Give Us A Hand.

Though the point of this post was never to be sombre or find a deeper meaning in this little treasure that I wanted to share, it struck me that there is a place for it, even a need for it.  But when I heard someone last night say 'you're great Boston and have many greater days ahead' and then my Dad saying 'Boston doesn't need the White House, they are gonna look after themselves', it suddenly seemed necessary to make this link.  As someone who experienced 9/11 in my first couple of weeks away at college and as a member of the Newtown community, the kind of horrific event that happened yesterday strikes a very personal chord in me.  But Boston is nothing if not an incredible community of hard workers, big givers and huge hearts.  So as they all extend a hand to each other while they just begin to cope with this tragedy, let's all try to remember the give a hand when we are able too. IMG_9637

But what this was really to celebrate was one of my favorite hidden details in the gorgeous San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  The first time I went to visit this magical town, I remember saying that it wasn't a pretty place but it was a beautiful one.  Which may be a bit awkward a statement but it's the beautiful little details preserved in a crumbling building or the peek of artistry beyond the dusty air.  San Miguel is not some kind of run down city, it's incredibly preserved and precious about its historical features.  However, it is a different kind of beauty...a less traditional version, in our eyes at least.

IMG_9717 IMG_9853 P1020290 P1020291

The doors of San Miguel can open onto a hidden paradise.  Books have been published about the gateways of this special place...some imposing, some almost unnoticeable, but all with their own special details, colors and meaning.  So what is it that I love about these doors?  Aside from the fact that you never know what kind of treasure you'll find behind any given one?  The hands that ask to enter.  One of the most incredible details of this town are the ever-present door knockers in the delicate shape of hands.  Unless you are paying very close attention, you might not notice this detail on every other home...but you'll become infatuated when you do.  It becomes a little game to find them through your day, to study the differences of each one and to think about how kind it seems to have a friendly hand knocking at your door.

P1020292 P1020295 P1020300 P1020408

(Photos by Kanoe Wentworth and moi)