Fashion Art Lesson.

I saw this picture and loved it.  It's such an amazing idea for anyone with a budget that wants some cool fashionista art on the wall.  Or if you could find some great vintage shopping bags, just cool art full stop.

Though I suppose I do understand there is that other slight issue of needing to buy something in order to get one of these amazing bags.  Maybe asking really sweetly and saying it's for a project would work?  Let's see how much this Parsons student ID will get me  :)

Another great idea, one which I am stealing directly from my mother but kinda giving her credit by saying that, is to frame amazing advertising campaigns.  One that I used in my apartment in London was Manolo Blahnik who is almost just as known for his kooky illustrations of his shoes as he is for the footwear themselves.  (He actually has a new campaign out now so a fun way to update your collection!)

One more suggestion...find some old magazines (at your library, at a flea market, online) and go through to see if you can find any cool old advertisements.  I had a great one from Tiffany's from the 60s on my wall when I studied abroad and regret not taking better care of it.  Quick, gorgeous, one of a kind(ish) art!