Yeah. No. Yeah.

If you've looked at this blog just about ever, you've probably noticed that I get seriously excited when faced with cool prints.  Yeahnoyeah is pretty straight-forward with what they offer but I'm also pretty in love with it.  When I first saw the Yeahnoyeah shop, I wasn't sure how they got away with such a sparse line of product.  Aside from a beautiful 'love' print, a star and a heart, it was just a bunch  of letters.  But then BOOM, I understood how awesome it all was!

Maybe it's a bit of wishful thinking but someday when I have an office/money/a place of my own, I want a series of these framed, spelling something, well, probably slightly ridiculous like 'bitches' or maybe even 'hoes' (that's not true, but I promise you it won't be poetic or profound).  I thought about 'Thrill of the Chaise' but that seems like an awfully overwhelming wall full of letters that threaten dizziness anyway.






So can we agree that these prints are super cool?  What would you spell out?  Or are you of the more understated 'one mysterious letter' persuasion?