Sweet Dreams.

The Internet is an amazing place.  Couple that with cool, creative people creating cool, creative ideas to use said amazing Internet and all kinds of baller things start happening.  One of my favorites is Dreame, a place where social media, art and your crazy ass dreams come together.  You tell an artist about a dream of yours and they make it come to life.  What?!  I know.  Baller. Egle Kazdailyte

Krusty Wheatfield

Here's how this awesome-sauce place works:

- Choose an artist you like.  You can browse their profiles and some of their work to check out their aesthetic, which is cool in itself.  Getting to see how different some people see the world is pretty incredible.

- Choose your package.  Do you have a dream already that you'd like to have created?  Do you want to buy a voucher for when you have a dream that you deem worthy of being turned into art?  Or do you want to buy a gift for a friend so they can have their dream come to life?

- Explain the dream you want turned into art.  You can tell the whole story, making sure to tell the artist about the characters in the dream, your feelings, the location(s), the atmosphere and the time it took place.  Give as much detail as you can and make sure you note the ones that are important to you.  If you want to try to sketch out the dream yourself to give something of an idea to artist, there is a place to upload that, too.

- Hit send.

Michael Leung

Munkyeong Kim

Natasha Kotsovska

For about $10 each, the artist will take the time to turn your dream into a piece of art.  This could be just a sweet little keepsake, or you could choose to have it made into a 19.5" x 27.5" poster for $30.  Soooooo basically the coolest thing ever.

Nathan Gotlib

Rachel Bennett

I want to try it desperately but the dreams I do have tend to be pretty weird and nothing I am super keen to see interpreted into art.  Working on it though.  COME ON, BRAIN, MAKE SOME MAGIC.


(All images c/o Dreame)

Will Broome for Twenty6 Magazine.

If you're not reading Twenty6 Magazine, you're a fool.  It's brilliant.  And for their latest issue, they brought in the amazing artist/illustrator/adorable man Will Broome for a brilliantly English interview, along with some of his sweet and secretly dark characters to feature in a fab fashion editorial.


You can check out the entire interview here but allow me to present some of my favorite bits:

'I was born in Nottinghamshire.  My childhood was a very uncomplicated affair.'

'I'm not sure if I'm an illustrator, I think I might be an artist.'

'I am inspired by lots of things.  Normally it's stuff I see on toilet walls and the street when I am riding my bike.  I still like things I liked when I was 11.'

'Behind the happy go lucky facade, there is a darkness to my work.'

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/77902959]

Augh, this editorial is so adorable and cool and adorable and rad.  You can see the whole damn thing here.

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Check out Twenty6 Magazine here.

(All images c/o Twenty6 Magazine)