Pre-Fall 2013: Burberry Prorsum, Chanel & Rachel Roy.

It can be a bit funny who you find kicking around the Pre-Fall gang.  Classics like Burberry and Chanel are regular attendees but suddenly the likes of labels like Rachel Roy are sneaking in and trying their hand at the 'extra collection' game.  And I'll tell you right doesn't matter how long you've been around and what your reputation is, if you're trying to create a collection that makes a statement in between the traditional Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter collections that also need to make a statement, you're gonna be up against it.  Case in point: Burberry Prorsum, Chanel and Rachel Roy. I love Burberry Prorsum.  They always deliver the perfect mix of classic high fashion and British quirkiness.  They can literally knit a cartoon-looking owl onto a sweater and you still want to make out with the person wearing it because they look so foxy.  It's weird and I don't totally understand but it's brilliant.  When it comes to Pre-Fall, I was really excited about seeing a bit of this fun.  But, even though it is a nice collection, it fell short and, in many ways, just seemed like a further extension of their past few collections.  The fabrications may be slightly different but it didn't stop me from saying 'I've seen this shoot before, I know I have'.  It was actually the menswear that stood out in this collection and the womenswear just played a supporting role.  Which is fine.  I guess.

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I have to put in the disclaimer that no matter what I say about any of his collections, for Chanel or otherwise, I love Uncle Karl.  But this disclaimer is necessary because I've not given much of a great review to any of his collections since his India-inspired show (here) ages ago.  The construction is always beautiful and the man sure can put on a show.  And to deliver the number of looks that he does for every single collection, it's mind-boggling.  That doesn't make me like it any more though.  Starting in heavy Scottish Highland influence, it was a theme alright.  It all looked heavy and though it also looked warm, it looked shapeless and on the wrong side of grungy.  Looks went from quite matronly to suddenly the perfect looks for teenagers.  Slowly you could see the theme morphing though.  It all went a bit court jester before finishing with influence that was so Elizabethan, it read almost strictly costume.  Which is brilliant to look at.  There were some really cool moments and some really beautiful ones too.  But I think I'd like a little bit more.

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Oh Rachel Roy.  I bet you're a really cool lady.  I also think you're really pretty.  You're welcome.  And I know that you really tried with your Pre-Fall collection.  Your separates are great...I think you have some really cool pieces in there and business ladies who hate wearing suits will rejoice.  But I hated your styling and what I saw I had to struggled to fall in 'like' with.  Sorry.  I really like your shoe collections though.  Do you want to hang out sometime?

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