'Excuse my French, but I'm in France'.

And I have about a million and a half things to say about it.  Though as typical in the Kate Neary School of How To Do Things, I have left myself little to no time to do anything other than show up for class, get work done and pretend to sleep for a few hours.  WHATEVER, I'M IN PARIS.  So as I work on the posts for all the amazing things I have already done in the few days I have had here (including style stalking outside the Chanel haute couture show), I'm going to use this first post for a bit of a shout out. As anyone knows from reading this blog, I adore Saint Saviour.  She is one of the best live gigs I have ever seen and her music always hits you at your core.  Not to mention, she is a lovely lady  :)  I had the pleasure of getting to go to one of her album launch gigs for my birthday last week and, being her wonderful self, she dedicated my favorite song of hers to me during her encore.  Made my day.


ANYWAY, LISTEN TO ME BECAUSE THIS IS IMPORTANT.  Saint Saviour kicks off her European tour tomorrow evening in Paris and continues on through Holland, Germany, Switzerland and so on and so forth.  And you would be a ridiculous human if you didn't make a point to go check her out.  Honestly, her show has changed the way I think about live music...I mean, she fronts Groove Armada...girl knows how to rock it.

Thursday, July 5 - Paris

Friday, July 6 - Amsterdam

Saturday, July 7 - Berlin

Sunday, July 8 - Cologne

Thursday, July 12 - Zurich

Friday, July 13 - Prague

Saturday, July 14 - Vienna

Sunday, July 15 - Lucca Festival Italy

Click here for more information on venues and to get your tickets!

More Saint Saviour loveliness.

Some of you may remember when I had a little love fest on Thrill of the Chaise for Saint Saviour before...if you weren't here for that or just want to check it out again, read/watch/hear it here (and there was another time too, come to think of it, here). And I'm about to do it again.  Because this stunning lady has a new EP out ('Suukei', buy it) and some new videos all of which I want to jump into and just live there for a little while.  Her voice is incredible, she looks like a million bucks, her lyrics rip your heart out and then give it back to you and she is, by far, one of the best live acts I have ever seen.  Not to mention, she's a very nice lady  :)




New Obsession: Saint Saviour

A not so 'new' obsession, but one that needs to be talked about as much as possible...Saint Saviour is a gorgeous lady with a gorgeous voice.  She is also responsible for some of the most amazing live performances I have ever had the pleasure of seeing.  Saint Saviour has been the stunning voice of Groove Armada and has now been making a name for herself with her solo work, especially with her new EP 'Anatomy'. A glorious hybrid of Kate Bush and Bjork with some of the greatest passion for music that I have seen in a very long time, Saint Saviour is worth your look, listen and anything else you can give!  Keep an eye on her, a close one, you won't regret it  :)