Listen, tacos are awesome.  And admittedly, sometimes I forget tacos exist.  Just because they fall off my radar on occasion.  Like any craving, tacos then barrel back into my life like a very aggressive food-based ninja.  Don't be mad at me, tacos, it's not you...it's me.  Please never change. Print from Paperchat on Etsy

Anyway, I'm tired and talking crazy so I'm going to cut to the chase.  If you ever get punched in the face by needing a taco, there is a brilliant website to come to the rescue.  Taco Emergency can be found at www.taco911.me and will save the day.  Click 'Find the closest taco' and this site literally gives you your latitude and longitude stats (which is kinda cool in itself), along with the closest place for you to order and enjoy tacos.



Etsy Monday: Kari Herer Photography.

Something is happening in my little world and I'm increasingly fascinated by the usage of nature in art.  The fact that it is in art that is also accessible makes it even better.  From florals and faunas to sweet (or not so sweet) depictions of animals, I'm digging on it.




But I also like something to be quite abstract about it, too.  The subjects aren't in their natural elements.  They are manipulated in some way.  There are other components that have no place there.  A little while back, I wrote about Nick Knight's 'Flora' series, which shares a lot of these details.  What Kari Herer does, however, brings it to the next level.




You want to reach out and touch Keri's work.  If it's layering gorgeous flowers against a pure black background or adding florals in as elements on a beautifully sketched animal, there is something so fascinating about her eye and her work.  Keri appreciates beauty, as much as soft touches of 'out of the box' creativity.




Head over to Kari's Etsy shop and go crazy.


(All images c/o Kari Herer)

Etsy Monday: Geometric Ink.

Modern lines and design have never been traditionally my 'style' but as I give myself more of a chance to properly explore my tastes, I've really started to fall in love with interjecting bits of geometric, precise artwork.  And Geometric Ink on Etsy has completely taken my heart.  Seriously.  I want all the things.  Get me all the things, please.




Kara, the amazing artist at Geometric Ink, has really fused stunning elements of nature that really cannot be confined with the removal of color and the clean lines that really define her work.  There is a beauty that is really balanced out by gentle masculinity and it's all f**king perfect.  I have never wanted a moose above my bed.  Now I want a moose above my bed.  And even more amazing?  A lot of her work is original watercolor...and she makes sure it is affordable.  Which is the coolest.






Oh, did I mention the lovely Kara is offering a 20% discount code?!  Well, she is.  So get your Geometric Ink shop on here with the code 'LOVE20'.  And all orders come with a surprise bonus print.

Don't forget to enter our Etsy giveaway for the coolest candleholder out there!  It ends this week so get your cutie little patootie over here to enter now.




(All images c/o Geometric Ink)

Distinguished Things. And A GIVEAWAY!

My 'Etsy Monday' series has fallen by the wayside as of late, but this week, we shall celebrate Etsy Tuesday.  And do so with a most excellent shop called Design Atelier Article.  Minimalist in style but huge in personality and creativity, Ukrainian designers Lena and Dmitriy believe deeply that anything you bring into your home should be either useful or beautiful.  And they create decor that brings both of these things together.




Using salvaged wood and plywood, this duo creates beautiful bookends, hooks, hangars, candle holders galore.  Which, in my humble opinion, would make some pretty stunning holiday gifts.




And as the month of Movember comes to an end, the team at Design Atelier Article are giving away the most PERFECT candle holder to one lucky Thrill of the Chaise reader!  Even more perfect?  With a couple of my buddies from work, we have a new blog to entertain you if you are a moustache admirer like us (or just like fancy stuff).  Distinguished Things is meant to make you laugh and consider the majesty of a good monocle.  So enter to win this candle holder here!  (Giveaway ends December 6, 2013 and is open internationally.)


And get over to Distinguished Things just in time for some pretty spectacular Thanksgiving posts!

(All images c/o Design Atelier Article)

Etsy Monday: Matou En Peluche. And Blogger Issues.

Let's start with blogger issues.  Because I've been so rubbish as of late, I want to just get that out-of-the-way and we can all carry on.  I've not been writing much at all recently.  And I feel like I'm in this flood of bloggers recently who are all going through the same thing...creative block.  I love writing.  I love writing Thrill of the Chaise.  I love writing for you and for myself.  But sometimes, it just doesn't flow like it should.  So instead of giving you a bunch of  half-assed posts, I felt maybe it was best to just take a step back for a moment and regroup.  Have I properly done that yet?  Not really.  But I'm getting there.  Life gets in the way sometimes and your focus is pulled other places.

enough sleep

I don't know if I have properly explained to you lovely people that I am back in the big kid work force with a full-time permanent position.  And it's writing.  A lot of writing.  So I think it's a combination of being a bit creatively exhausted when I get home and not being as used to writing in my own voice anymore.  The point is, I'm going to make an effort to change.  I miss you lot.  And I miss sharing all the things with you.  So I will be a rock star at work.  I will be a rock star for Thrill of the Chaise.  And I will get enough sleep (maybe).  Let's move on, shall we?

So Etsy Bloody Monday, eh?  How I have missed thee!  So let's jump right in.  With the delightfully darling Matou En Peluche.  As I continue to settle in my new apartment (which is coming along swimmingly, although not as quickly as I would like, which is 'all at once'), my focus remains quite steadily on decor.  I have a list of things I am really 'into', which are all a bit bizarre but, hey, we all have our things:

  • Sea urchins
  • Solving almost every problem with 'just spray paint it gold'
  • Agate
  • Skulls (oldie but a goodie)
  • and MERMAIDS

Some of these things are new fascinations.  But a couple are old faithfuls.  And, in fact, mermaids are something that I have quietly coveted since college.  BACK STORY ALERT.  I went to a small liberal arts school that had a mascot.  It was the devil.  Which I love.  But we had a bit of an unofficial (and historic) mascot who is the one who really struck my fancy.  Way at the top of our school's first building, Old West, was a beautiful mermaid looking over all of us, being adorable and majestic all that once.  Every now and then, I would be given a thoughtful mermaid token and now I have a bit of a collection that I adore.



When I came across Samantha's work at Matou En Peluche, I was struck by her style that seemed to mix both Art Deco and Asian influences and created a depth to something seemingly straight-forward at first.  There are elements of fashion illustration, mixed with vintage story telling and a healthy dose of childlike wonder that comes out of each image.




And then I saw the MERMAIDS.  I mean, come on.  How gorgeous!

M1 M2 M3

Check out all of the stunning artwork at Matou En Peluche here.  And make sure to stop by Samantha's blog here!  See where the creative genius is coming from...

(Images c/o Pinterest, Dickinson College and Matou En Peluche)

Etsy Monday: Urban Cheesecraft. And A Giveaway.

CHEESE, GLORIOUS CHEESE.  With my parents sending me fresh tomatoes from their garden almost every weekend, I've been on a pretty heavy Caprese salad kick for the last month or so.  When I came across Urban Cheesecraft on Etsy, I was crazy excited.  DIY cheese-making kits for those of us who may not have the biggest or cleverly equipped kitchens is one of the most brilliant ideas I've seen.  And the folks over at Urban Cheesecraft make producing your own cheese as easy as it is fun.  


One hour and a gallon of milk is all you need (and a pot and sieve, of course) to create your own beautiful cheeses.  I ordered their Ricotta & Mozzarella kit and while it took me circling the kit in slight fear that I might not be able to follow simple instructions, I spent this weekend in the kitchen showing the cheese gods who's boss!  Crumbly goats cheese, paneer, queso blanco, mozzarella, ricotta...you can learn how to make it all.  Try one kit at a time or go for the deluxe kit that includes everything!  


This isn't a quick kitchen experiment either...kits make up to ten batches and when you're making 1.5 pounds of ricotta and two massive rounds of mozzarella a hit, that's a hella lot of cheese.  No complaints.  


The kind folks at Urban Cheesecraft are giving one lucky Thrill of the Chaise reader their own Mozzarella & Ricotta kit!  Simply click here to enter and have fun!


(All images c/o Urban Cheesecraft)

Etsy Monday: Rabbit & The Duck.

As the school year begins for many, my jealousy of being able to go on a full-on school supplies spree ranks pretty damn high.  It may not be that I am nerding out over finding the perfect 5-subject notebook that will keep me super organized (for the first week...we all know it's downhill from there) but maybe just a reminder of how much I love friggin' cute stationary and such.  In a world full of IKEA hacks and creating a special personal touch, there is something to be said about getting your adult-shaped craft on.  And no one knows this better (and helps us all find our way) than Shannon from the ADORABLE Rabbit & The Duck.  I mean, her shop's motto is 'create a lovely life'.  Thank you, don't mind if I do.



Rabbit & The Duck takes the cute and makes it cuter.  Like, impossibly cute.  Like, 'I'm sorry but could you get cuter if you tried?' 'No, I could not'.  The shop is filled with a little bit of home decor...a little bit of fashion...and a whole lot of things to help you get creative and make basically the best care packages/favors/whatever you want the best ever.  Especially washi tape, the most badass member of the masking tape family.  I MEAN LOOK AT THE AIRMAIL KIT BELOW AND TELL ME YOUR BRAIN DIDN'T COMPLETELY MELT WITH JOY AND THE DESIRE TO HAVE A NOTE LIKE THAT ARRIVE AT YOUR DOOR.  I would also like to discuss with Shannon how she might be able to sneak in to my apartment while I am at work and make my bed look like the one below.  Just. So. Cute.



For the next week, Thrill of the Chaise readers will be able to enjoy an amazing 20% off their purchases at Rabbit & The Duck!  Just use the discount code 'THRILL20' when you check out. Maybe stock up on washi tape.  I want to washi tape everything.  Seriously.  World, look out.



(All images c/o Rabbit & The Duck)

Etsy Monday: Amanda Catherine Designs.

Happy Monday, everyone.  You ready for an overload of adorable?  Yeah, I bet you are.  But let me make a little bit of a point first.  I don't know if it's my recent move into my 30s, a whole lot of change in my life generally or the time of year but soul searching seems to be the name of the game at the moment.  There seems to be an overwhelming need to find answers or be inspired or be overly philosophical about life and what it all means.  Studying the every day, losing sleep wondering if you're doing enough in your life, giving a lot of time to the 'what ifs'.  Anyone?  Just me? Well, turns out there is something in the simplicity of it all.  The deep messages you are looking for may not be all that deep in reality.  And yes, this is a direct introduction to a beautiful Etsy shop, Amanda Catherine Designs.  Pencils and prints...simple, familiar, sweet items that give simple, familiar, sweet words a home.  Be smart.  Be kind.  Be silly.  You'll be fine.

Gentle Reminders

World is Your Oyster Print

Favorite Things

Clever Words Print

Bar Cart Print

Amanda does a beautiful job at taking just a few words to bring out a smile.  From her 'gentle reminders' to reminding us that a good, strong drink is totally acceptable (thanks, Amanda!), her work is delicate and somehow powerful.  What I love about her prints and her pencils is that one little look in the morning or a glance amidst a busy day can bring a reminder that is the perfect little nod to just keep being you.  In fact, I DO like pretty things and clever words.  Wearing sequins to breakfast is the s**t.  And if pancakes DON'T make you happy, shut up and get out.  You can see Amanda's entire Etsy shop here.  Nothing like getting a friend, or even yourself, one of these sweet little reminders.  Le sigh.

Wear Sequins to Breakfast

Happy Pancakes Print

Wandering Mind Print

Old Fashioneds Print

(All images c/o Amanda Catherine Designs)

Etsy Monday: Just Cottons.

This weekend, my best friend came to visit me in my new city, where we not only got up to a lot of trouble (and a few lobster rolls) but also had the chance to talk about how perfect her wedding was, since it was the first time we had seen each other since.  You can see some of my Instagram reporting from the big weekend here.  One of my favorite shots was of all the bridesmaids getting ready in the beautiful, colorful floral robes the bride had gifted to each of us the night before the big day.

The bride and all her maids.

How perfect, right?!  We have had so many compliments on the robes and are also so in love with them (we all wear them on a regular basis now), that I wanted to share the beautiful Etsy shop, Just Cottons, where you can get these beauties!  Owner Chetna very sweetly highlights bridal parties in a lot of her images (of which we are one now!) but I just cannot say enough about what a lovely gift these robes are individually as much as they are stunning an idea for a bridal party.  Or any girly party, for that matter!  Check out the entire Just Cottons shop on Etsy here.





(Images c/o Just Cottons)

Etsy Monday: More Than Porcelain.

Don't we all want to be 'reloved'?  Well, Berlin-born and Athens-based Monika from More Than Porcelain does just that.  She takes vintage (and sometimes new) pottery and creates something new and unique.  From sweet and delicate, she uses her love of surrealism, Victorian art and graffiti to give these pieces a personality ten times larger than it could have been before.  With Monika's help, her items begin to tell stories all their own.




So I know that I very recently wrote about how I have to stop collecting skull artifacts but, dammit, what choice do I have now?!  It helps that Monika's interests are the same as mine (Victorian faces, skulls, Alice in Wonderland, Mary Poppins, Hitchcock) but how these details give already beautiful artifacts such life in such an unexpected way is imperfect perfection.  I want an entire wall in my apartment dedicated to these plates.  And a whole cupboard dedicated to these teacups.  Oh, and also, I want to throw tea parties on the regular.




Want some of this beauty for your very own?  Thrill of the Chaise readers can get 15% off their orders on Etsy with the code '15OFF'!  Go buy great things!  You can check out everything from at More Than Porcelain here and check out an amazing interview with Monika here.



(All images c/o More Than Porcelain)

Etsy Monday: Two Arms.

Decorating a new apartment, I'm completely decor obsessed.  I've gotten a lot of the major elements in...bed, TV, accent chairs, bar stools and a couch that will hopefully be delivered this week.  But the major thorn in my side is my artwork.  I have some great stuff and I'm currently staring at it all piled up against the wall in my living room.  Some of it needs to be framed after traveling back to the States without one...and all of it needs to find a home in this place.  As I dream of a gallery-style wall of art in the living room, I need some more beauties that stand on their own while also playing nice with the things I have already.  Enter the beautiful work from Etsy shop Two Arms.

NYC BouquetOde to the French Bulldog

A two person printmaking and design shop based out of Brooklyn, Mike and Karen from Two Arms bring together two of the things I love the most.  NYC (Brooklyn, in particular) and bulldogs.  Everything in the shop is hand-pulled and hand-printed by the artists, so you really get something properly original and unique.  Their style is a bit industrial but with huge character...there is a playfulness in their designs that seems to exist from within.  Textures really make the images stand out and even the most simple of images demands that you take a closer look.  I would like to request that one of you out there create a 'bulldog wall'.  Many thanks.

Ode to the ENGLISH BulldogNueva YorkBROOKLYN

For the next week, Thrill of the Chaise readers can get 20% any purchase from Two Arms!  Just enter the code 'thrillofthechaise' at checkout and enjoy!  Go ahead...get your shop on.

Brooklyn BridgeIf This Isn't Nice...Liberty Torch

(All images c/o Two Arms)

Etsy Monday: Two String Jane. And Super Duper Discounts!

Happy Monday, world.  The last week was a challenging one for me...nothing dramatic, just one of those weeks.  So how better to start of this new week on the right foot than some friggin' adorable tops from the friggin' adorable Two String Jane.  A self-taught designer, this line is all about being playful, colorful and bold.  I mean, I know it doesn't take much to completely charm me, but these shirts do it effortlessly.  A cute t-shirt can set a casual look apart and...come on...just look.




Squeal, so cute, right?!  Well, bring some fun into your wardrobe this a lovely discount from Two String Jane.  Get yourselves 15% off with the code '15OFF' at the Two String Jane Etsy shop.  Get there now.  Be adorable!



Get your shop on with more funtastic discounts at some of my favorite shops!  First up, the fabulous Lenny Mud, who has been all over the blog as of late.  And for good reason.  I love everything in the Lenny Mud shop.  Read more about it here.  And get your butt over to the Lenny Mud Etsy shop for a 25% discount!  Just use the code 'THRILLCHAISE' when you check-out and BOOM.


And one more for good measure...I wrote about the beautiful leather goods of Linmade here and designer Miss Lina got in touch to let me know that she has officially launched her new (and beautiful) website so will be offering a 15% discount to celebrate!  Use the code 'GRANDOPEN' on her website here.  And buy me something while you're there.  Because I'm worth it!  And you are too.


(All images c/o Two String Jane, Lenny Mud & Linmade)

Etsy Monday: Inmost Light.

Love a good fairy tale?  So does jewelry designer Victoria from Inmost Light.  Now I'm not talking about Disney fairy tale here...but something more mysterious, a bit darker and deeply whimsical.  She works with enchanting elements, both in structural style and emotional inspiration.  Lockets, pocket watches, the starry night sky, vintage filigree, mystical iconography.  What was that?  Oh yeah, I'm obsessed. The Moonlight Traveller Locket Ring

In A Secret Garden Pocket Watch Necklace

The jewelry itself is so unique and is one conversation starter after another.  All Victoria's pieces have a personal name and a story behind them.  Here's my major dilemma: I want all the things.  All of them.  In my wardrobe.  Looking as beautiful on as they do off.  Sigh, it's hard-knock life.

Khaleesi Tribal Necklace

Aurora Borealis Ring

Midnight Flower Ring

See something you love too?  Well, Victoria is giving Thrill of the Chaise readers a 10% discount when you use the code 'THRILL' at checkout.  SQUEAL.  Get all the things!  Check them all out at the Inmost Light shop here.

Moon Hare & Moon Necklace

Secret Order of the Raven Necklace

Northern Star Locket Necklace

Glass Star Necklace

Starry Sky Ring

(All images c/o Inmost Light)

Etsy Monday: Lenny Mud. And GIVEAWAY.

Well, hello, my little cabbages.  I know Etsy Monday has been missing for the past few weeks but we are back in FULL force!


Now, if you don't know me too well, you may not know that I lived in London for almost 8 years.  While in London, along with a bit of practice, I learned to love a good cup of tea.  Admittedly, I have not yet mastered the art of brewing and properly making a cup that won't get me laughed at by my English peers but baby steps.  You may also not know that I have the best/worst taste in music ever.  And don't you start judging me.  I just admit to liking the things some people rock out to in secret.  Long story short, when I decided to move back to the States to go to school, my dear friend Beaver (yes) sent me a school supply package which included a nice supply of pencils and a mug to help with the brews I would be making for late night study sessions.  BUT it wasn't just ANY mug.  It was LIONEL RICHIE.  From Lenny Mud.  So...love affair commence.




What's better to enjoy a lovely cup of tea with than a badass mug?  Exactly.  Lenny is the artist's studio cat...who is apparently as good at breaking ceramics as the artist is at making them.  I love this sense of humor.  It's obvious, it doesn't apologize for itself and it can't help but make you grin.




Did you say GIVEAWAY?!  Heck yes.  One very lucky Thrill of the Chaise reader will win a Lenny Mud mug of their choice! To enter, simply click here.  The giveaway starts today and runs until the end of the day on July 17th.  Open to U.S. residents only.




(All images c/o Lenny Mud)

Etsy Monday: BlushFashion.

'Casual' can be one of the toughest looks to pull off.  Generally, when I think I am being casual, I actually just look like I rolled out of bed.  Attempts to throw on a sparkly necklace or some red lipstick SOMETIMES pulls me up in the ranks but that isn't a definite fix.  So stumbling upon BlushFashion by the lovely Sheryll Raz Gold was a bit of a life line.  With a stunning talent in draping, Sheryll creates garments that are special looks for a night out but also staples for the fashionista's casual wardrobe.

1 2 3

'I do clothes I like to wear every day. Comfortable clothes that show comfort and feminine at the same time. I'm looking for soft touch breathable fabrics with a cozy transmit.'  Based in Tel Aviv, the beach city vibe is very clear.  Clothes are comfortable and easy but very cool.  And I'm more than a little obsessed with the color palette Sheryll uses...fun but not over the top.  And everything looks twice as gorgeous when it looks effortless.

Purple Plum Maxi Dress

Sexy Maxi Dress

Pleated Metallic Shirt

And you lucky ducky Thrill of the Chaise readers are getting 15% off your orders with the code 'LOVE15' at BlushFashion!  Check out the whole collection and fill your closet with stunning staples at BlushFashion on Etsy.  Don't forget...June really is Etsy month on the blog!  You have two more days to enter to win the beautiful orange ombre canvas tote from Cocosheaven here.  And you can get discounts and perks on some stunning artwork to celebrate my birthday month here!

Black Oversized Tunic

Emerald Ballerina Dress

White Sundress

(All images c/o BlushFashion.)

Celebrate My Birthday Month With Etsy Discounts!

It may not be Etsy Monday but there are some really lovely folks with some really lovely shops that wanted to help me celebrate my birthday month.  So for the month of June, you'll be able to get some excellent deals and treats from HHop and In The Early Hours! A great style and an unusual print always get me.  And when I first saw the work of Kathryn from HHop, I had both in plenty of measure.  You can see the influence of her home, Los Angeles, in her art.  Not only does the city feature quite literally in landscape and city scape, the very cool retro nature of the town is very present as well.  'I make loosey-goosey line drawings...and screenprint them by hand on recycled paper.'  You can peek at the behind the scenes process here:

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/63496889]

'My silkscreen prints illustrate the showtime industriousness; the herky-jerky traffic; the architectural mishmash climbing tangly, jungle-y hills; and the bright, fast-fading colors of this singular city.'  Can we discuss how much Kathryn's vernacular about her work makes me love it even more?!  Her words are silly and sweet and dynamic and fun.  Just like her art.  I want to hang out with her.  Especially in her kooky cool cartoon world.  Looks like such a fun place to be.  You can see all of Kathryn's work for sale on her Etsy shop, HHop.  BONUS:  For my birthday month of June, Thrill of the Chaise readers will get free shipping and a surprise mini-print with your order with the code 'THRILLOFTHECHAISE'!  I LOVE SURPRISES.

Retro Decor 'Curios' Print

Cameo Bell Jar (aka 'my favorite')

The artist at work.

Southern Gothic Cameos

More cool cameos.  (I am not sure which one is my favorite anymore!)

Retro Castles Library Pocket Art

A Melbourne-based graphic designer with a mild case of self-diagnosed insomnia, Alexandra created In The Early Hours to share the art she would make while the rest of the world was sleeping.  Her work looks like something from a dream world, where reality is morphed into something a bit more mystical.  Her work is soft and calming but always demands examination.  What you first see may not be what is actually there.  'I find myself up at all hours of the night and morning creating moments that, I hope) are calm, quirky and lovable.'

That Barrow Boy Print

Having been featured at the Tate Gallery in Sydney, her piece 'That Barrow Boy' is a finalist in the Yen Female Art Awards 2013 and will be shown at the Gaffa Gallery in Sydney from June 27 - July 8 2013.  I love the retro subjects of this work, especially against the very modern usage of blank space and sharp shapes.  And to be able to see into the mind of an artist, as Alex has allowed us to do, is beyond cool.  See all of Alex's work at her shop, In The Early Hours.

BONUS:  For the month of June, Thrill of the Chaise readers will get 15% off any orders with the code 'THRILL15'! Enjoy!

Mabel Print

Marha Print

The Dreamers Print

Charmer Print

Lily Lady Print

Trophy Wife Print

I want to extend a huge thanks for both Kathryn and Alexandra for giving Thrill of the Chaise readers such a treat and for creating such amazing artwork!  Such incredibly lovely people  :)  P.S. Don't forget to enter our Cocosheaven giveaway for your chance to win a beautiful orange ombre canvas tote bag...a winner will be chosen next Thursday!  Enter here.

(Images c/o HHop and In The Early Hours)

Etsy Monday: Cocosheaven. And GIVEAWAY.

As I'm writing this, it's pouring rain outside and everything seems a bit glum.  But then I visit the Etsy shop Cocosheaven, the feature of today's Etsy Monday post, and I immediately feel warm and sunshine-y.  What JK, the designer of Cocosheaven, seems to understand inherently is the beauty of simplicity.  The number of times I have approached some kind of fashion item I loved from a distance to say 'augh, why did they have to put all this stuff on it?!' outweighs the number I have not.  By 'stuff', I mean gems, tassles, logos, buckles, pockets, so on and so forth.  Sometimes you just don't want all the bells and whistles.  Phew, tangent over. 1

Canvas Weekender Bag

I'm saying I love what JK and Cocosheaven are bringing into the world.  And the goal is simplicity...simplicity to make sure the beauty of the product itself remains intact.  Simple doesn't mean a lack of uniqueness, though.  Which is the amazing thing about the work that JK does.  In it's delicate and clean nature, the totes and leather work are somehow unexpected and totally stand out.

Blue Ombre Tote Bag

Pink Ombre Pillow

Aqua Ombre Pillow

Selection of Ombre Totes

Generally, I try to choose my favorite items from featured Etsy shops to give a taste of their style but also edit a bit to showcase my own tastes.  But the truth is, I can't pick favorites at Cocosheaven because they are all my favorites.  The leather luggage tags are personal, an amazing gift for a traveler (wink wink) and make being practical super fashionable.  The ombre tote bags are GORGEOUS and I want one in every color.  Those are the kinds of bags that are so universal when it comes to form, function and fashion.  Not to mention, what a fab conversation starter...because I assure you, it will grab attention when you're out and about with it.  And whaaaaaaat?!  Ombre pillow covers?!  For someone who is looking at apartments right now and dreaming about decorating, these pillows are just perfect.  They make a beautiful statement but don't steal the show.  Gimme.

XL Orange Ombre Tote Bag

ARE YOU READY FOR THIS GIVEAWAY?!  One very lucky Thrill of the Chaise reader will win this XL Orange Ombre Canvas Tote with beautiful leather straps, which was featured on the Etsy homepage!  Oh heck yes.  To enter, all you have to do is click here before the clock strikes midnight on Wednesday, June 19th and follow a couple very easy steps.  The contest is open internationally and you have to agree to let me borrow the bag sometimes (I'm kidding...about the sharing bit, the rest is true).

(All images c/o Cocosheaven)

Etsy Monday: Linmade.

When leather is done well, it is one of my favorite things.  It could have something to do with the brilliant education I have gotten while doing some work with the Edelman Leather team (seriously, check out their Instagram...it will change your world when it comes to interior design).  But working with leather really is a stunning craft and I have so much respect for those who get it right.  And Linmade on Etsy is getting it SO right.



It may be summertime and some of us are suffering in sweltering weather but THANK YOU, FASHION INDUSTRY for making leather a year-round item.  Change the color, the texture, the usage and it's onnnnn.  Miss Lina, who creates the gorgeous items you're obviously drooling over while looking at this post, has a formal education in architecture and it shows.  She fused her skills in construction with love of fabrics and leather (thanks to her textile designer mother) to begin creating her line of bags and clutches.  'I took 1.5 years searching and learning everything I could about leather, the different grades, the sources, the coloring process. I practically would sit in one's leather shop for hours and ask everything I could about leather.'

'I like to look at things graphically. I am very much inspired by graphic bold colors, simple forms, clean lines and different play of textures. I constantly aspire to create a playful basic piece. In a way, I want my bag to feel like a drink in your hand - a bag that doesn't take itself too seriously and adds a bit of fun to your outfit - that one shocking color that pops out of the whole outfit.'  I'm on board.  I want all of them.  Lina features a rainbow of striking and unexpected colors, as well as a range of textures that are all so unusual, you can't help but be taken by all of them.




And you lucky Thrill of the Chaise readers are in for a real treat!  Linmade is offering a 15% discount on any purchase if you use the code: THRILLOFTHECHAISE when you check-out.  So go and buy, readers!  This is the part where I remind you that my 30th birthday is on June 28th.  Ya know, just because.


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(All images c/o Linmade)