Coffee Shop. NYC's Default Destination.

Any reasonably cool Manhattan-ite probably knows where Coffee Shop is.  They have eaten there, had a cocktail there, gotten annoyed with the service there.  But still, they always come back.  As I realized this morning...when in doubt, go to Coffee Shop.

I had the incredible pleasure of catching up with someone who meant an awful lot to me during my childhood (and still does, we share a birthday and there has not been a year yet where we haven't been in touch for it) who was visiting in NYC this weekend and even my lovely mummy came in for the event from Connecticut.  When faced with the 'where shall we go for brunch?' question, however, I went into a panic.  I still consider myself pretty new to the city and we were all coming from vastly different points on the island and as the fun, young fashion student, I had a lot to think about.  And of course, my first and only thought was Coffee Shop.  We might not be able to get a table, the service might be awful, the music will potentially be annoyingly loud and I assume their brunch is decent.  That's right.  All these things combined, I STILL chose Coffee Shop.  And I cannot for the life of me tell you why.  What I can tell you is that I'll probably do it again in the near future.  (Have I mentioned that I brought some friends visiting from London there for lunch when I first moved back too?)

And yes, the music was loud.  The service was questionable.  And they refused to seat us until we had all arrived.  But we had a great time.  And I am still having little warm fuzzy moments thinking about my meal.

This is where I let you all down.  I promised myself I would remember the name of what I ate (its Brazilian) but, ta daaaa, I can't.  So I can tell you what it was and you can march yourself down to Coffee Shop and find on the menu yourself.  (I'm not being rude, I'm sorry.)  It looks a hot mess from the picture but don't talk s**t about my meal.  Ready?  Ok.  Creamed spinach on top of a corn cake which was stacked with chorizo which had a poached egg on top which had a little bit of hollandaise sauce on it which sat surrounded by little roasted potatoes.

And though I didn't have one (regretting it now), the special drink of the day was a mango mimosa.

So what I'm saying is, I can't tell you if Coffee Shop is any good or not.  I can't tell you that you'll ever have a fantastic experience there with the good-looking but awful service.  I can't tell you if you'll ever be able to hear the person sitting next to you or if you'll ever get a table.  But what I can tell you is, I'll probably see you there sometime.

(Quick rundown: They are open 23 hours most days.  They deliver.  You can't make a reservation and you can't be seated until everyone gets there.  There is a separate hostess for outside and inside which oddly is something you need to know to avoid any annoyance.  Their bar is shaped like a snake.  You're welcome.)