GUESS Watches Timeless Beauty: Make-Up Edition.

If you follow me on them social medias, you may have noticed that I took a last minute trip over to my true love, London, to manage a video shoot for GUESS Watches.  With the help of a couple of my very best friends (one behind the camera and one in front), along with a pretty stunning team of hair, make-up, photography and blogger greats, we created a three part series that we lovingly call Timeless Beauty.  For this edition, we created three different make-up looks inspired by our new collections of GUESS Watches and set out to teach YOU how to recreate the looks on your own! First up, inspired by our denim and blue collection, the denim smoky eye with Emma:

Next, get that perfect rocker chic look complete with glamorous chain detail watch with Natasha:

Last, but certainly not least, is our rose gold collection brought into a day to night look with Chloe:

Thank you so much to the entire team who made the shoot so amazing!  Especially make-up artist Mariam Jensen and videographer Mike Osaer, who dedicated a hella lot of time to help me out and made the shoot nothing but tons of fun.  And keep an eye out...we shot the next installment of Timeless Beauty last week in NYC and it's pretty cool indeed!

Monogram THIS. Also, I Love You, Whistles.

I've always had a bit of a thing for UK-based brand, Whistles.  It all began during a lovely sales season while I was studying abroad in London...ohhhh the good old days!  In hindsight, I really couldn't afford it all as a student but the exchange rate at that time was bizarrely in my favor so I got my shop on.  The long and short of it is, Whistles has really grown in the last few years and where I really enjoyed the brand before, I love it now.  They dress the refined cool girl perfectly and are badass at creating a wardrobe that can be taken anywhere.  See?  I f**king love it. Here are some of my favorite current looks...




To make themselves even cooler, Whistles is going to be offering monogramming services at their Dover Street store starting this week.  And it's awesome.  What I'm saying is, for this £55 clutch and £40 for the monogram, I may have to pop over to this shop in April when I'm over in the Big Smoke and treat myself.  Only question is...what color?!

1 2 3 4

(All images c/o Whistles)

I Don't Know Where I'm Going, But I Know Where I've Been.

And where I've 'been' is most of my adult life spent living in London, the geographical love of my life.  As I am still trying to get my heart rate down from Black Friday and Cyber Monday (neither of which I chose to observe), I've started to really enjoy the little gift hunt for my nearest and dearest this holiday season.  When I came  across this little beauty, it would have been silly of me not to share it.  And hey!  It's on sale at Mr. Porter!


How Early Is 'Too Early' For A Holiday Wishlist?

Maybe it is because my schedule of 'work weekdays, evenings and weekends' seems to completely distort my ability to know what day it is on a regular basis.  Or maybe it's because I just generally have an appalling sense of time.  But when I started to put this post together, I was asking myself if maybe it was, in fact, too early for a holiday wishlist.  I started to grow concerned that my posting of expensive things I know I won't find under the tree but would like to dream about would register as nothing but greedy this far before the holidays actually arrived. But then Black Friday and f**king Cyber Monday happened and actually, it appears I am way behind.  Apparently I should have been thinking about this all ages ago.  But I'm sure Santa will sort it all out anyway.  I mean, it's his job after all.

And because I know he reads Thrill of the Chaise...Santa, if you don't mind, I'll have one of each of these:

(Click on any of the images to see where you can buy all these treats for me...or, ya know, whoever.)

You're Quite The Dish.

One of the coolest things London does is magnificent museum gift shops.  And though the Southbank Centre is not exactly a museum, its shop still seems to fit into that category.  Well curated and perfectly kooky, this shop has all the London souvenirs people would actually love to get.  Especially if they are into the title of this post would suggest.

And there are also some dishes that have photographs of the Queen eating spaghetti...but they sound a lot more exciting that they look.  I don't even know why that sounds exciting to me.  So maybe nevermind to all of that.

See more from the Southbank Shop here!

Tim Walker & The Imagination I Wish I Had.

Since the moment I knew I was coming to London, I knew I had to go see Tim Walker: Story Teller at Somerset House.  One of the most inventive and darkly imaginative fashion photographers ever, this collection of his work and props creates less of a story and more of a testament to what a powerful creative force this man truly is.  It is quite an extensive exhibit and one that you really want to take the time to properly explore.

Actresses, models and designers are seen in fantastical ways...capturing fantastical moments that are the pure imagination of Tim Walker.  A huge swan shaped boat, a room full of sand, a band of oversized insects, a skeleton that hovers over top of you as you walk through and a massive baby doll are all features that you see in reality and as they are captured on film.  It's like walking through a Gothic fairy-tale both in story and reality.

There is a juxtaposition between the light, airiness of the space in which the exhibit is held and the usage of white frames which make all the colors jump off the page, with the dark, eerie themes illustrated in the work.  It all seems other worldly and pushes the fashion itself to be as much a prop as the rest of the items in the frame.  Perfectly put in a review by The Independent, 'It's a world where magic exists and, though darkness threatens, it is never ugly.  Beauty rules here, because it is fashion, after all'.

What really struck me was the way that Tim Walker addresses the usage of the camera itself and the magic that seems to happen when he is the photographer.  The camera, to him, is just a box that holds that moment in time.  What he is doing is simply capturing a moment that is unfolding in front of him.  He isn't the director...he is the humble servant of his creation.  And even deeper, he speaks of a photograph capturing something that will never happen again.  The frame will never look exactly as it just did and there is the ability to become immediately sentimental for the past as soon as that single image has been captured.

Great news.  There is a book documenting the exhibit.  And Christmas is coming up.  (That is a pretty major nudge.)  The exhibit runs until the end of January, get more information here.

(All images c/o Style Bubble)

Let's Move To Paris.

I am a little obsessed with Uncovet, a website that features new discounted shops on a daily basis with careful curation of design-focused and always amazing products.  Artwork, jewelry,'s easy to get inspired every time you check out the shops and I couldn't help but share this one!

How beautiful are these prints?!  And how appropriate too  :)  I've been lucky enough to call two my permanent homes and one my temporary one.  If you're huge fan of just one of the cities, it's a perfect gift to yourself (or someone with the same appreciation).  If you're a die-hard traveller or just want a reminder that the world is your oyster, they look great as a series!  I am personally considering the 'series' option.

The sale on these gorgeous prints may be over on Uncovet (you should still sign-up here) but fear not!  Sacred & Profane Designs, otherwise known as the genius behind these prints, has an Etsy shop filled with these and other amazing prints.  Gimme!  Gimme!  Gimme!





And the cherry on top of this typographic sundae is that if you order in the next 5 days, you can get 15% off your order!  Just use the code 'LC2012' when checking out by October 15th!  Browse the shop here.

Temperley London Spring 2013: Love At First Fashion Sight.

I've always been in 'like' with Temperley.  It's quite pretty and Kate Middleton seems to like it and I'm supportive of anything that loves London as much as I do.  But I've been getting pretty bored.  Designers are allowed to have their moments of a 'nice' collection.  We can't all be geniuses all the time (that includes you, Karl) but when I look at a label and begin to think 'well, it's not offensive', I shut off. So thank you, lovely Alice Temperley, for pulling me out of my funk with you!  The Spring 2013 collection from Temperley London could easily double as a resort collection...but that's part of the fun.  It's very 1950s luxurious cruise through the Italian isles.  It's still got the cute factor but with enough sheer to remind you that Temperley designs for women.  Or rather, women with a girlish mentality.


Though it may be a bit of a darker reference, as the film as all about a cheating spouse and the perils of love, the collection really reminded me of Jean Luc Godard's 'Contempt'.  Brigitte Bardot as a film producer's wife shooting on the Italian coast and on the island of Capri in the 1950s.  Luxury, beauty and a bit of the French balance between sweet and sexy.


The mark of a beautiful garment is that it makes getting dressed to impress effortless.  These looks would stand out in any room and you'd genuinely be able to say 'oh this? I just threw it on'.  Also, who else is down with bringing back the lace glove look?  :)

(All images c/o

Belle of the Ball(gowns).

I begin this post with an apology.  I've been to and seen a lot of brilliant things in the last couple of months and I have not shared them with the masses.  I assure you all it was not intentional and just a couple of moments of being displaced/overbooked/wanting to just enjoy the moment without worrying about how I should write about it.  Please keep loving me. My time in London was mostly spent running from person I adore to person I adore (with me still managing to not get the chance to see everyone I really wanted to) and I finally decided I needed to let myself take a couple of hours one afternoon to pay a visit to my favorite museum, the V&A, for an exhibition I had really been looking forward to seeing.


'Ballgowns: British Glamour Since 1950' is another stellar fashion exhibition on the part of the V&A that highlights not just the craft and beauty of these creations but also the brilliance of British design.  From garments worn in films and on red carpets to the stars of runway through to royal balls and state events, the curation of this exhibit leaves no one left out.

Downstairs in very low lighting, all the older, more precious gowns are held.  Special care is taken to not just highlight the gowns themselves but also their accoutrements (shoes, handbags, gloves).  Films of the first haute couture shows are projected on the wall and it's impossible to not giggle a bit at the insanity of such kinds of presentations (of the garments and the events to which they are worn).


You then walk up a sweeping staircase which makes you feel like you're a guest at a grand ball.  It's super modern though so maybe a space-age ball.  It is when you reach the top of the stairs that you have entered something really spectacular.  Up here, where all the modern gowns are presented, is a bit of a wonderland underneath a huge, silver sky.  Something you really must see for yourself.  Gowns on models spin around and are suspended in the air.  From McQueen to maybe one too many Mary Katrantzou gowns, you begin to realize how much of the craft has been carried on in more recent years.


Yes, some are more impressive than others and one might argue that a bit too much attention was given to designers who have only very recently found their way onto the scene but these are some wonderful moments in British fashion history.  Totally worth the visit.  And it's open until January!  More information here.

Ten Days Could Never Be Enough.

And I am not entirely sure if any amount of time could ever be 'enough' when it comes to London for me.  When I was planning my visit, I was confident that ten days would be great!  I would get time to see everyone I wanted to and even a bit left over to get a bit of my 'tourist' fun on.  False.

The truth of the matter is that I have no reason for complaint.  My week and a half was spent running from place to place, person to person, making sure that I saw as many of my nearest and dearest as possible.  And how could that ever be a problem?!  I have too many people who I adore  :)  And London is nothing to me if not the people who define it for me.

I could wax lyrical for days about what my friends mean to me and how special they made my visit (including the excuse of my birthday, to which people showed up allll week for!) but I hope it goes without saying to them and to you...they mean the world to me.  So I would like to share some pictures of my visit and thought a little list of some of my favorite places in the city would be a nice way to pay homage.

Kate's Secret Guide to Her Favorite Bits of London

'Jewelry Lady' - Also known as 'Leni'.  I stumbled across this gorgeous lady while looking for Christmas gifts years ago for my family on Portobello Road.  She has a tiny stall, second into Crown Arcade on the right, but somehow always has the most amazing treasures.  My first purchase was a pair of antique diamond and turquoise earrings and since then, I have accumulated gifts and other treats for myself from this gem, and have also successfully helped a friend purchase an engagement ring from Leni.

She has something for everyone.  Inexpensive to whatthewhat?! Modern to antique.  Large to small.  Brooch to ring.  And she is more than happy to share it all (and her insane knowledge) as long as you give her your attention back.  Leni is keen to help.  She wants you to be happy.  She wants you to come back and see her, even if it is just to say 'hi'.  She asks about my parents every time I visit her and she never fails to know exactly what it is I am looking for before I even know.  If you are looking for something she doesn't have, let her know and she'll go on the hunt for you.  Need something resized or dipped in silver or gold?  She'll sort it out.

I wasn't able to pay Leni a visit on this trip back to London and I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little devastated about it.  So go see her for me if you're in London and please tell her that I say hello and I will be back to see her as soon as I can.  And try some of her things on...TREAT YO'SELF.

Crown Arcade, 119 Portobello Road, London  W11

Topshop - This pick kinda goes without saying.  I understand entirely that we now have Topshop in the States and it has an increasing  online ecomm website.  But nothing could ever beat paying a visit to their flagship store.  Everyone has their own way of attacking this beast of a brick and mortar...personally, I start from the bottom upwards.  On the very bottom floor is the arcade that includes the massive shoe department and collection of independent designers.  Move up one floor and you can spend hours in the Topshop collection, including Boutique and Unique.  And then head back to the main floor for the pandemonium of the accessories floor.  'Kid in a candy store' can not even begin to describe it.  Well, it kinda can.  The main floor hosts a pick and mix candy bar, cupcake stand and even frozen yogurt!

If you're getting ready for a night out, Topshop can totally be your only stop without breaking the bank.  On the bottom floor, visit the Hersheson's Blow Dry Bar and get your hair sorted in no time flat before you move over to WAH Nails for some sick nail art and even get your eyebrows threaded and fake lashes put on.

Liberty of London - When you finish over at Topshop, walk a couple of minutes towards Piccadilly Circus and stop in at Liberty of London.  This historic department store is my favorite in town and a place that I always go when looking for a little 'pick me up'.  At its most basic, the building is beyond beautiful.  In all the craziness and modernity of Oxford Circus stands this peaceful Tudor-style mansion.  It has retained all its hardwood floors, gorgeous carvings and features from the original elevators.  Even if you aren't going to shop (which, sorry, but one foot in the door and you WILL), it is an amazing sight and such a retreat into beauty.

But right, the shopping.  I mean, it is a store...I don't even really know where to start.  Yes, it is high-end but the shopping experience is second to none if you know you want to splash out.  And always keep an eye out for their sales because they are a place that knows how to do that right.  Their beauty department has recently expanded and is a delight to browse (I actually met one of my best friends while she was working there) and that leads to a wonderful gift hall moving directly in their INSANE scarf department.  It took everything in my power to not get myself a scarf there this visit knowing that maybe I should wait until Paris.  Their accessories feature known designers as well as up-and-comers which makes for a really fun place to browse and discover.  Clothing goes without saying.  It's amazing.  And their shoe department makes you feel like Cinderella.  But make sure to check out the textiles department (hello, Liberty prints) and their home decor which, to me, feels like going to a museum.  It's beautiful, fun and quirky.  Everything I love.

Lucy in Disguise - I have written about this gem before but it deserves another shout out.  Owned by Lily Allen and her sister, this vintage shop is known for its incredible one of a kind garments but also has been making waves with its own in-house collection.  They really create an experience at this shop and can sort out a day of styling, hair and make-up to get you ready for a special night out.  An extra perk is that if you don't want to purchase anything but want something rather special, you can rent garments to wow your crowd.  Get more information here.

Freemasons Arms - If you're looking for some freakin' awesome food with some freakin' awesome drinks, always brilliant service and a stupid beautiful setting, this is the pub for you.  This place has been the scene of my birthdays, dinner with my parents (it is their fav), leaving do's, heart to hearts, just an all-round good time.  The location is amazing.  Right at Hampstead Heath, another one of my 'go to' places in London, where you feel less like you are in a monster of a city and more like you are being fancy on a countryside retreat.  They do have a restaurant if you want something a bit more formal and I would totally support that if you're in the mood.  The food is beyond amazing.  I have never had a meal I didn't leave raving about.  It is all surprisingly affordable and they have a delightful list of cocktails if you're feeling a bit cheeky.  If the weather is nice, make sure to get a spot in the garden to the side of the building where they don't serve food but you do get a nice helping of vitamin D  :)  Learn more about the Freemasons here.

V&A Gift Shop - I know I am talking an awful lot about shopping but we all know what we are good at.  The fact is that the gift shop at the Victoria & Albert Museum is my favorite in all the world.  They have amazing prints, clothing, knick-knacks, books and little trinkets that will never leave you without a special gift to bring home.  What makes this stop on my London tour even better is that the V&A is actually my favorite museum of all time.  Full stop.  There is something traditional yet quirky about this establishment and their special exhibitions are always fantastic.  Their fashion collection is extensive and impressive and they almost always have a special fashion exhibit going on which wow's.  I attended their show on ball gowns and left feeling a new lease on life.  And if you're in London on the last Friday of the month, I demand you attend the Friday Late's at the museum.  You get free reign of the museum after hours, there is always a theme and special events going on and there is wine and a DJ.  Too cool.

I could chat for days about the things I love to do in London and maybe at some point I'll put together another installment for you but I hope this gives you some fun ideas for your own visit  :)

'When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life'. - Samuel Johnson

Just Because.

I am officially back.  Well, back to some, away to others...but for me, I'm back.  London and I are being quickly reunited and so far so good.  First night involved a rather typical 'just a couple of drinks, oh dear is it midnight already?!' situation with some of my best mates and my first official morning involved a standard scrambled eggs date with another one of the guilty parties.  Back in the saddle. There is a lot more to come but while discussing a potential Paris visit with a fellow American friend, this commercial from 1991 came up in conversation and I thought it was so ridiculously hysterical that I wanted to share.




Back off out now...many more hugs to disperse.

Waiting Impatiently.

It feels like just yesterday that I was trying to make the decision to leave the UK, my home for over 6 years, to return to the States for a graduate program at Parsons: The New School for Design.  I decided I have more adventures in front of me and found another great one that I wrote about here.  So it is crazy for me to think that I leave today for London followed by an entire month in Paris.

Here we go...I hope you're as ready as I am  :)

A little adventure. Or 'lessons in how to sound fancy'.

With quite a good deal of time off between semesters during the holidays, I had the pleasure of being able to reflect on my life a little and start working on a new plan for what my future may hold now that I am nearing the end of my 'freak out, quit job, move countries, go to fashion school' phase. Truth is, I had a plan before the Christmas break.  It was very reasonable.  Finish school and get a job.  But it appears as though my favorite demons decided to show up and handed me the perfect opportunity to avoid reality for just a little while longer.  For someone who loves to 'nest', I can have a hard time sitting still.

So here are the steps already accomplished in 'how to sound fancy':

1. Get yourself some parents that encourage you to be an explorer.  See if you can get your mom and her best friend (mother of your best friend) to take the two of you to Paris (age 12) and London (age 13) to start a whole travel obsession that this post just does not have the space to document.

2. Go to college with all good intentions as a Vocal Performance major, forgetting that you aren't the biggest fan of getting up in front of people and singing.  (Years later, you'll still only be able to participate in 'private room' karaoke.)

3. Decide that maybe you should be a little smarter and drop your major.  Instead, create a major that doesn't exist at your school, write your own curriculum, give presentations to the school board, cry a little and then suddenly get approved as the college's only Music Business student.  Make sure that your coursework MUST include a year abroad in London to be valid.

4. Go to London for a year.  Get drunk.  Dance a lot.  Do really well in classes despite the hangovers.  Realize that you've fallen in love with the city and most of the people who you've met.

5. Return to college in the States for your final year and make everyone miserable because all you do is walk around and pout about how much you miss London.

6. Graduate and find any possible way to get a visa to move back to England.  Spend six years there having the time of your life, working, living, loving.  (Though this step sounds very easy, it was, in fact, NOT.  Visas are increasingly hard to come by and there were a few very difficult moments.  This should be the step where I remind everyone that no matter how fancy you can make yourself sound, you're still human and human things happen.)

7. Have a crisis of confidence in the route your life is taking and realize there is only one answer.  FASHION SCHOOL.

8. Move to New York City.  Rent an apartment in Manhattan.  Go to Parsons (described to me the other day as 'the Harvard of fashion') and realize that fashion is incredibly hard work...but completely amazing.

And that is as far as I had gotten.  Like I said, I had a plan...graduate and get a job.  Though I take full responsibility for the next steps, I really feel as though I need to say that we all should have been prepared for me to do something to turn an easy situation into a challenging one.  I mean, look at steps 1 through 8...moving on.

9. Use social media to create a digital friendship with a professor at your school that you have not met who will later send you a message alerting you of a course she is teaching in Paris over the summer in the field that you are looking to go into.

10. Freak out.

11. Talk to your previously mentioned parents about the opportunity expecting them to worry about the further loans you will have to take out for this fashion malarkey.  Be pleasantly surprised that they are all for it.  Do a dance.  Think about writing a song.

This is where things start getting pretty fancy...

12. Book your place on the course, which takes place the first two weeks of July.  Decide that you don't want to live in dorms so research apartments for rent.  Find an apartment in the Marais.  Book it for a month because why not.  Suddenly be going to Paris for the month of July with your own apartment.  So fancy.

13. Never forget London.  Decide that flying to London for ten days before taking the train over to Paris makes the most sense.  Emotionally, not financially, of course.  And really, is there anywhere else that you would want to be if you're going to be forced to celebrate your birthday?

14. Realize that your 'finish school, get a job' has suddenly turned into 'finish school, run off to Europe for six weeks'.  More dancing.  Panic about a proper wardrobe.

So there you have it.  It may be a few months away but at the speed in which my life appears to be moving, I'll be on this little adventure in no time.  I can't wait to write about it.  And I also can't wait to pretend that I'm a French girl  :)

Don't be mad at me!

Right, so in the last few days I have: 1. Moved back to the States from London (yes, it was very tearful at the airport)

2. Attempted to get all my ducks in a row now that I am permanent on this side of the ocean (namely getting a cell phone!)

3. Starting orientation for my course at Parsons which starts next week!

Now, I haven't left myself much time to get anything done and I know that I haven't been as good as I want to be keeping you up-to-date on Thrill of the Chaise but I promise that I will be back to normal in the next few days once the dust settles a bit.

All this back to school stuff has me a bit's been 6 years since I graduated college (and my mother so kindly reminded me that it has been ten years since I started college) so I am not even sure where to start...but I do know that I need a cool bag to carry my computer, notebooks and other such fun stuff, while also acting as a purse, so any suggestions on where to look or if you have seen anything good?  :)

Also, I have two words for you all: TRAPPER KEEPER.

'I'm sorry'. Also known as 'Turns out I hate packing'.

I feel as though I need to apologise...Thrill of the Chaise has been rather quiet the last couple weeks and it isn't at all that I want it to be, but it is slowly becoming apparent that two weeks from today, I will be moving my whole life back to the States.  And it is turning out to be a much bigger undertaking than I first thought.  So I am sorry. Truth is, I've got a lot of 'stuff'.  And between working, saying goodbye to all my loves in London, sorting out of my new life in NYC, having a crying fit here and there, packing becomes a real challenge.  I have just arrived home this morning to this outside my door...

I have to figure out how to pack my life into this without going over the weight limit.  Yeah, right...  :)

So just wanted to say I am going to work harder at making sure that things are not so quiet here and thank you for being so patient with me!  OH MY GOSH!  I MOVE IN TWO WEEKS!

Goodbye, London...Hello, NYC!

I have some very exciting news that I can finally announce to you all! After 6 years (plus one year of study abroad), I am leaving foggy Londontown.  Don't get it confused, I am in love with London...I mean properly in love with this city and with all my friends who occupy it.  But it is time to take my next step in life.  And what is that next step, you ask?

I have officially accepted my place at Parsons The New School of Design (yes, the home of Project Runway) in New York City to study Fashion Marketing!  HOW EXCITING!  :)

So the 'one month countdown' begins!  Expect a lot of giddiness, a lot of crying and hopefully a lot for me to share with you through it all.

Now to find a place to live...

SaintSaviour and Hurts under the...clouds :)

It was with great pleasure, and a whole lot of excitement, that I accompanied the gorgeous brains behind Music Travels to one of the Somerset House Summer Series gigs last night featuring the always gorgeous SaintSaviour and Hurts.

There is something extra amazing about seeing live music outside in the elements.  And that is notched up even more when it is in the setting of a place like Somerset House (or Kenwood House, which you can read about here).  Sitting right on the Thames, this imposing residence dating back as far as 1552 is immaculate and boasts a central courtyard, where the music takes place, that leaves you in awe.  Old building, new music.  It's a pretty cool set-up  :)

Now I have raved about SaintSaviour before (read it here) and I will continue to do so.  This lady is beyond amazing.  And boy oh boy does she put on one hell of a show.  It's theatrical, it's beautiful, it's haunting, it's energizing.  She always looks badass and sounds even better...if I didn't love her so damn much, I might hate her (that's not true, she's just totally lovely and I can be difficult, haha).


Hurts put on quite a show, as well.  There is something so effortlessly cool (though I am sure there is a boatload of effort happening under the surface) about the way these guys carry themselves and, damn, does their lead singer Theo know how to wail.  What a voice.


My recommendations would be this...go see SaintSaviour.  There is a good chance that where she goes, Hurts follow, so stick around for them as well.  And though the Summer Series at Somerset House is mostly at an end, make sure to keep an eye out for announcements about next summer's line-ups.  They are always amazing and almost always sell-out fast.

And go check out Music Travels.  They'll teach you all you need to know about what you should be listening to (if you aren't already, of course).

The Perfect Snog

The frozen yogurt craze has hit London a bit later than in the States but what is important is that it has made it.  There are 'fro yo' shops popping up all over this fair city but my fav is Snog (not just because I love the name).

At Snog, they don't mess around with flavours of yogurt.  You can choose from natural, green tea and chocolate.  It is made with fresh non-fat organic yogurt with probiotics and skimmed milk, and is naturally sweetened using Agave nectar.  So's totally good for you and I will use that excuse as often as possible.

The fun of Snog comes with the toppings.  Ooooooooh the toppings!  They are split into categories (and keep in mind, some are seasonal):

Fruity: Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, Blueberry, Mango, Pineapple, Kiwi, Banana, Dates, Pomegranate, Watermelon

Naughty: Chocolate brownie, Jumbo cookie, Oreo cookies, Dark chocolate nibs, Milk chocolate hearts, White chocolate stars

Crunchy: Pistachios, Almonds, Coconut, Granola, Super foods mix

Exotic: Agave nectar, Red bean paste, Mochi (Japanese rice cake)

Hot: Espresso shot, Apple crumble, Berry compote, Pears with cinnamon

It's all good.  I can't stress that enough.  You are not going to be disappointed by anything you get here.  It's simple and fresh.  My 'go to' treat?  A natural yogurt smoothie with strawberry, coconut and milk chocolate hearts.  A lovely treat!

They even have a cookbook now which I am dying to try out!

Hello, Uniqlo. I love you.

Listen, I don't know why I have always had such resistance to Uniqlo.  Guess I never felt like the shop was particularly 'me'.  I get confused about basics and that is what Uniqlo seems to do best.  I pride myself on being slightly edgy when it comes to style and they just seem anything but.  And they kinda are anything but.  Regardless, here I am, eating my words and professing my new-found love for Uniqlo.

I want to begin this by making sure everyone knows that I am barely breaking five feet tall.  Which is a great excuse to wear ridiculous heels but a real cross to bear when looking for any sort of 'bottom'.  Jeans are the worst bastard of them all.  Even places that shout about having 'short' sizes (ahem, J. Crew) are working on a much different definition of short than I do.

While a friend was visiting this weekend, she suggested I test out Uniqlo for jeans.  And I trust her.  She knows what she is talking about when it comes to shopping.  So today, I bit the bullet and ended up falling in love with a pair of black legging jeans (and before you ask, because my momma did, they are nothing like 'pajama jeans').


Yes, there was a little bit of rage I held onto as the only length going seemed to be 33 and let's all be clear, I am as far away from a 33 as possible, but they were comfy and really reasonably priced so I thought 'what the heck' and figured I could cuff them like all my other jeans.  BUT HARK.  When I went to pay for them, the cashier let me know that I could get them altered for free...and in, get this, 15 minutes!!!  (This is slightly unsual, but even in busy periods apparently wait time is approx 45 minutes.)

So here I an incredibly comfortable pair of super soft black jeans that were made into ankle length just for me while I went to grab a take away coffee.  Thanks, Uniqlo.  Let's make out.