Ruffian Nail Lacquer Collection With Birchbox: Dream Team.

So here's the jam.  I'm very lucky to get to spend a lot of time over at Ruffian HQ and couldn't have been more excited when they told me they were going to be collaborating with beauty sample subscription badasses, Birchbox, on a nail polish line.  Designers Brian and Claude have taken the runways by storm and created some of the most memorable manicures New York Fashion Week has ever seen (check this year's out here)...pair that with their incredible eye for color and, BOOM, welcome to an incredible set of nail lacquers. But that's not the best part.  Birchbox and Ruffian are letting YOU decide which colors will make the cut!  There are five different shades and Facebook friends of Birchbox can vote on the top three that will be put into production in time for New York Fashion Week this September.  The colors are:

'The voluptuous blue and purple velvety petals of the African Violet inspired the Delirium of this color.'

'Inspired by the thoroughbred beauty of the red fox; Fox Hunt’s savage richness will make everyday upper crust.'

'Soft, tender and strong; Lady Alabaster emerges from the quarry solid as stone.'

'Nothing is more inspiring than the color of money, and Hedge Fund is impossible to counterfeit.'

'Her beauty is rock solid, yet as soft as mink. Venus in Fur will channel every girl’s inner Greek goddess.'

Make sure to head over to the Birchbox Facebook page to vote for your favorites!  And consider this a gentle nudge to get a good word in for 'Hedge Fund''s a stunning color and someone you may know (me!) may have named it.  Check out Ruffian on Facebook too and check out my behind the scenes report of their latest collection from NYFW here.

*cough* Hedge Fund *cough*  But seriously, what are your favorites?!