedicate and perfect my work.  But I'm happy with the outcomes  :)

For one of my projects, I had to ask someone to tell me a story for two minutes and then use my super difficult paints to add a visual.  It was a challenge.  First of all, I am not the best at drawing/painting and usually end up with more paint on myself than on my paper.  And second, these aren't just paints I can pick up, these are paints that come with a base and dyes that I have to mix myself (which is why they look a bit thin in places).  But as neither an artist nor scientist, I did my best on this one.

As some of you may know (or will know if you read here), I had the honor of helping organize a surprise engagement and holiday to remember for one of my very best friends this past year.  So I asked Stu (the 'surprisee') to tell me about the engagement which he very kindly did.  And now I hope I did he and his lovely fiancée, John, at least a little proud with this video.  (And a special shout out to my little bro who helped me bring it to life on video!)


Please make sure to check out Stu's website Two Men on a Cake  :)