I Dream In Neon.

I've always had a fascination with neon lights.  The colors or the science behind them or somewhat sinister 'creature of the night' mentality they evoke. Am I reading too much into them?  Probably.  The are bright and pretty and fun to look at.  Ta da!  But the artist I want to talk about, Olivia Steele, would probably call 'friends off' with me (if we were actually friends) and has the ability to make you see these lights for so much more than bright beacons in the night.

She creates statements of love and of loss and of the painful magic that is life.  American-born but calling London and Berlin her homes, Olivia uses these otherwise commercial lights to create something really emotional and delicate.  An unexpected few words in an unexpected place, understated despite being made of the brightest lights and colors you can imagine.

I know I have a lot of grand ideas for my currently fictional home but I assure you, when it does happen, it will have a well-placed and badass neon light in it somewhere.

(All images c/o Olivia Steele)