Hippie Hippie Shake. And Other ASOS Surprises.

I make no secret about being increasingly impressed with ASOS (read here).  They are really stepping up to the fashion plate and dishing out goods that seem increasingly high fashion without a major price tag change.  HOORAY.  I felt compelled to share again when I saw a couple of my favorite blogs featuring a pair of shoes that we are all rather obsessed with, coupled with being super surprised they are from ASOS!  I introduce to you Hippie Hippie Shake which are also yippee yippee on sale:

And none of us can expect me to look at one pair of shoes and not get caught up spending a huge amount of time browsing what else ASOS has got going on in the foot decor department.  You're welcome.

Bonus: None of these shoes will cost you over $100.  Get shoppin'.

(All images from ASOS.)