It's the 'Finals Countdown'.

Look at how clever I am...  :)  Yes, hard to believe that it is already here but I am smack in the middle of finals and at the very end of my first semester at Parsons.  I have essentially been locked in a computer lab since last Tuesday and probably will remain there until next Friday when I can finally breathe out and have a little break to go see my family and rest my weary brain. What I'm trying to say is, I am probably going to be rather quiet for the next week while I put my nose to the grindstone and try and produce some good work.  But I had to share this with you...

On my walks to the school computer lab, I walk by a puppy store, which I am sure could be deemed 'mean' by some but it brings me a massive amount of joy so just let me bloody have it.  There is one pup that I have taken a special liking to and have watched him slowly get bigger and bigger through the semester.  He was out to greet me last night (not entirely true, he does not share an interest in me, I actually think he finds me quite boring) and his timing was perfect.

He was on top form.  He continued to have no interest in me whatsoever.  He looked rather unamused as a general state of being.  And he had paper hanging out of his mouth which he either 1. didn't notice or 2. just didn't care about.  I love him.