Nick Knight's Flora.

I've been thinking of what it is exactly I want to say about this series from photographer Nick Knight and I just seem to keep fumbling my words.  I keep wanting to use the word 'darkness' but that may be too over-the-top for a series that really showcases an incredible amount of beauty.  So maybe I'll just say that I have full-on fallen in LOVE with this hint of macabre that sits over something so perfectly stunning.  (Jeez, Kate, maybe you need to go talk to someone about this.)

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But seriously.  I'm obsessed with this entire series.  So if anyone has contact information for Mr. Knight and think he might be up for gifting one or maybe all of these pieces, please pass it on.  Curtsey.

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Or we could all just get his book Flora and flip through daydreaming about when we rich/creative enough to come up with these kinds of things.  That was rude.  You're probably all f**king brilliant and make beautiful things every damn day.

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(Images c/o Nick Knight)