Polka Dots. Military. Neon.

So I have been at Parsons for almost 2 months now if everyone can believe it!  I'm in the middle of mid-terms which is actually taking approximately a month to complete for all my classes.  Feeling a bit like as soon as I finish these projects, it will be time for finals.  CRAZY. But I am loving it and I know I haven't been sharing much with all y'all about the work I have been doing and I need to get better at that because someone out there must enjoy it as much as I am  :)  This week I had to put together a trend report on three current trends and I chose (for this edition) polka dots, military and neon.  Very 'of the moment' and potentially already on their way out.  (Fun fact: Trend forecasting agencies are already starting to publish reports for Spring 2013!)

Which one is your fav?