I Love Your Bones.

Anna Larsson is a graphic designer who creates clean, bold and perfectly simplistic work.  I suppose the more you look, the more it becomes that her roots are deeply Swedish.  When I first saw the print below, I immediately wanted to spend time with it.


When I first started looking at the print, I thought it was a take on the Rorschach Inkblot Test.  And maybe, in some ways, it is.  But it wasn't until I saw more of the individual figures from the series on their own (and her helpful names, like 'Pelvis' and 'Vertebrae') that I understood what it was I was actually seeing.  Yup, them's bones.

annalpelvis1   annalcanalis   annalvertebrae

Somehow, Anna takes the harsh medical perspective out of these images and instead offers a beautiful vision of all the parts that make us work.  For someone who gets woozy at the thought of doctors, I could spend hours looking at these prints.  You can see all of Anna's work on her website.

(Images c/o Anna Larsson)