Chanel Kitty Cat

While very excitedly reading the newest issue of UK Elle today, I stumbled across a new campaign from Chanel and am totally loving it!  Only Uncle Karl could make dressing up like a cat look good...beyond good...totally fashionable.

Now, 'cat' is not a look that I have ever personally tried to pull-off but I did have a flashback to seeing a girl at my hairdressers wearing the most amazing and fashionable black cap that, upon closer inspection, had little black cat ears and a nose with whiskers.  All in black, just the shape of it hidden a bit from being so obvious.  I know it sounds crazy but it was 100% glamorous.

It wasn't soon after this that I became fully obsessed with Maison Michel's lace ears (especially the ones with the veils).  Again, it's not all that usual that I see Lady Gaga and want something she is wearing, if I am being honest (Lily Allen is a whole other story, I want to move into her wardrobe). I still dream about those expensive lace ears and I just can't seem to settle for making my own...don't ask me why, it's a principle thing  :)

I still lose sleep over the Maison Michel ears...not that I have anywhere to wear them, really.  But that isn't the point.  I would sit here and blog wearing them if I had them, my 'thinking cap', if you will.  Take a sneaky peek at the Maison Michel website for all his updated work as well, everything is STUNNING.

What I am trying to get at: Mouse do you feel about it?  Would you?