Fornasetti Architettura Candles. Expensively Obsessed.

I am the kind of person that really wants to be into candles.  Like 'oh, that Kate always has the most beautiful candles, her place always smells like expensive taste'.  That's what I want.  Except, like with most things that I decide would be fun to be really into, I tend to completely forget that I want to be into these things until I see it in all its beauty somewhere like Pinterest.  Which is exactly what happened with my candle situation.


I saw this collection of Fornasetti Architettura candles and complimented them on their beauty out loud while looking at them on a screen.  'You're pretty'.  Their response was to direct me to the Barney's website and say 'well, crap, you're expensive'.  But it doesn't matter.  Doesn't make me love them any less.  May put a damper on collecting all six of these bad boys but I can appreciate from a distance.  I don't even know which one I like the most.  Owls? Smoochers? Moon?


Are you a candle person?  Can you teach me the ways?  I think I may be serious about it this time...maybe.

(All images c/o Barney's)

Old Obsession Made New Again: Shanna Murray Decals.

I wrote about Shanna Murray and her beautiful decals ages ago (read it here).  With wall decals being one of the coolest things in interior decor, it can sometimes start to feel like you are seeing the same things over and over again.  But Shanna Murray creates decals that look almost they were a beautiful, natural after thought, in a way.  The imperfections of the decals make them perfect.  So I wanted to share some more of her creations because they are just beyond lovely.


i love you


welcome home

(All images c/o Shanna Murray)