Celebrate My Birthday Month With Etsy Discounts!

It may not be Etsy Monday but there are some really lovely folks with some really lovely shops that wanted to help me celebrate my birthday month.  So for the month of June, you'll be able to get some excellent deals and treats from HHop and In The Early Hours! A great style and an unusual print always get me.  And when I first saw the work of Kathryn from HHop, I had both in plenty of measure.  You can see the influence of her home, Los Angeles, in her art.  Not only does the city feature quite literally in landscape and city scape, the very cool retro nature of the town is very present as well.  'I make loosey-goosey line drawings...and screenprint them by hand on recycled paper.'  You can peek at the behind the scenes process here:

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/63496889]

'My silkscreen prints illustrate the showtime industriousness; the herky-jerky traffic; the architectural mishmash climbing tangly, jungle-y hills; and the bright, fast-fading colors of this singular city.'  Can we discuss how much Kathryn's vernacular about her work makes me love it even more?!  Her words are silly and sweet and dynamic and fun.  Just like her art.  I want to hang out with her.  Especially in her kooky cool cartoon world.  Looks like such a fun place to be.  You can see all of Kathryn's work for sale on her Etsy shop, HHop.  BONUS:  For my birthday month of June, Thrill of the Chaise readers will get free shipping and a surprise mini-print with your order with the code 'THRILLOFTHECHAISE'!  I LOVE SURPRISES.

Retro Decor 'Curios' Print

Cameo Bell Jar (aka 'my favorite')

The artist at work.

Southern Gothic Cameos

More cool cameos.  (I am not sure which one is my favorite anymore!)

Retro Castles Library Pocket Art

A Melbourne-based graphic designer with a mild case of self-diagnosed insomnia, Alexandra created In The Early Hours to share the art she would make while the rest of the world was sleeping.  Her work looks like something from a dream world, where reality is morphed into something a bit more mystical.  Her work is soft and calming but always demands examination.  What you first see may not be what is actually there.  'I find myself up at all hours of the night and morning creating moments that, I hope) are calm, quirky and lovable.'

That Barrow Boy Print

Having been featured at the Tate Gallery in Sydney, her piece 'That Barrow Boy' is a finalist in the Yen Female Art Awards 2013 and will be shown at the Gaffa Gallery in Sydney from June 27 - July 8 2013.  I love the retro subjects of this work, especially against the very modern usage of blank space and sharp shapes.  And to be able to see into the mind of an artist, as Alex has allowed us to do, is beyond cool.  See all of Alex's work at her shop, In The Early Hours.

BONUS:  For the month of June, Thrill of the Chaise readers will get 15% off any orders with the code 'THRILL15'! Enjoy!

Mabel Print

Marha Print

The Dreamers Print

Charmer Print

Lily Lady Print

Trophy Wife Print

I want to extend a huge thanks for both Kathryn and Alexandra for giving Thrill of the Chaise readers such a treat and for creating such amazing artwork!  Such incredibly lovely people  :)  P.S. Don't forget to enter our Cocosheaven giveaway for your chance to win a beautiful orange ombre canvas tote bag...a winner will be chosen next Thursday!  Enter here.

(Images c/o HHop and In The Early Hours)

Happy Birthday To Ya.

Thrill of the Chaise turns two today!  When I started writing, I really didn't know where it would take me or even how long I would really be able to keep it all up.  Over the last two years, Thrill of the Chaise has become a life-changing extension of myself.  The people I have met along the way, the opportunities it has brought me, the drive it has instilled in me (and you need it!) continues to deliver happiness and passion to me on a daily basis...so in my very first post (here) I guess I knew what I was doing even more than I thought.  If creating a place for inspiration and exploration was the goal, that's exactly what I got. Birthday

Thank you all for taking the time to read my words, for reaching out when you find something truly special and for making Thrill of the Chaise as special as it is to me.

(Image c/o Pinterest)

Birthday Wishlist.

There are a couple of things I should preface this post with: 1. It is still about 5 weeks until my birthday but I thought I might as well give a heads up to anyone keen on spoiling me for my birthday.  Thank you in advance.

2. I know this is an incredibly materialistic post and that is its only intention.  What I really want and hope for the coming year comes in the form of happiness and success and achieving the goals I've set out for myself.  This past year was spent making some massive life changes and preparing for the 'next big chapter'.  The biggest birthday wish I have is that it is as wonderful as I picture it being.


So here it is!  Drum roll please!  :)

And tickets to this show on Broadway paying tribute to one of the greatest films, in my opinion, ever made.


The truth is that this year is one of the first years of my adult life that I am very seriously looking forward to my birthday.  Usually I get a bit weird about throwing myself a party and though I am always so touched at the response of those who love me, it can get a bit stressful.  But thanks to my very lovely friends in London and impeccable timing on the part of the beautiful Saint Saviour, this year I get to celebrate my making it through another year by getting to be with the people I adore at an event for someone else.  Saint Saviour, who I have written about COUNTLESS times on the blog (here, here and here), will be hosting an intimate album launch gig on my 29th and I get to go see her work her magic while being able to hug my friends as much as I bloody well like.  What more could a girl want?  (Aside from gold ballet flats with mice faces on them.)

Thanks for stoppin' by. And other stories.

It is just a couple of weeks until Thrill of the Chaise can celebrate it's 6 month birthday and I just wanted to use the official 200th post to say thank you to everyone who has made and is making this a really enjoyable project for me.  It has been so rewarding to share my experiences and thoughts with all of you and I've even made some lovely friends in the meantime. It's quite hard to believe that it was six months ago that I wrote this post on my first day visiting San Francisco, having just quit my job and returned to the States from London for a two month break from life as I knew it.  In that time, I've been to lots of new places, lots of familiar places, celebrated and cried over an awful lot (respectively), helped get a friend engaged, married off another one, said goodbye to a lot of people I love and returned to many as well.  Someone said to me the other day that I am really treating my new experiences and life 'as a Neary' (that's my last name, just in case there might be any confusion).  And I take that as a real compliment.  I was raised to follow my heart, trust my gut and jump feet first when I (finally) make a decision.

So thank you.  I love you. (Don't let that weird you out.)

Happy birthday to me!

It's the big day!  The big day that comes every year  :)  I love being a summer baby because it feels like an extra bit of celebration with the season that goes hand in hand with the notion of relaxation and a bit of time off, which is coming true for me this year as a temporary 'lady of leisure'. So today, I plan to treat myself a little bit...which includes looking at pictures of pretty cakes:

And watch this video over and over again because it just keeps giving me the giggles:


Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

Nothing says 'welcome back to England' better than an impromptu tea party!  Great minds think alike when I arrived at my friend's flat the other night for a catch-up after being away for two months, with scones and clotted cream in my arms, to find this adorable set-up:

Yes, she even thought of decorating with confetti!  And how cute are the jewel-coloured dishes?!

It got me thinking about how badly I have always wanted to have an Alice in Wonderland-themed party (or wedding, should I ever find a man crazy enough to marry me and let me get away with a wedding based around a mad hatter's tea party)  :)

Birthday Wish List

The official countdown has begun for this Chicky Boom's birthday  :)  12 days and counting!  (June 28th, in case there is any confusion...)  And though I know that I am not really due any gifts, I wanted to make a wish list because it's still fun to dream:


Canon Rebel Digital Camera