Wrap It Up.

Though here on the East Coast, we may be getting treated to some very bizarre, Spring-like weather, we all know it will come to a crashing halt soon and those of us who don't know how to dress for the cold weather anyway will be left even more confused.  While I may be the queen of inappropriate footwear and even tend to miss the boat completely when it comes to coats that effectively keep me warm (I just can't figure this stuff out), what I am very good at is scarves.  And there are some real humdingers out at the moment... Chan Luu Ombré Cashmere Scarf

Ann Taylor

MM6 Maison Martin Margiela Chunky Scarf

ASOS Faux Fur Patchwork Lapel

Zara Checked Degrade Scarf

Anthropologie Ascot Bow Scarf

Stay warm.  Stay classy.  Stay sassy.

Velvet Goldmine.

In the past few weeks, I've gotten well and truly into the notion of dressing for the colder weather.  Someone quite kindly told me they liked the 'goth' look I was going for and my mother less tenderly has referred to me as Morticia (though I do love the association) and I wear these badges proudly.  In dressing a bit darker, one of the most important things to pay attention to is texture.  Deep, luxurious colors deserve deep, luxurious fabrics and I have to admit that I am on a velvet kick at the moment.

And while I have yet to really pin down the perfect velvet jacket/kimono type situation, where I seem to be getting real excited is SHOES.  Mmhmm, that's right.  Understanding they may not be super practical due to generally adverse weather conditions in the fall/winter...who am I kidding?  I've never done 'practical' when it comes to shoes and I have no intention of starting anytime soon.

And then I came across these bad boys...which are not velvet at all but somehow felt at home with the rest of my little collection.  Vera Wang Lavender.  Shut up and move in with me.  I promise to cherish you and love you to the point of smothering.

Hippie Hippie Shake. And Other ASOS Surprises.

I make no secret about being increasingly impressed with ASOS (read here).  They are really stepping up to the fashion plate and dishing out goods that seem increasingly high fashion without a major price tag change.  HOORAY.  I felt compelled to share again when I saw a couple of my favorite blogs featuring a pair of shoes that we are all rather obsessed with, coupled with being super surprised they are from ASOS!  I introduce to you Hippie Hippie Shake which are also yippee yippee on sale:

And none of us can expect me to look at one pair of shoes and not get caught up spending a huge amount of time browsing what else ASOS has got going on in the foot decor department.  You're welcome.

Bonus: None of these shoes will cost you over $100.  Get shoppin'.

(All images from ASOS.)

Getting Grown-Up For Autumn.

Last week, all I could think about were summer fashions.  The sales have been in full-swing in Paris and it is impossible to not want everything.  In the last few days, however, something has happened.  The size of the sale areas in the boutiques have shrunk and autumn looks are finding their way into the windows and racks of these same shops.  And I'm excited.  Seriously excited. I thought maybe it was just the French sensibility...it takes very little effort to realize that the French take style very seriously.  You'll be hard pressed to find a Forever 21 but there seems to be a Sandro or The Kooples around ever corner.  A couple hundred for a top seems quite standard over in these parts but there seems to be reason for it.  Close attention is paid to tailoring and to materials used for all the garments making it seem like less of a stretch between high street and runway.

With the release of lookbooks for both Topshop and ASOS, I am quite excited to see that maybe our American (yes, I know they are both British brands, you get my point) affordable retailers are getting on-board with what it really means to be fashionable.  Everyone is growing up and maybe that means I need to as well?



Gone a bit Gatsby.

It has been no secret that one of the major trends we have seen for the upcoming S/S season is a throwback to the romance of the Gatsby era.  Which is impeccable timing for the remake of Gatsby currently filming, but less so for me.  I am currently looking out the window at the first major snowfall of the winter (that freak storm in October doesn't count) and even I, notorious for not knowing how to appropriately dress for weather conditions, know that I have to wait to properly embrace this look. Here are some of my favorite looks from the runways...

I think it's pretty plain to see that I am a huge fan of dresses.  Here are some slightly more wallet-friendly options that can be worn on the day-to-day...

I have a good feeling that as we start to properly move into the season and the weather begins to turn, we are going to see quite a few gorgeous party dresses hit the racks.  I will be dusting off a flapper-style dress that I bought from the first Kate Moss for Topshop collection, fo sho.  What I'm saying is...I'm going to be buying some pretty ridiculous dresses come springtime so I am expecting some party invites  :)

Prints Charming.

With Chanel setting a pretty strong tone at the start (I freaked out about it here), it has to be said that designers have really brought their 'A' games to Pre-Fall 2012. Two collections that I have previously never spent much time thinking about, Just Cavalli and Matthew Williamson, both really took me by surprise.  Both known for using prints, I always have it in my head, potentially for good reason, that they always go a bit too far and make very expensive clothes look very cheap.  But I am happy to report that, for now at least, I am eating my words.  I am kinda loving what both design houses delivered.



Here are some ways to work it into your wardrobe...

Miu Miu for me me :)

I really love the current 1940s Miu Miu collection.  If I could afford it, I would be rockin' it pretty hard.  But student loans do not a rich girl make so I was pretty overjoyed when I saw a VERY Miu Miu-esque ensemble on ASOS today.  Oh boy oh boy! May I present to you the Miu Miu version:

And the more affordable ASOS Collection version:

To the Max(i) Skirt

I know that the maxi skirt is one of those trends that has been around a while now but I am totally into it and not letting go.  There is something that can be so effortlessly glamorous about a maxi skirt and there are so many different ways to style an outfit around it.  The lazy girl's wardrobe staple  :) So I had to, just HAD to, share this find with you all.  The purple skirt...with the tailored bow...oh my word, I love it.  But I'm afraid at my height, it would be a tough one to pull off, so I am begging one of you to buy it and have a wonderful life with this skirt.

This skirt is also quite lovely (though not really crazy about the styling of this outfit, sorry ASOS).  And, to be honest, sometimes you need a fancy skirt in your closet to make sure you don't just start wearing maxis and making them your truly lazy wardrobe.  It's brocade so check it out close up, stunning.

And while we're at it...there's this mouse...

And this mouse wears a bow in her hair and a pretty adorable skirt and has a totally cute boyfriend. That's right, Minnie Mouse and Mawi (one of my favs as you probably all know) have teamed up for a collection that is another acceptable way of not letting go of your childhood loves as an adult  :)

Just out of curiosity, did anyone else get up to watch this just to check out the hilarity that is Disney characters doing aerobics?  Because I totally did.