Hello, Spring. Fancy A Parade?

A few weeks ago, we celebrated the official start of Spring.  It hasn't been until the last couple of days that we have really started to feel it, though.  As if overnight, suddenly the air has warmed up, the flowers are peeking out from the ground and the birdsongs have been delightfully relentless.  We have also been treated to a couple of thunderstorms which, by the way, I adore.

IMG_9550 IMG_9558 IMG_9566

I was in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico for the first day of Spring and if there is one thing this town is good at, it is making a celebration out of everything and anything.  So get ready for cute overload.  All the kids in town dress-up with all their classmates as signs of Spring (you'll see) and host a parade around the center of town.  I mean, come on.  (Tree dude below was seriously struggling to walk which double his cute factor, btw.)

IMG_9572 IMG_9583 IMG_9586 IMG_9591 IMG_9604

Icing on the cake? All these adorable little munchkins hold hands with each other.  Aughhhhhhh.  CUUUUUUTE.  For all the little ones who aren't old enough to participate in the parade itself, parents dress them up in their own little costumes (which involve some pretty serious onesies) to watch the parade they are all looking forward to actually being in one day.

IMG_9607 IMG_9612 IMG_9614

Happy Spring, everyone!

(All photos by Kanoe Wentworth)

The Wonderful World of Hollywood Costume.

Oh hello, I'm still in London.  Which means I had to make sure to head over to my favorite museum, the Victoria & Albert, for their new exhibition 'Hollywood Costume'.  WOWZA.  I have been to some pretty awesome shows at the V&A (Vivienne Westwood, Kylie Minogue and Anna Piaggi, just to name a few) and this one ranks in the very top of my list.

Walking in, you are presented with an entire wall lit up with clips of scenes from all of the feature films you will see throughout your lengthy stroll (it's a huge exhibit).  And it gives you goosebumps.  All these fascinating moments you saw on the silver screen are waiting for you in real-life right behind the wall of moving images.  It starts with Charlie Chaplin and the famous green velvet dress from Gone With the Wind.  A reproduction robe from The Big Lebowski gets and 'A' for effort but what's the point of a reproduction robe?!

I had a minor fan-girl moment when we reached the Addams Family, just past the Fight Club set-up.  And then again when we got to all the Marie-Antoinettes and Elizabeth I's that have ever made an impact in the world of film.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love the Cate Blanchett 'Elizabeth' film?  Well, I do.  LOVE IT.

As you move into the 'Second Act', there are the darker characters from the movies and even hologram-style interviews with directors and costume designers.  Tim Burton and his creations to Star Wars and a Robert DeNiro section.  It's fun but nearly impossible to not want to run through to the third and final 'act' where you know they are hiding the biggest gems.

Moulin Rouge, Breakfast at Tiffany's, one of Marilyn Monroe's dresses from 'Some Like It Hot', Jack Sparrow, Spiderman, Superman, Harry Potter, Legally Blonde, Austin Powers, The Blues Brothers.  It was so expertly curated and to see all these outfits that you expected to see without even knowing you were expecting them really made for some incredible moments.

And it is all rounded out with Dorothy's dress from The Wizard Of Oz and an original pair of her ruby slippers on loan from the Smithsonian.  And the famous white Marilyn Monroe dress from 'Seven Year Itch'.  Stunning. It's enough to make a girl giddy.

See more information about the exhibition here...and book your tickets in advance!  They are selling like hotcakes!

(All images c/o the V&A)

Hocus Pocus.

Aside from the Christmas holidays, because I get to do tequila shots with my family in front of a roaring fire (fact), Halloween is my absolute favorite. Maybe it is because it speaks to my darker side or that I secretly like the sense of fear and alchemy mixed with the cold weather and smell of autumn.  Or maybe it is just because I like anything costume-related and am happy to get weird with a caramel apple.

What I do know is that this year, despite not (yet) getting to any kind of haunted hayride/house/maze, I will be spending All Hollows' Eve with a 3-year-old dressed as Tinkerbell followed by one of my favorite gay men (potentially also dressed as Tinkerbell)...just as the Great Pumpkin intended.  And while I have done nothing by way of properly spooky plans, other than getting completely overwhelmed and then a little hyperactive at the Disney Store picking up costume accoutrements for the aforementioned Tinkerbell, I'm excited.

So it isn't that I have proper rituals to get myself in the Halloween spirit but there are certain things that really make me feel like I have properly rung in the holiday.  Mostly watching the feature film Hocus Pocus.  It is ridiculous and silly and one of the best things to happen to all of us ever.  There is Bette Midler, Salem and a zombie with a heart of gold.



I may be talking a lot about Halloween this week.  You've been warned.