Marissa Webb Fall 2014.

Up until this year, Marissa Webb always had her show next to us at Ruffian in the fancy pants tent that is NYFW at Lincoln Center.  I always loved when she would arrive because EVERYONE knew it.  Not because of any diva behavior, but because this little munchkin of a thing would sweep in like a tornado made of sunshine and smiles.  She would greet everyone with a sense of familiarity that seemed quite genuine, even though you know she didn't know who half the people were that she was wishing a good morning. 1 2 3

I was never really struck by any of her collections...which I always found a real shame because I wanted to love everything about this bright little lady.  And then, TA DA.  Her Fall 2014 collection has gone and done it.

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It's a bit naughty schoolgirl gone classy as hell.  Leather, fur, silk...straight-up youthful foxiness.  Will it change the world or the face of fashion?  Not by a mile.  But would dressing in this collection make me a happy girl?  Oh hell yes.  It's stylish and cool without going too far.  Attainable and aspirational.

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I want it.  Check out the entire collection here.

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Etsy Monday: Cocosheaven. And GIVEAWAY.

As I'm writing this, it's pouring rain outside and everything seems a bit glum.  But then I visit the Etsy shop Cocosheaven, the feature of today's Etsy Monday post, and I immediately feel warm and sunshine-y.  What JK, the designer of Cocosheaven, seems to understand inherently is the beauty of simplicity.  The number of times I have approached some kind of fashion item I loved from a distance to say 'augh, why did they have to put all this stuff on it?!' outweighs the number I have not.  By 'stuff', I mean gems, tassles, logos, buckles, pockets, so on and so forth.  Sometimes you just don't want all the bells and whistles.  Phew, tangent over. 1

Canvas Weekender Bag

I'm saying I love what JK and Cocosheaven are bringing into the world.  And the goal is simplicity...simplicity to make sure the beauty of the product itself remains intact.  Simple doesn't mean a lack of uniqueness, though.  Which is the amazing thing about the work that JK does.  In it's delicate and clean nature, the totes and leather work are somehow unexpected and totally stand out.

Blue Ombre Tote Bag

Pink Ombre Pillow

Aqua Ombre Pillow

Selection of Ombre Totes

Generally, I try to choose my favorite items from featured Etsy shops to give a taste of their style but also edit a bit to showcase my own tastes.  But the truth is, I can't pick favorites at Cocosheaven because they are all my favorites.  The leather luggage tags are personal, an amazing gift for a traveler (wink wink) and make being practical super fashionable.  The ombre tote bags are GORGEOUS and I want one in every color.  Those are the kinds of bags that are so universal when it comes to form, function and fashion.  Not to mention, what a fab conversation starter...because I assure you, it will grab attention when you're out and about with it.  And whaaaaaaat?!  Ombre pillow covers?!  For someone who is looking at apartments right now and dreaming about decorating, these pillows are just perfect.  They make a beautiful statement but don't steal the show.  Gimme.

XL Orange Ombre Tote Bag

ARE YOU READY FOR THIS GIVEAWAY?!  One very lucky Thrill of the Chaise reader will win this XL Orange Ombre Canvas Tote with beautiful leather straps, which was featured on the Etsy homepage!  Oh heck yes.  To enter, all you have to do is click here before the clock strikes midnight on Wednesday, June 19th and follow a couple very easy steps.  The contest is open internationally and you have to agree to let me borrow the bag sometimes (I'm kidding...about the sharing bit, the rest is true).

(All images c/o Cocosheaven)

Etsy Monday: Linmade.

When leather is done well, it is one of my favorite things.  It could have something to do with the brilliant education I have gotten while doing some work with the Edelman Leather team (seriously, check out their will change your world when it comes to interior design).  But working with leather really is a stunning craft and I have so much respect for those who get it right.  And Linmade on Etsy is getting it SO right.



It may be summertime and some of us are suffering in sweltering weather but THANK YOU, FASHION INDUSTRY for making leather a year-round item.  Change the color, the texture, the usage and it's onnnnn.  Miss Lina, who creates the gorgeous items you're obviously drooling over while looking at this post, has a formal education in architecture and it shows.  She fused her skills in construction with love of fabrics and leather (thanks to her textile designer mother) to begin creating her line of bags and clutches.  'I took 1.5 years searching and learning everything I could about leather, the different grades, the sources, the coloring process. I practically would sit in one's leather shop for hours and ask everything I could about leather.'

'I like to look at things graphically. I am very much inspired by graphic bold colors, simple forms, clean lines and different play of textures. I constantly aspire to create a playful basic piece. In a way, I want my bag to feel like a drink in your hand - a bag that doesn't take itself too seriously and adds a bit of fun to your outfit - that one shocking color that pops out of the whole outfit.'  I'm on board.  I want all of them.  Lina features a rainbow of striking and unexpected colors, as well as a range of textures that are all so unusual, you can't help but be taken by all of them.




And you lucky Thrill of the Chaise readers are in for a real treat!  Linmade is offering a 15% discount on any purchase if you use the code: THRILLOFTHECHAISE when you check-out.  So go and buy, readers!  This is the part where I remind you that my 30th birthday is on June 28th.  Ya know, just because.


And don't forget, today is the last day to enter our giveaway with Etsy artist Annechovie!  The winner gets a paper print of their choice from her shop...enter here.

(All images c/o Linmade)

Katie Gallagher Spring 2013: Gothic and Body Con.

Miss Katie Gallagher has been making a decent name for herself after garnering attention from the likes of Lady Gaga and Daphne Guinness before she had even graduated from Rhode Island School of Design.  Truth is, I don't have a lot to say about this collection.  It was only 16 looks and, as I mentioned, gothic and body con in focus.  But there area  couple of looks which I am really into that I wanted to share.  Peplum forgiven.

It's very easy to see myself falling right into any of these looks and that is the sign of a good collection, as far as my selfish eye is concerned.  In other news, is that a furry catwalk?!

3.1 Phillip Lim Resort 2013: Two Words, Leather Overalls.

I really enjoy 3.1 Phillip Lim.  I am desperate for a 31 Hour Bag from the designer.  As we speak, I am thinking about all the fun that bag and I could have together.  It pains me to have to admit when I started looking through the images from the Resort 2013 collection, I got a little bored and clicked out of the window.  BUT as the window was closing, what did my eyes behold?!  Leather freakin' overalls?! Yes.  Game changer.  Let's all just put our cards on the table here and admit that most of us don't have a hope in hell of ever obtaining or being able to actually pull-off leather overalls but by golly we can appreciate them.  So I got the window back up and began to browse with a new respect.  And though I am not bowled over by the collection, there are a few stunners in there that deserve a bit of a shout out.  Very least the leather freakin' overalls.