Into the Woods We Go.

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of a visit from a near and dear college friend and roommate.  It was out but beautiful and perfect weather for a hike at a local trail so we took advantage and not only made it to the pinnacle for amazing views but delighted in getting a bit lost on our descent.  I reminded my guest that her visit was exactly a year from when she joined me for the wedding and celebration of one of my best childhood friends.  She reminded me that it was exactly TEN years since she and I left on a month-long study in China following our freshman year at college.  One of these made me feel much older but what a better way to celebrate the time we conquered the Great Wall together than conquering a mountain in lovely Connecticut  :) I wanted to share some of the pictures I took along the way because they are too stunning to keep to myself.

And along our little journey, I started to notice paw prints which I wanted to make sure to share as well.  SO CUTE.