Hangover Brunch and A&G Merch.

I fly back to NYC from San Francisco this afternoon and it has been a very enjoyable visit  :)  I'll keep the blog posts about all the fun things I got up to over the long weekend as the pictures roll in but right now I want to take you on my little journey this past Saturday when I had a 92% success rate in avoiding a hangover from a party the night before (which was one of my biggest reasons for this visit, can't wait to show you pictures!). So my minor headache and I were taken to Cafe Flore in the Castro which is now one of my fav places in SF.  It is part secret garden (there is potential that my hangover made it seem much more fantastical than it actually was but hey ho) and part amazing food emporium.  There isn't a waiter service which can be dangerous when you've got a bit of the shakes and you're in charge of carrying a pitcher of Mimosa.  But OH MY GOODNESS.  The food is incredible.  You have to check out the brunch here if you find yourself in town.  I went a bit safe with a classic breakfast but there were options like an apple chicken sausage scramble and Hawaiian french toast that looked pretty damn amazing.


After lunch we headed across the street where my friend wanted to show me a shop (which is actually based in Brooklyn, wah-hey) that she thought I might enjoy.  And she was ever so right.  I want to move into this store.  Pictures may speak louder than words in this case so here you are...some pictures from the store (which you can also shop online, wink wink).  Thank you A&G Merch for just plain old existing.


Let it be assumed that any of the items I have taken pictures of and posted from A&G Merch are automatically added to my Christmas Wishlist.