Doing Your Bit For Boobs.

As we all (should) know, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Though we should all be promoting awareness throughout the year, it's amazing to have a month dedicated to education, support and understanding.  For the month of October, we find shops, boutiques and websites filled with specially crafted (usually pink) items that are sold to support breast cancer charities.  Even that awful 5-Hour Energy shot grossness got on the bandwagon with a pink lemonade flavor of what I can only assume is pure caffeine and speed.  Yuck.  But good effort! I went real crazy when I saw a collaboration between In God We Trust, who I wrote about ages ago when I bought my Sweet Nothings necklaces here, and BonaDrag, one of my favorite e-commerce sites.  Woah my goodness!  BOOBS.  Turning In God We Trust's signature heart necklace upside-down with a special inscription, the two companies created this brilliance.

All profits from the necklace will go to early detection and prevention non-profit Keep A Breast Foundation.  And you can get your necklace on the Bonadrag website for $50.

If you're looking for other creative ways to support and promote the cause, make sure to read my post about artist Meg Biram from Mimi + Meg here!  Boob paintings!  Commission a one-of-a-kind work of art that Meg paints with, yes, her breasts.  Her story is inspiring, her art is beautiful and part of the proceeds goes to charity as well!  Click here to go to Meg's shop.

(Necklace image c/o Bonadrag. Painting image c/o Meg Biram)


Boob Paintings. Beautiful Boob Paintings.

Megan Biram, from the wonderful blog Mimi + Meg, is an incredible talent with a huge heart.  Her abstract paintings are gorgeous.  The colours she uses are stunning and the paintings feel whimsical, an incredible addition to any room.  When looking through her work, the colour combinations actually inspire me to want to create rooms around each of them because that is what they deserve.

And yes, before you think I am just rambling on, I said boobs.  Megan paints with her breasts  :)  Combining her fascination of using the body as a brush, a real love of boobs anyway (who doesn't have that, am I right?!) and inspiration from family, friends and colleagues that have found themselves battling breast cancer, Megan decided to jump head (or breast) first and create art that both literally and figuratively exemplified the most feminine influences possible.

None of the works are titled until they are bought, when customers can name the pieces themselves after their inspiration for purchasing the art or commission a work from Megan.  And a percentage of the sale price is donated to a breast cancer charity.  Click here to read Megan's story in her own words.

And Megan doesn't JUST paint with her boobs...there is a lot more to see at her shop, so make sure to check it out!