Fashion Pumpkins :)

So I have to admit this is the second post in as many days that has come from a write-up on Refinery 29 but this week I am doing a lot more reading than I am exploring.  I have finished my textiles exam, still have my marketing exam and have two huge projects due first thing next week.  The projects are pretty cool, though, so I'll be sharing them as soon as they are ready  :) In the meantime, however, how great is this?!  A pumpkin design contest at the Refinery 29 offices prompted some excellent entries.  Check them all out here but below are some of my favs!  What would you do (or have you done) to a pumpkin to decorate for this Halloween?


It needs no introduction nor explanation.  Just enjoy.

(P.S. Ok, I do need to note that my batty Fashion History teacher says every class that Karl Lagerfeld will outlive us all.  And when we laugh, she gets really stern and yells 'I'm serious!' and I feel like she might actually be right.)