Mulberry Spring 2013: Busy & Beautiful. Real Beautiful.

I had high hopes for Mulberry.  Every season seems to be a seemingly impossible improvement on the year before.  The label is a total pro when it comes to holding tight to quirky English tradition and staying updated and, in fact, cooler than any of us can ever hope to be.  Am I setting myself up for disappointment?  I should be.  But dammit!  Emma Hill and her team have done it a-bloody-gain!

I'm not mad.  I'm excited.  Ok, I'm a little bit mad.  But only because I can't afford it.  Right now.  And I want all of it.  Right now.  I know it is part of the whole aesthetic of Mulberry but the collections make me want to get lost in some kind of magical forest dressed like the most adorable girl ever.  My one issue?  The poodles.  I don't like them and not even Mulberry can make me.

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I friggin' love Mulberry.

I seriously do.  I've always thought everything they do is gorgeous.  Their advertising campaigns already make me want to transform into some kind of doll version of myself.  If you don't quite get that last statement or think it's a bit creepy (reading it back, it sounds pretty creepy, admittedly), here are images from a couple of my favorite campaigns totally embodied what I mean...

There is something so playful about the 'scenery' and the way the models are behaving and especially the choices for their hair, but then they are carrying these very lady-like bags and dressing like gorgeous women.  Loves it.

The latest collection to come out of Mulberry for London Fashion Week was a little bit hit or miss for me (especially this whole socks with anything but sneakers situation), but when they hit, they hit hard.  Here are some of my top picks...

P.S. I am trying out this new 'don't spell like you're British' thing.  If anyone objects, let me know and I'll revert back.  It's just I am trying to retrain myself...

British Fashion Shrine

So we're going through a lot on this little island at the moment...I don't really want to draw too much attention to it all because I don't actually feel the people responsible for the riots are deserving of any breath of mine and this isn't the forum at all.  But the events over the last few days coupled with it being one week before I move back to the States from London after six years has been feeling rather sentimental and appreciative. Though even I have been getting a bit annoyed at reading about the more trivial things while people over here are losing their homes and businesses and livelihoods, I thought maybe I should pay homage to part of British culture that I love so much.  The incredible fashion and sense of fashion that pours out over here.  I am currently reading Luella Bartley's 'Guide to English Style' and feeling more and more inspired by this great country.  (Nothing like how all the clean-up groups and the people making tea for police over here during/after the riots have, but we all need a bit of an escape from reality sometimes).

There is something about British fashion and style that seems to creep its way into all facets of what it means to be British.  It is quirky and unapologetic, paying respect to the past but demanding individuality.  Wikipedia puts it quite well saying, 'Typical British design is smart but innovative yet recently has become more and more unconventional, fusing traditional styles with modern techniques. Vintage styles play an important role in the British fashion and styling industry. Stylists regularly 'mix and match' the old with the new, which gives British style that unique, bohemian aesthetic that many of the other fashion capitals try to imitate'.

I could bang on about this for days, but instead I wanted to share some of my favourite looks from the Autumn/Winter collections of some of the most iconic and influential British fashion houses.  Swoon over them.  And do my absolute best to retain all the knowledge on how to be the best Brit I can be after deciding to be American again  :)


Now, many of you may be sitting there saying 'But Kate, you fool, where is the Alexander McQueen?!' and I have to tell you that I purposely omitted it.  Don't get mad.  I only did it because I have dedicated full posts to the gorgeous McQueen before and I couldn't possibly pick a selection as I want every single item from the collection  :)