Temperley London Spring 2013: Love At First Fashion Sight.

I've always been in 'like' with Temperley.  It's quite pretty and Kate Middleton seems to like it and I'm supportive of anything that loves London as much as I do.  But I've been getting pretty bored.  Designers are allowed to have their moments of a 'nice' collection.  We can't all be geniuses all the time (that includes you, Karl) but when I look at a label and begin to think 'well, it's not offensive', I shut off. So thank you, lovely Alice Temperley, for pulling me out of my funk with you!  The Spring 2013 collection from Temperley London could easily double as a resort collection...but that's part of the fun.  It's very 1950s luxurious cruise through the Italian isles.  It's still got the cute factor but with enough sheer to remind you that Temperley designs for women.  Or rather, women with a girlish mentality.


Though it may be a bit of a darker reference, as the film as all about a cheating spouse and the perils of love, the collection really reminded me of Jean Luc Godard's 'Contempt'.  Brigitte Bardot as a film producer's wife shooting on the Italian coast and on the island of Capri in the 1950s.  Luxury, beauty and a bit of the French balance between sweet and sexy.


The mark of a beautiful garment is that it makes getting dressed to impress effortless.  These looks would stand out in any room and you'd genuinely be able to say 'oh this? I just threw it on'.  Also, who else is down with bringing back the lace glove look?  :)

(All images c/o Style.com)

Tadashi Shoji Spring 2013: When Lace Attacks.

So. Much. Lace.  I don't want to say anything negative about Tadashi because he seems like a really lovely fellow but the amount of lace used in his Spring 2013 collection made points of the show seem ever so 'mother of the bride'.  (Sorry to mothers of brides out there, you're beautiful but we all know what this saying means and we all know why.)  THAT BEING SAID.  There are some silhouettes and creative usage of lace within design that I adore in this show.  I mean, flat-out want/need/have to have in my closet even if I have nowhere to go and all I do is look at it or maybe watch tv in it when I'm the only one home.

The theme relied heavily on West to East and back again as influence and that really was apparent and, at times, inspiring.  The colors used were amazing and a great relief from the gorgeous (but expected) pastels that the Spring shows always bring with them.  This is evening wear to the maxx so someone please invite me somewhere fancy as soon as possible.  Thank you.  (Admittedly, the images I chose for this post are just looks that caught my eye and almost definitely an unfair representation of the entire show.  If you want to check out all the looks for yourself, click here.)

The Coquette Costume. My Thoughts on Lingerie.

So here's the happs.  I'm in Paris on a 2-week course with Parsons studying the French fashion industry and trends.  It's awesome.

My main project through the course is to write a daily blog on an assigned topic in relation to Paris.  I got 'lingerie'.  Of course.  So I wanted to share the blog with you if you want to take a sneaky peek about what I've been writing.  It's in Tumblr which is a completely foreign program to me but I think I'm making it through  :)

Welcome to The Coquette Costume.

Chanel Kitty Cat

While very excitedly reading the newest issue of UK Elle today, I stumbled across a new campaign from Chanel and am totally loving it!  Only Uncle Karl could make dressing up like a cat look good...beyond good...totally fashionable.

Now, 'cat' is not a look that I have ever personally tried to pull-off but I did have a flashback to seeing a girl at my hairdressers wearing the most amazing and fashionable black cap that, upon closer inspection, had little black cat ears and a nose with whiskers.  All in black, just the shape of it hidden a bit from being so obvious.  I know it sounds crazy but it was 100% glamorous.

It wasn't soon after this that I became fully obsessed with Maison Michel's lace ears (especially the ones with the veils).  Again, it's not all that usual that I see Lady Gaga and want something she is wearing, if I am being honest (Lily Allen is a whole other story, I want to move into her wardrobe). I still dream about those expensive lace ears and I just can't seem to settle for making my own...don't ask me why, it's a principle thing  :)

I still lose sleep over the Maison Michel ears...not that I have anywhere to wear them, really.  But that isn't the point.  I would sit here and blog wearing them if I had them, my 'thinking cap', if you will.  Take a sneaky peek at the Maison Michel website for all his updated work as well, everything is STUNNING.

What I am trying to get at: Mouse ears...how do you feel about it?  Would you?