Land's End Canvas Preview

I had the pleasure of being able to attend a preview for Land's End Canvas the other night in NYC and wanted to share some of the looks with you.  I didn't know much about the Canvas section of the Land's End brand but I love what they are going for.  Launched two years ago, Land's End Canvas offers a more fashion-forward product for men and women who already love the casual wear of Land's End itself. The preview was a preppy mix of Parisian classic style and summers spent on a New England beach, neither of which I can argue with and both of which I quite enjoy.  I have to admit that I was much more taken with the menswear (though there was a blue and white stripe maxi dress I found myself circling like a vulture), just because it's not particularly my style and I love a man who can embrace a bit of stylish preppiness.  One of my favorite places to be is on a beach at night when it's just cool enough that you need a cozy cardigan and that is where this collection made me want to transport myself to (Or Paris.  I'll always take Paris if it's on offer.)

It is quite likely that this was magnified as I had to dart from my Fashion History Fusion class to this event (we studied the parallels between art and fashion and society) but I was really taken aback by the artwork being displayed at the event, so I wanted to share that with you as well.

The top image with the set of three paintings are all by Daniel Fishel who has some amazing prints for sale on his website (check out 'Winners + Losers' and then buy it for me).  The bottom two images are by Keith Negley and I just loved the colors used and the bit of dark whimsy.  Enjoy!