Home for the Holidays

The winter holidays have always been a very special time for myself and my family.  Since I was a little one, this time of year has been really rich with some slightly non-traditional traditions.  From dinner at a local Italian restaurant on Christmas Eve to my brother and I hiding from our parents to open our stockings first thing on Christmas morning to some reasonably inappropriate secret Santa gifts around the table when the rest of the family arrives for dinner.

Over the last eight years or so especially, it is the one time of year that we know that my parents and brother and I will be together.  Last Christmas was a bit thrown up in the air as I got stranded in London due to bad weather (I was well looked after, worry not) but if it says anything about how much this one day a year means to my whole family, all 14 people held off any celebration until I arrived on December 26th.  Not only did the experience prove to me how much our silly traditions meant to me but also reminded me what the season was really about (thanks family!)

My childhood home is a stunning primitive Colonial house that has been another child in our family and has been looked after with great love over the years.  My parents have painstakingly made sure that everything in the house fits within the original look and feel with enough of a modern twist to make it lovely and cozy.  So much so that the house has now been in both a print publication and part of a book about old homes across America!

So it should be no secret that when the holidays come around, my momma takes decorating very seriously.  And she really outdid herself this year.  When you walk into the house, her attention to every detail in the house to let you know it's Christmas is amazing.  I wanted to share some pictures with you that showcase the house and maybe give some ideas about decorating too.  It stunning, clever and classic but quirky.  Happy holidays, indeed  :)