A Quick Note on the Gatsby Freak-Out.

Right.  So having recently seen the first trailer for the new adaptation of The Great Gatsby, it is blindingly obvious that we are going to spend at least the next 12 months in full-on 1920s hysteria.  In hopes of not writing 'just another blog post' about this film and the repercussions (no matter how glorious), I wanted to quickly put in my two cents and (maybe, maybe not) be done with it. My heart did a little dance when I saw the trailer.  I have avoided as much pop-culture hysteria as possible (i.e. 50 Shades of Grey, the Twilight some such, One Direction) but I am really into Gatsby.  Very likely it is mostly because of my adoration of Baz Luhrmann who has proven in this teaser that he has made sure that his aesthetic runs rampant in this remake.  One of the crucial elements of any of Baz's creations is the costume design and as you can tell from the preview, it is stunning in this production.  So get ready world, the 1920s will be inspiring our looks for a while...I've even written about it before here.


As a little bit of a nod to the amazing headpieces worn in the film, I wanted to share this design that I came across on Etsy from a shop that does beautiful handmade designs for weddings.  Not for everyone but stunning, right?  (Click on the image to be taken to the shop.)

Gone a bit Gatsby.

It has been no secret that one of the major trends we have seen for the upcoming S/S season is a throwback to the romance of the Gatsby era.  Which is impeccable timing for the remake of Gatsby currently filming, but less so for me.  I am currently looking out the window at the first major snowfall of the winter (that freak storm in October doesn't count) and even I, notorious for not knowing how to appropriately dress for weather conditions, know that I have to wait to properly embrace this look. Here are some of my favorite looks from the runways...

I think it's pretty plain to see that I am a huge fan of dresses.  Here are some slightly more wallet-friendly options that can be worn on the day-to-day...

I have a good feeling that as we start to properly move into the season and the weather begins to turn, we are going to see quite a few gorgeous party dresses hit the racks.  I will be dusting off a flapper-style dress that I bought from the first Kate Moss for Topshop collection, fo sho.  What I'm saying is...I'm going to be buying some pretty ridiculous dresses come springtime so I am expecting some party invites  :)