Rad Picks at Reformation.

I recently came across a dress on the world wide web that I fell in love with...come to find out it was from Reformation...and also come to find out it no longer exists on the site.  BOLLOCKS.  But, regardless, the more I explored the site (admittedly for the first time in quite a while, especially with a couple impending summer weddings in which I would delight in a new frock or two), the more a bigger problem reared its face. 3



I want to try everything on.  I want to buy everything.  I want to have costume changes at said love fests.






Suggestions welcome.


(All images c/o Reformation)

Etsy Monday: BlushFashion.

'Casual' can be one of the toughest looks to pull off.  Generally, when I think I am being casual, I actually just look like I rolled out of bed.  Attempts to throw on a sparkly necklace or some red lipstick SOMETIMES pulls me up in the ranks but that isn't a definite fix.  So stumbling upon BlushFashion by the lovely Sheryll Raz Gold was a bit of a life line.  With a stunning talent in draping, Sheryll creates garments that are special looks for a night out but also staples for the fashionista's casual wardrobe.

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'I do clothes I like to wear every day. Comfortable clothes that show comfort and feminine at the same time. I'm looking for soft touch breathable fabrics with a cozy transmit.'  Based in Tel Aviv, the beach city vibe is very clear.  Clothes are comfortable and easy but very cool.  And I'm more than a little obsessed with the color palette Sheryll uses...fun but not over the top.  And everything looks twice as gorgeous when it looks effortless.

Purple Plum Maxi Dress

Sexy Maxi Dress

Pleated Metallic Shirt

And you lucky ducky Thrill of the Chaise readers are getting 15% off your orders with the code 'LOVE15' at BlushFashion!  Check out the whole collection and fill your closet with stunning staples at BlushFashion on Etsy.  Don't forget...June really is Etsy month on the blog!  You have two more days to enter to win the beautiful orange ombre canvas tote from Cocosheaven here.  And you can get discounts and perks on some stunning artwork to celebrate my birthday month here!

Black Oversized Tunic

Emerald Ballerina Dress

White Sundress

(All images c/o BlushFashion.)

Stone Cold Fox.

As soon as I saw Stone Cold Fox, I knew I was in love.  All the looks are so easy and ridiculously cool.  The patterns and silhouettes turn otherwise basic looks into extraordinary garments...and I could make my holiday wish list almost entirely from the site.  In fact, I probably will.  Here are some of my favorites:

And if you're looking for more awesomeness from Stone Cold Fox, check out the Tumblr from owner Cydney Morris.  Badass.

(All images c/o Stone Cold Fox)

Luisa Beccaria Spring 2013: The Cool Girl From Ipanema.

If you're looking for a Spring 2013 show that chose a theme and then stuck to it come hell or high water, look no further than Luisa Beccaria.  Including a model that walked the catwalk holding a massive basket of flowers on her head, this show stood its ground.  It was a beautiful sweet sexiness that you come to love and expect from the Italians.




Parts of it seemed costume-y and there weren't any surprises as the show went on...you understood what the designer wanted to portray and that was that.  But none of this overshadowed the fact that this was a genuinely beautiful show.  Well, except that there also wasn't a huge amount of variation in looks...maxi dress after maxi skirt after maxi dress.  As a major supporter and promoter of the 'maxi' revolution, shapes didn't change much and I just kept thinking that all these massive silhouettes would swallow me alive.  I know it isn't all about me but it kinda is at the same time.  This is fashion after all!  :)





The beauty and styling kinda stole the show for me...as much as they could when I really did fall in love with some of the dresses.  The bright head wraps seemed silly at first look but actually ended up being quite perfect.  The simple make-up and straight hair evoked an effortless girlish charm that we all put a lot of effort into trying to recreate.  Bright pink lip, bronzed cheeks...all in all, a good pout and cheekbones.  In a sea of shows dedicated to black and white, as well as the return of the goth for springtime, the steadfast use of nothing but pink, blue and white was not revolutionary but refreshing.  A reminder of what season we were looking at.







(All images c/o Style.com)

BCBG Max Azria Spring 2013: Harnessed In.

Most of my favorite looks are the ones that escaped the harness.  It can look like a bit of an afterthought and probably has a lot of buyers begging the question 'it can be removed, right?'

I've been pretty impressed with BCBG in the last few seasons.  The label has really come into its own with a more grown-up and fashion forward style.  HOWEVER, are the harnesses a bit 'try too hard'?  Every review I read references freaking '50 Shades of Grey' and that alone makes me annoyed...but I also love all the dresses.  Someone once said take one accessory off before leaving the house and in all cases of this show, it's the leather harness.  Typical.

Tadashi Shoji Spring 2013: When Lace Attacks.

So. Much. Lace.  I don't want to say anything negative about Tadashi because he seems like a really lovely fellow but the amount of lace used in his Spring 2013 collection made points of the show seem ever so 'mother of the bride'.  (Sorry to mothers of brides out there, you're beautiful but we all know what this saying means and we all know why.)  THAT BEING SAID.  There are some silhouettes and creative usage of lace within design that I adore in this show.  I mean, flat-out want/need/have to have in my closet even if I have nowhere to go and all I do is look at it or maybe watch tv in it when I'm the only one home.

The theme relied heavily on West to East and back again as influence and that really was apparent and, at times, inspiring.  The colors used were amazing and a great relief from the gorgeous (but expected) pastels that the Spring shows always bring with them.  This is evening wear to the maxx so someone please invite me somewhere fancy as soon as possible.  Thank you.  (Admittedly, the images I chose for this post are just looks that caught my eye and almost definitely an unfair representation of the entire show.  If you want to check out all the looks for yourself, click here.)

Take Me To Three Floor.

The first time I came across Three Floor was a couple of months ago, when one of my favorite bloggers, Sincerely Jules, featured the most delightful yellow dress that I immediately started having fashion panic attacks over.  In no current universe could I ever think about being able to effectively wear bright yellow and a very low frill on a dress without looking like an actual lemon.  But this dress made me think that maybe it was worth it. In the end, I didn't invest in the dress but I did discover the label, Three Floor, was not only affordable but packed full of adorably quirky designs that made me squeal with delight.  Their looks are youthfully ladylike and their usage of not just color but huge attention to exciting and unexpected details makes them incredibly unique.  And with no offense intended for the rest of the world, that can sometimes be where new (and affordable) labels otherwise fall flat.

Here are some of my fav looks from the current collection online:

And great news, ladies and nerds, Three Floor can now be found on everyone's favorite and most dangerous e-commerce site, Shopbop :)

Gone a bit Gatsby.

It has been no secret that one of the major trends we have seen for the upcoming S/S season is a throwback to the romance of the Gatsby era.  Which is impeccable timing for the remake of Gatsby currently filming, but less so for me.  I am currently looking out the window at the first major snowfall of the winter (that freak storm in October doesn't count) and even I, notorious for not knowing how to appropriately dress for weather conditions, know that I have to wait to properly embrace this look. Here are some of my favorite looks from the runways...

I think it's pretty plain to see that I am a huge fan of dresses.  Here are some slightly more wallet-friendly options that can be worn on the day-to-day...

I have a good feeling that as we start to properly move into the season and the weather begins to turn, we are going to see quite a few gorgeous party dresses hit the racks.  I will be dusting off a flapper-style dress that I bought from the first Kate Moss for Topshop collection, fo sho.  What I'm saying is...I'm going to be buying some pretty ridiculous dresses come springtime so I am expecting some party invites  :)

Nina Ricci Pre-Fall 2012 is positively perfect.

It's crazy.  I like to pretend I am a French girl sometimes and this collection would do the trick in a heartbeat.  There is something so vintage quirky and traditional ladylike to every outfit, updated with incredible colors like bright pink, hunter green and very delicate blushes.  And there is leopard print snuck in.  I will NEVER argue with a bit of leopard print.