I Like It. What Is It?

When I first started to read about Anthony Burrill's book, I Like It. What Is It?, it wasn't so much the book that grabbed my attention, but it's headline print.  It's such a simple phrase.  But it's one that I've said a million times, that I have heard a million times, that I will hear a million times more.  It's a simple phrase with a hell of a lot behind it.


But you won't notice that until you stop, faced with the words, and properly take them in.  That's a lot of what Anthony Burrill's work is composed of...simple words, simply designed, resonating hard.  He has been described as an artist of words.  No, not an author.  An artist.  Burrill works to keep you thinking and giving you something beautiful to challenge you.




And there is a book.  An incredible book.  A book which is as unusual and simple and clever as Burrill's work itself.  I Like It. What Is It? is a poster book, meant to be read and loved and then torn apart.  Seriously.  Made up of 30 prints, as you flip through the pages, you are able to really get involved with a collection of stories.  Each poster offers a background on where the phrases came from and what they mean.  (Does it entirely matter?  What does it meant to YOU?  You like it, do you need to know what it is?  Can you just enjoy it and have that be enough?  That's some deep shit right there.)








Each poster is easily torn from the book so it can be hung up and loved.  And there are stickers.  Who doesn't love stickers?!  Buy the book here.  Also, you can buy any of the prints here...which I think you TOTALLY should.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/78720281]

(Images c/o Anthony Burrill)

Read Between The Lines.

Sometimes it only takes a few words to say a hell of a lot.  Read Between the Lines totally gets that.  So I won't waffle on.








While their prints are perfection in themselves, it is the stationary and cards by Read Between the Lines that really gets me.  They have printed words in lines as a way of a watermark that the writer must literally write in between.  It's just pure brilliance.










(All images c/o Read Between the Lines)

Etsy Monday: Amanda Catherine Designs.

Happy Monday, everyone.  You ready for an overload of adorable?  Yeah, I bet you are.  But let me make a little bit of a point first.  I don't know if it's my recent move into my 30s, a whole lot of change in my life generally or the time of year but soul searching seems to be the name of the game at the moment.  There seems to be an overwhelming need to find answers or be inspired or be overly philosophical about life and what it all means.  Studying the every day, losing sleep wondering if you're doing enough in your life, giving a lot of time to the 'what ifs'.  Anyone?  Just me? Well, turns out there is something in the simplicity of it all.  The deep messages you are looking for may not be all that deep in reality.  And yes, this is a direct introduction to a beautiful Etsy shop, Amanda Catherine Designs.  Pencils and prints...simple, familiar, sweet items that give simple, familiar, sweet words a home.  Be smart.  Be kind.  Be silly.  You'll be fine.

Gentle Reminders

World is Your Oyster Print

Favorite Things

Clever Words Print

Bar Cart Print

Amanda does a beautiful job at taking just a few words to bring out a smile.  From her 'gentle reminders' to reminding us that a good, strong drink is totally acceptable (thanks, Amanda!), her work is delicate and somehow powerful.  What I love about her prints and her pencils is that one little look in the morning or a glance amidst a busy day can bring a reminder that is the perfect little nod to just keep being you.  In fact, I DO like pretty things and clever words.  Wearing sequins to breakfast is the s**t.  And if pancakes DON'T make you happy, shut up and get out.  You can see Amanda's entire Etsy shop here.  Nothing like getting a friend, or even yourself, one of these sweet little reminders.  Le sigh.

Wear Sequins to Breakfast

Happy Pancakes Print

Wandering Mind Print

Old Fashioneds Print

(All images c/o Amanda Catherine Designs)

Celebrate My Birthday Month With Etsy Discounts!

It may not be Etsy Monday but there are some really lovely folks with some really lovely shops that wanted to help me celebrate my birthday month.  So for the month of June, you'll be able to get some excellent deals and treats from HHop and In The Early Hours! A great style and an unusual print always get me.  And when I first saw the work of Kathryn from HHop, I had both in plenty of measure.  You can see the influence of her home, Los Angeles, in her art.  Not only does the city feature quite literally in landscape and city scape, the very cool retro nature of the town is very present as well.  'I make loosey-goosey line drawings...and screenprint them by hand on recycled paper.'  You can peek at the behind the scenes process here:

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/63496889]

'My silkscreen prints illustrate the showtime industriousness; the herky-jerky traffic; the architectural mishmash climbing tangly, jungle-y hills; and the bright, fast-fading colors of this singular city.'  Can we discuss how much Kathryn's vernacular about her work makes me love it even more?!  Her words are silly and sweet and dynamic and fun.  Just like her art.  I want to hang out with her.  Especially in her kooky cool cartoon world.  Looks like such a fun place to be.  You can see all of Kathryn's work for sale on her Etsy shop, HHop.  BONUS:  For my birthday month of June, Thrill of the Chaise readers will get free shipping and a surprise mini-print with your order with the code 'THRILLOFTHECHAISE'!  I LOVE SURPRISES.

Retro Decor 'Curios' Print

Cameo Bell Jar (aka 'my favorite')

The artist at work.

Southern Gothic Cameos

More cool cameos.  (I am not sure which one is my favorite anymore!)

Retro Castles Library Pocket Art

A Melbourne-based graphic designer with a mild case of self-diagnosed insomnia, Alexandra created In The Early Hours to share the art she would make while the rest of the world was sleeping.  Her work looks like something from a dream world, where reality is morphed into something a bit more mystical.  Her work is soft and calming but always demands examination.  What you first see may not be what is actually there.  'I find myself up at all hours of the night and morning creating moments that, I hope) are calm, quirky and lovable.'

That Barrow Boy Print

Having been featured at the Tate Gallery in Sydney, her piece 'That Barrow Boy' is a finalist in the Yen Female Art Awards 2013 and will be shown at the Gaffa Gallery in Sydney from June 27 - July 8 2013.  I love the retro subjects of this work, especially against the very modern usage of blank space and sharp shapes.  And to be able to see into the mind of an artist, as Alex has allowed us to do, is beyond cool.  See all of Alex's work at her shop, In The Early Hours.

BONUS:  For the month of June, Thrill of the Chaise readers will get 15% off any orders with the code 'THRILL15'! Enjoy!

Mabel Print

Marha Print

The Dreamers Print

Charmer Print

Lily Lady Print

Trophy Wife Print

I want to extend a huge thanks for both Kathryn and Alexandra for giving Thrill of the Chaise readers such a treat and for creating such amazing artwork!  Such incredibly lovely people  :)  P.S. Don't forget to enter our Cocosheaven giveaway for your chance to win a beautiful orange ombre canvas tote bag...a winner will be chosen next Thursday!  Enter here.

(Images c/o HHop and In The Early Hours)

Etsy Monday: Annechovie. And GIVEAWAY.

Welcome to Monday, ladies and gentlemen!  This past week has had us East Coasters very spoilt with proof that Spring has arrived without the threat of disappearing again.  Having been victim of some pretty rotten winter seasons throughout the years, I have to admit...this wasn't the worst.  But the tease of a beautiful day tricking us into thinking nice weather had arrived early only to be met with, literally, feet of snow the next day, was seriously irritating.  That being said, I am going through a pretty heavy phase of bright colors and fresh flowers.  Because I can. 1

Flamingo Abstract on Canvas

Which is why I am so excited to be sharing the stunning work of Anne Harwell, aka Annechovie.  While her prints and paintings strike a very excitable chord in my fashion nerve, it's the colors that really draw me in.  And for good reason too...Anne herself says, 'Color seems to define my style more strongly than any other element and I love to work in clear, saturated colors'.  And I love that she loves it.  Her combinations are striking and demand a head turn and a smile.  Anne's aesthetic brings together a mix of materials and skill with a sense of humor and passion that brings her work to life.  And her work injects a little bit of life into the viewer as a result.  It's amazing what a punch of color and a beautiful object can do to a girl.

English Roses on Canvas

Chanel No 5 Print

Ginger Jar on Canvas

Strike My Fancy Matchboxes

Working mostly with gouache/ink and acrylics, this self-taught artist found her talent as much as it found her.  'After school, I went to work for my parents who owned a home furnishings boutique at the time. I became interested in picking up a paintbrush and trying my hand at some watercolors and then I found I really enjoyed it. I took on a few commissions from customers and sold some pieces in the shop and then decided I wanted to pursue art more'.  For those of us trying to make careers for ourselves without the same level of formal training as others we may be competing against or working with, Anne is a real inspiration.  'As far as any formal art education, I have none (other than a 1 week art camp in 7th grade). I am pretty much self-taught. I've been through the school of hard work, close observation, long hours, trial and error and the passionate desire to create.'

Chanel No 5 Print

Queen Swirl Collage

Now if we really want to talk about inspiration, I think Anne's work screams about where hers lies.  'I am totally energized and inspired by color and living in a place where the light is spectacular and there is a great deal of natural beauty, Florida.'  As a fellow seeker of daily inspiration and beauty, Anne works to take in the world around her.  (If you need a bit of help in this, like I sometimes do, check out my post on this amazing book that works to help you 'be an explorer of the world', no matter where your own personal world may be.)  'I am inspired by everything around me, nature, books, travel, different cultures, interior magazines, design blogs, fashion and especially COLOR!'  Love it.

Chanel Chance Print

Hermes Bag Print

And now...YAY, A GIVEAWAY!  Anne is going to give one lucky Thrill of the Chaise reader a paper print of their choice from her Etsy shop!  Open internationally, all you have to do is click here to enter before the end of the day on Monday, June 3rd...and don't forget to visit Annechovie and leave a comment on this post letting us know your favorite item from the shop!  Look at all those exclamation points...I MUST be excited.  Good luck and spread the word!

(All images c/o Annechovie)

A Picture Worth A Thousand Words.

As I start to get back into the swing of things with the blog (and apologize for still being in a holiday haze), I finally get to share some of the great things that were a part of my giving and receiving!  Every time I stumbled across something I knew was too perfect to pass up as a gift for a loved one, my second thought was always that I wanted to share it on Thrill of the Chaise.  But as my parents and boyfriend proved to me with their impeccably curated gifts, they read the blog and far be it from me to let the cat out of the bag before they actually open their presents.

Surreal Birdcage


I came across photographer Elle Moss thanks to the lovely Astrid from Astrid Endeavor (who makes these beautiful necklaces).  It took me days to try to decide which photo I would choose to give as a gift and twice as long as that to choose which would I would get to give to myself.  Whoops.

Skeleton Dance

Merry Go Round

Horse Mask on Bed

Elle has such a beautiful eye and an obviously brilliant imagination.  Her images would make a great series (her smaller sized prints are perfect for this or she sells sets of prints) but can also stand on their own as a gorgeous focal point to a room.  From shots that could be fashion editorials to nature shots to some very cool food photography, there are hundreds of prints to browse through on her Etsy shop here.

Tree Lights


Flower Portrait

And while I have your attention...Astrid has some really stunning love tokens just in time for what feels like a rapidly approaching Valentine's Day.  So cuuuuute.  Check out her Etsy shop here.

Astrid Heart Necklace

Astrid Love Brooches

Astrid Smooch Brooch

Astrid Face Brooch

(All Elle Moss images c/o Elle Moss.  All Astrid Endeavor images c/o Astrid Endeavor.)

I Love Your Bones.

Anna Larsson is a graphic designer who creates clean, bold and perfectly simplistic work.  I suppose the more you look, the more it becomes that her roots are deeply Swedish.  When I first saw the print below, I immediately wanted to spend time with it.


When I first started looking at the print, I thought it was a take on the Rorschach Inkblot Test.  And maybe, in some ways, it is.  But it wasn't until I saw more of the individual figures from the series on their own (and her helpful names, like 'Pelvis' and 'Vertebrae') that I understood what it was I was actually seeing.  Yup, them's bones.

annalpelvis1   annalcanalis   annalvertebrae

Somehow, Anna takes the harsh medical perspective out of these images and instead offers a beautiful vision of all the parts that make us work.  For someone who gets woozy at the thought of doctors, I could spend hours looking at these prints.  You can see all of Anna's work on her website.

(Images c/o Anna Larsson)

Rockett To My Heart.

I stumbled across Rockett St. George a couple of years ago when I was probably avoiding doing actual work at my job.  It all started with me seeing a bulldog shaped lamp and it didn't take long for me to fall head over heels for the entire store.  It has all the unusual home decor items you could ask for, at quite reasonable prices, and there is something for everyone.  So I wanted to share some of my favorite this for THIS everyone  :)

It could take a person days to properly look at all they offer at Rockett St. George.  But as far as I am concerned...it would be time well spent.

(All images c/o Rockett St. George)

Yeah. No. Yeah.

If you've looked at this blog just about ever, you've probably noticed that I get seriously excited when faced with cool prints.  Yeahnoyeah is pretty straight-forward with what they offer but I'm also pretty in love with it.  When I first saw the Yeahnoyeah shop, I wasn't sure how they got away with such a sparse line of product.  Aside from a beautiful 'love' print, a star and a heart, it was just a bunch  of letters.  But then BOOM, I understood how awesome it all was!

Maybe it's a bit of wishful thinking but someday when I have an office/money/a place of my own, I want a series of these framed, spelling something, well, probably slightly ridiculous like 'bitches' or maybe even 'hoes' (that's not true, but I promise you it won't be poetic or profound).  I thought about 'Thrill of the Chaise' but that seems like an awfully overwhelming wall full of letters that threaten dizziness anyway.






So can we agree that these prints are super cool?  What would you spell out?  Or are you of the more understated 'one mysterious letter' persuasion?

Written In The Stars.

One of my favorite things about being at my childhood home is being able to look up at the sky and see the stars in all their glory.  It's dark.  It's beautiful.  And it reminds you just how incredibly small we really are. After I saw this beautiful constellation necklace below from Zelma Rose, I went on a little hunt for all things celestial.

Let's Move To Paris.

I am a little obsessed with Uncovet, a website that features new discounted shops on a daily basis with careful curation of design-focused and always amazing products.  Artwork, jewelry, apparel...it's easy to get inspired every time you check out the shops and I couldn't help but share this one!

How beautiful are these prints?!  And how appropriate too  :)  I've been lucky enough to call two my permanent homes and one my temporary one.  If you're huge fan of just one of the cities, it's a perfect gift to yourself (or someone with the same appreciation).  If you're a die-hard traveller or just want a reminder that the world is your oyster, they look great as a series!  I am personally considering the 'series' option.

The sale on these gorgeous prints may be over on Uncovet (you should still sign-up here) but fear not!  Sacred & Profane Designs, otherwise known as the genius behind these prints, has an Etsy shop filled with these and other amazing prints.  Gimme!  Gimme!  Gimme!





And the cherry on top of this typographic sundae is that if you order in the next 5 days, you can get 15% off your order!  Just use the code 'LC2012' when checking out by October 15th!  Browse the shop here.

LFW Spring 2013: Mary Katrantzou, Topshop Unique & Vivienne Westwood Red

I can imagine that designing a collection for Mary Katrantzou is double the stress for the designer.  She is known for her inventive and bold patterns as much as she is for the garments and looks themselves.  That s**t ain't easy.  This season, I have to say, Mary K seems to have really hit her stride as not just a wild textile mistress but as a designer playing against all the big boys.  The notion of old postage stamps offered a romantic and slightly childlike feel to an otherwise hectic aesthetic.  I'm more than obsessed with the color palettes and would happily slide myself into any of the dresses and accompanying shoes given half a chance.

I love Topshop.  And I love Topshop Unique for being able to hold its own (and even be one of the most anticipated London shows) in a sea of designers that aren't directly attached to a high-street shop.  The collection was nice.  Yup.  Nice.  Upon first look, my thought was 'this looks like a real designer collection'.  But that was immediately taken over by 'but is that what I really want out of Topshop?'  I expected something more cutting edge and innovative.  It was nice but forgettable...probably because it looks like the less memorable moments in the New York and London shows that have already come to pass.

It looked like the waiting room in Beetlejuice.  So it's no wonder why I got so excited about the Vivienne Westwood Red show.  With 50s Stepford Wives meeting Tim Burton, Miss Viv forces me to fall in love with her more with every look I get.  For all the kookiness, the looks and silhouettes were a bit more refined than I have come to expect.  But I think they needed to be.  It's all about what you do with the personality after all.  Don't ever stop being you Ms. Westwood.

Viktor Luna Spring 2013: All Grown-Up.

It is impossible to not adore Viktor Luna.  From his infectiously fun personality to his label's ultra-modern aesthetic, it's no wonder he is one of Project Runway's favorite alumni.  Last season, Viktor showcased his first independent collection at New York Fashion Week and was met with huge excitement (read about it here).  His original space-age prints mixed with edgy tailoring offered quite the presentation of men's and women's looks.  His women are powerful and his men are dapper.




So with such a strong theme last season, it begged the question as to how Viktor was going to not only top last year but also peaked curiosity as to what familiar signature he would choose to begin to carry through all this collections.  In truth, I was impressed.  Really impressed.  In just one season, Viktor not only stayed true to his style but it seemed more grown-up.  In the best way possible.  There was a certain refinement that we didn't even know we were looking for.  And there were small injections of the designer's Mexican heritage that proved his heart was in his work more than ever.





For me, it was the navy gown and unexpected wedding dress and suit that stole the show.  All the classic elements were there but it was all so unconventional...without being alienating.  Viktor stepped outside the box just enough to make it very clear that he knows who he is and not giving us any choice but to get excited about the present and the future of the Viktor Luna label.


(All images c/o Zimbio and Viktor Luna)

New Obsession: Bryony Lloyd Illustrations

I came across Bryony Lloyd's artwork quite randomly but was immediately enthralled with her work.  There is something very surreal and mystical about the way she approaches her illustrations that makes you feel like you're looking at life through a kind of bizarre lens.  Bryony's fearless use of color reminds me a lot of scenes from Henri-Georges Clouzot's film 'Inferno' which itself is steeped in mystery. For anyone unfamiliar with the film, it is actually a recent documentary about 'Inferno' that ever allowed the unfinished work to be brought to the screens.  A story about a French filmmaker overtaken with jealousy at the idea of his young wife having an affair.  Tales of madness on the set, breakdowns of actors and finally a heart attack by the film's director himself stopped all production on what was to be one of the most expensive and elaborate films in French history.  Terrifying but fascinating.

But it isn't 'Inferno' that I want to share.  It is Bryony's work in all its glory.

The artist's take on the star signs makes up some of her most fascinating work.  She not just re-works images we might otherwise find familiar but does so to create her own view of the signs themselves.

You can see all of Bryony's prints for sale here.

Prints Charming.

With Chanel setting a pretty strong tone at the start (I freaked out about it here), it has to be said that designers have really brought their 'A' games to Pre-Fall 2012. Two collections that I have previously never spent much time thinking about, Just Cavalli and Matthew Williamson, both really took me by surprise.  Both known for using prints, I always have it in my head, potentially for good reason, that they always go a bit too far and make very expensive clothes look very cheap.  But I am happy to report that, for now at least, I am eating my words.  I am kinda loving what both design houses delivered.



Here are some ways to work it into your wardrobe...

'Kissed' by Julia Pott

It's pretty obvious that I have a lot of love for this artist.  I've featured her work on the blog before, I have some of her work hanging on my walls, I have given her work as gifts and I even had a gorgeous custom print made for one of my favorite people in the world.  Julia Pott's work is sweet and heartbreaking all at once and this newest print, being sold exclusively here, makes the grade.  If you're looking for an unusual, thoughtful and beautiful gift for someone this holiday season, please check out Julia's shop!

A video by the lovely Julia Pott

Julia Pott was one of my first 'New Obsessions' when I first started Thrill of the Chaise, so some of you may already be familiar with her print work (click here to read the post).  I am so in love with her work...it's quirky, sweet and heartbreaking all at once. So the other day on Twitter, I saw a post someone had put up that just stated 'It will take Julia Pott three minutes and forty-five seconds to break your heart'.  And this is what followed (they were spot on):

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/11891877]

Oh Miss Pott, you really know how to tug at the heartstrings.  In the most adorable ways possible  :)

Julia has a lot of exciting stuff coming up, so make sure to watch her space.  She'll be moving from London to NYC in October which is pretty awesome and as a build-up, she has some lovely offers going on (check them out here).  She also has another short film in the works called 'Belly', which won't be online for a while, but you can check out stills here.

In closing, please show Julia your support!  The girl deserves it!  Check out her Etsy shop here.