French Film & Godard. (Project #2)

It's official.  I am done with mid terms.  I finally gave my last presentation and it was one that I put a lot effort and myself into so I am glad it went as well as it did.  I asked a little while back what everyone looks to for inspiration (here) and it was the beginning of my work on this project. For my Fashion History Fusion class, we were asked to choose a source of inspiration (fashion designers and brands were off-limits), create four looks for a collection (I created five, lay off) and create presentation boards by hand to show the looks to the class.  I chose French films from the 19 focusing on the New Wave movement and Jean-Luc Godard.  I singled out three separate Godard films from the 60s and created outfits and faux movie posters for each.

If you aren't familiar (and I wasn't entirely when I started this project), the New Wave movement in French cinema was when the younger generation of filmmakers wanted to move against what they felt was an industry of focus on craft as opposed to innovation and brought together the ideas of Italian Neorealism (stories of the working man and the poor) and the fundamentals of classic Hollywood film.  Well aren't those a bunch of big words...

So please see below my posters and clothing designs for and inspired by the films Une Femme Est Une Femme, Alphaville and Contempt.  If you haven't seen them, please do.  Une Femme is a comedic love triangle, Alphaville is a dark Sci-Fi flick and Contempt is a Brigitte Bardot-featured story about love, hate and being in the movies.

Forcing Inspiration.

As any of my Parsons massive can attest to, we are being pushed (happily) on a daily basis to get inspired and get creative.  It's great fun.  But it is also surprisingly challenging.  We all seem to be burning out a little bit in the creativity part of our brains just because we've been working overtime on it.  We all joke that saying 'fashion school is hard' is a bit ridiculous and wonder what the tech school students who are stuck riding the elevator with us think when they are pushed up against all of us while we bang on about things like the properties of various textiles and asking what everyone thought of the most recent fashion show posted online. Admittedly, I think some of what I hear is pretty ridiculous but most of us know it and that is the fun of it all.  I mean, you can't help but smile when you hear a serious conversation about how big the knit should be if you're making a bell sleeve.  And fashion school IS hard.  My brain has to go from remembering that cotton gets about 20% stronger when wet, identifying a knit from a weave, knowing purple is a complimentary color to yellow, that YSL was the first to mix warm and cool color palettes (and that he stole Karl Lagerfeld's boyfriend back in the day, DRAMA), that fashion first came to fruition in the late Gothic period, how to create a plaid in Photoshop, basically everything about international marketing and how to create a tech pack for garment production.  Among other things.  These are just some highlights.  I love it all but that means I want to spend ages on everything, perfecting and exploring.  I have no such luxury, however, and am currently avoiding studying for my second Textile Survey mid-term (seriously, why two?!) as I write this.

Aaaaaand refocus.

Where I am trying to get to is that I have two weeks to choose a source of inspiration, present it to my class to get THEM inspired, create a four look collection based on my source and write a paper on the whole process of thought.  And this excites me to no end.  But I am too creatively fried to even come up with a decent Halloween costume (ideas?) so how am I meant to choose one thing that truly inspires me and get other people pumped about it as well?  Well, it doesn't matter.  Cause I have to so I best get on with it.

Here are my thoughts so far...let me know what you think (as I only THINK I know what I think) and let me know what inspires you!  It's actually a really great excercise in stopping and thinking about what makes you tick and what brings you genuine enjoyment.





Failing all of these, I may just hand this in and call it a day.

Wedding Outfit: The Result

On Friday, I had the honour of being a part of my darling friend Anthony's big day when he married his gorgeous other half, Hollie.  I just wanted to share a couple of pictures from the day and thank everyone for helping me decide what to wear on this very memorable day.

A huge congrats to Anthony & Hollie who gave us an unforgettable day and evening!

Opinions please! Wedding Guest Outfit Emergency

Emergency is an overstatement.  But I would like your thoughts! One of my very dear friends is marrying a sweetheart of a girl on Friday and I am over the moon.  I was lucky enough to be there with the groom and help him buy the engagement ring, which was really one of the most wonderful things I have ever gotten to do with a friend.  (He picked very well!)  And now the big day is here...

I have the dress.  A gorgeous kimono maxi dress from Nicole Richie's Winter Kate collection in lovely purples, blues and greys (see below) and some lovely grey suede peep toe booties with ruffles down the front.  But I need help on hair, make-up and accessories.  So please see the picture of the dress below and then let me know your thoughts on the other options as follows...have a better idea, I'd love to hear it!

Now for hair...I know the easy option is to wear my now shoulder-length hair down, maybe tousle it a bit, and see if I can get my fringe to behave.  But thoughts on all the styles below is appreciated!

Make-up...this is an afternoon ceremony and evening reception.  I tend to be really drawn to the 1960s clean face and thick liner and wouldn't at all argue with that...

Accessories.  Or mostly do I wear my fascinator (guess it depends on the hairstyle?)