Kate Young for Target. Success This Time. Maybe? Hopefully?

I have a lot to say about this wave of designer collaborations that seem to have swept over the high street fashion market.  They suck.  I don't want them to suck.  But they always end up sucking.  And that sucks.  BUT MAYBE OUR LAST RAY OF HOPE IS HERE.  Next month, Target is launching a capsule collection with stylist extraordinaire Kate Young and it actually looks pretty f**king great.  Sometimes I worry that I am forcing myself to love these things purely based on name attachment and price...other times, when I think I really DO love them, they look like hell in person.  So I guess only time will tell but, yeah, I'm pretty optimistic.

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Kate Young and Target.  If you're reading this.  Don't let me down.  You'll have hell to pay.

(Images c/o Target)