Etsy Monday: Owly Shadow Puppets.

After a small hiatus (I've been kicking it with the love of my life, aka London), I am back on the map and feeling re-energized by a little bit of time away.  So let's get back into the swing of things with one of our new Etsy Monday posts! I first came across Owly Shadow Puppets a couple of years ago when I saw a beautifully cut out heart that read: Your crazy emotional needs give my life purpose.  To be fair, it was the perfect gift for my search but I am not sure the other party would have found it as entertaining as I did.  So I kept it to myself, secretly coveting it and falling in love with the work of Andrea Everman, the mastermind behind Owly Shadow Puppets.

Crazy Emotional Needs

There is something mystical and whimsical about shadow puppets that has always fascinated me...and in this day and age where we begin to become obsessed with everything being done digitally and thus quickly rejecting it at the same time, the notion that this world of handmade whimsy still exists is beautiful.  Andrea's main focus is shadow puppetry and her work combines traditional paper cutting, ink drawing and laser cutting.  In her own words, she's 'been making puppets and other tedious items since 2008' which, in itself, is an adorable and refreshing outlook on art.






Not only focused on creating items for her Etsy shop, Owly Shadow Puppets, Andrea also teaches shadow puppet workshops and designing for various theaters.  A steady hand, an open heart and a sense of imagination.  All things Owly Shadow Puppets demands and creates.

Health Insurance



Check out more on Andrea's website and her Etsy shop.

(All images c/o Owly Shadow Puppets)