Eye of the Tiger.

I came across this Chinese design house in a class of mine at Parsons while we were studying about brands and the rise of Eastern fashions.  What I love so much about NE-TIGER (aside from the name) is a real balance of Western design and Eastern influence.  Now the buzzkill is that you need to travel to China and visit an NE-TIGER boutique to get your hands on these treasures but it doesn't stop any of us from taking a moment to really appreciate the beauty of these garments. (Apologies for the somewhat poor quality of these images but it was a bit of a challenge to get my paws on them...all images are screenshots directly from the NE-TIGER website and they hold all copyrights.)

So what do you think?  You into them?  You have a fav?  You gonna head to China and pick one or two up for us?  :)