Forcing Inspiration.

As any of my Parsons massive can attest to, we are being pushed (happily) on a daily basis to get inspired and get creative.  It's great fun.  But it is also surprisingly challenging.  We all seem to be burning out a little bit in the creativity part of our brains just because we've been working overtime on it.  We all joke that saying 'fashion school is hard' is a bit ridiculous and wonder what the tech school students who are stuck riding the elevator with us think when they are pushed up against all of us while we bang on about things like the properties of various textiles and asking what everyone thought of the most recent fashion show posted online. Admittedly, I think some of what I hear is pretty ridiculous but most of us know it and that is the fun of it all.  I mean, you can't help but smile when you hear a serious conversation about how big the knit should be if you're making a bell sleeve.  And fashion school IS hard.  My brain has to go from remembering that cotton gets about 20% stronger when wet, identifying a knit from a weave, knowing purple is a complimentary color to yellow, that YSL was the first to mix warm and cool color palettes (and that he stole Karl Lagerfeld's boyfriend back in the day, DRAMA), that fashion first came to fruition in the late Gothic period, how to create a plaid in Photoshop, basically everything about international marketing and how to create a tech pack for garment production.  Among other things.  These are just some highlights.  I love it all but that means I want to spend ages on everything, perfecting and exploring.  I have no such luxury, however, and am currently avoiding studying for my second Textile Survey mid-term (seriously, why two?!) as I write this.

Aaaaaand refocus.

Where I am trying to get to is that I have two weeks to choose a source of inspiration, present it to my class to get THEM inspired, create a four look collection based on my source and write a paper on the whole process of thought.  And this excites me to no end.  But I am too creatively fried to even come up with a decent Halloween costume (ideas?) so how am I meant to choose one thing that truly inspires me and get other people pumped about it as well?  Well, it doesn't matter.  Cause I have to so I best get on with it.

Here are my thoughts so far...let me know what you think (as I only THINK I know what I think) and let me know what inspires you!  It's actually a really great excercise in stopping and thinking about what makes you tick and what brings you genuine enjoyment.





Failing all of these, I may just hand this in and call it a day.

Anna Karina. Anna Katherine. Same diff.

I was introduced to Anna Karina when I was shown the made for TV 1967 film 'Anna', also starring Serge Gainsbourg and Marianne Faithful.  I quickly became obsessed with the film itself, but also with its stunning female lead who I found myself immediately trying to emulate through hair, make-up and fashion. (Insert fringe/bangs and black eyeliner.)

Anna was made famous by director Jean-Luc Godard, to whom she was married for 6 years, by starring in some of his greatest films, including Breathless, Alphaville, Made in U.S.A. and A Woman is a Woman.  She's on her fifth husband and, if I am being honest, she hasn't aged all that well, but I am happy residing in the past and being completely fascinated by this darling of 1960's French cinema.  See the clips below from 'Anna':



*  To avoid confusion for anyone who does not know me name is Anna Katherine  :)