'Lend Me A Tenor': Super Cute Night Out in London

I am a total geek when it comes to musicals.  Seriously.  I can tell you all about the very first show I went to see on Broadway.  'Crazy For You'.  Gershwin.  Best song in it was 'Someone To Watch Over Me'.  Shubert Theatre.  I was hooked. So when my gorgeous flatmate offered me a couple tickets to go see a new musical in London, I nearly tackled him to the ground in love and appreciation  :)  'Lend Me A Tenor' is adorable and everything you want out of a classic musical.  Set in the 1930s; love triangles; tap dancing...but this show is updated for the audience it was written for, complete with cheeky innuendos, curse words and even a comedic sex scene.  SHOCK.  GASP.  It's fantastic.

The storyline starts a bit slow but is highly entertaining.  A famous Italian tenor comes to Cleveland, Ohio's opera house to perform in Othello and, as it would with an Italian lothario opera singer, it all goes wrong.  The official synopsis is as follows:

It’s 1934, and the world’s greatest tenor Tito Merelli has come to Cleveland, Ohio, to save its Grand Opera Company by singing Otello. When he is unexpectedly incapacitated, Max, the Opera Director’s meek assistant, is given the daunting task of finding a last-minute replacement. Chaos ensues – including a scheming soprano, a tenor-struck ingénue, a jealous wife and the Cleveland Police department.


The cast is incredible.  The voices are stunning and the dancing is highly entertaining (I know I am biased because I wish I was a tap dancer), and the acting is spot-on.  You really start rooting for different characters and fall in love with all of them.  That is the fun of a good musical.  And it's funny!  I mean, really funny!

So if you're in London and you find yourself looking for a show or just something to make an entertaining evening, grab yourself a ticket to 'Lend Me A Tenor'.  A great show and a good laugh.