Funny Little Easter Bunny.

Easter has never been a massive holiday for my family but it has always been an adorable one.  When I was a kid, my parents would hide our always glorious Easter baskets and, while hunting, we were greeted by beautiful foil-wrapped mini chocolate eggs and carefully placed jelly beans all around the house up for grabs.  My surrogate grandparents a few houses down would wake up early and decorate a small tree along the walkway to our front door with bright eggs before we had risen, so we would think the Easter Bunny had been extra nice to us.  And when we had finished our treasure hunt around the house, they would show up like clockwork at our front door with warm cinnamon buns fresh out of the oven, letting my brother and I tell them how cool it was that the Easter Bunny had made such a big visit to our home. 1

That being said, my mom has, in the last couple years that I have been back in the States for Easter, hidden my Easter basket.  Last year, she REALLY got me.  The entire hunt seriously stressed me out.  In thinking she would be harder on me as an adult when it came to a good hiding place, I was obviously reading too much into it.  (It was next to the TV.)

There's something so delightful about Easter.  Yes, I know it's a celebration beyond a terrifying woodland creature hiding chocolate around the house.  But there are so many cute ways to welcome the springtime for this holiday and I wanted to share some of my favorites this year.

Though I won't be decorating any Easter eggs this year, it doesn't mean I wouldn't be totally happy to do so.  (Don't think it hasn't been brought up in my apartment.  There was a look of exasperation mixed with patience when I was distracted to the point of almost drooling over a metallic egg kit.)


Check out this super sweet tutorial on how to make these golden confetti dipped eggs from Studio DIY.  They are the perfect blend of my stylish maturity and my childish obsession of all things sparkly.

washi tape

These cutie pie bastards are the brain child of Miss Renaissance who appears to also share an affinity for a bit of gold leaf (and the introduction of some baller Washi tape).  Check out how to create these beauties here.


Oh Happy Day decided to speak directly to my obsessive compulsive crafty side with these place cards.  There is glitter.  There is chocolate.  There are freaking lovely colors.  Find out how she made them here.


Rounding out this series of Cutie McCuteness is Heart Made UK with these sweetie pie center pieces.  Augh, I want them to exist forever.  All over my house.  Sort it out, Easter Bunny.  (See the tutorial for these bad boys here.)

Now I have to figure out what I'm making for dessert for Easter Sunday.  And emotionally prepare myself to dive face first into a chocolate bunny/Peeps situation.

Sweet Dreams.

The Internet is an amazing place.  Couple that with cool, creative people creating cool, creative ideas to use said amazing Internet and all kinds of baller things start happening.  One of my favorites is Dreame, a place where social media, art and your crazy ass dreams come together.  You tell an artist about a dream of yours and they make it come to life.  What?!  I know.  Baller. Egle Kazdailyte

Krusty Wheatfield

Here's how this awesome-sauce place works:

- Choose an artist you like.  You can browse their profiles and some of their work to check out their aesthetic, which is cool in itself.  Getting to see how different some people see the world is pretty incredible.

- Choose your package.  Do you have a dream already that you'd like to have created?  Do you want to buy a voucher for when you have a dream that you deem worthy of being turned into art?  Or do you want to buy a gift for a friend so they can have their dream come to life?

- Explain the dream you want turned into art.  You can tell the whole story, making sure to tell the artist about the characters in the dream, your feelings, the location(s), the atmosphere and the time it took place.  Give as much detail as you can and make sure you note the ones that are important to you.  If you want to try to sketch out the dream yourself to give something of an idea to artist, there is a place to upload that, too.

- Hit send.

Michael Leung

Munkyeong Kim

Natasha Kotsovska

For about $10 each, the artist will take the time to turn your dream into a piece of art.  This could be just a sweet little keepsake, or you could choose to have it made into a 19.5" x 27.5" poster for $30.  Soooooo basically the coolest thing ever.

Nathan Gotlib

Rachel Bennett

I want to try it desperately but the dreams I do have tend to be pretty weird and nothing I am super keen to see interpreted into art.  Working on it though.  COME ON, BRAIN, MAKE SOME MAGIC.


(All images c/o Dreame)

A Tree Just Wants To Be A Tree.

I love the look of wood furniture that keeps the natural shape of the material.  This is a reasonably recent revelation and who knows where it came from.  Maybe it comes with a little bit more maturity and appreciating character in larger doses.  Or maybe I've just been hanging out with woodworkers and such on a more regular basis who have taught me to appreciate the craft.  OR MAYBE IT JUST LOOKS COOL.  (I was serious about the woodworker thing...check out the amazing video for my darling Johnny's shop below.) [vimeo 83286331 w=500 h=281]

I have been coveting a tree stump side table or two since I moved into my apartment about 7 months ago.  A bit of a juxtaposition against the quite lovely but character-deprived building in which I live.  Somewhere between not wanting to pay a ton of money for a literal tree stump someone else was calling a table on my behalf and coming up short with Google searches of 'where do I buy a tree stump', the search lost steam.

1 2 3

And then this happened on A Beautiful Mess and be still my heart.  They took something I loved and put studs on it and now what the hell am I meant to do?!  Let it be known that the last time I decided on a DIY project for my place, it was a project from A Beautiful Mess and it took ages but looks awesome.

Back to that freakin' Google search then...

(Images c/o A Beautiful Mess)

I Know I Am Late To The Game.

So I saw this photo series of puppy and baby, Theo and Beau. weeks upon weeks ago and my heart basically exploded.  I stumbled across it again recently and, DAMMIT, it had to be shared.  And a cold January Monday seems like the perfect time.  Even if you've seen it before, just shut up, you know you don't hate it.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Augh, BEST FRIENDS.  Why is there not a puppy asleep on MY neck?  In unrelated news, I seriously want those star sheets.

8 9 10 11 12 13 14

(Images c/o 22 Words)

Dear Santa.

Time for a Christmas list... christmas list 1

1. Julia Pott Hug - Goodness me, I love everything Julia does.  Her short animation for John Lewis melted my heart in 9 seconds flat.  You can see it here.  And frames from the original animation are available for purchase.  I want one.  Two.  Three.

2. Erica Weiner Handcuff Lariat - I've written about these beauties before here.  There is something aggressive but delicately beautiful about these handcuff lariats.

3. Frends Rose Gold Headphones - So I MAYBE may have bought these for myself on Cyber Monday.  Because I'm worth it.  Or at least that was my reasoning.  And I can say with all my rose gold heart that I adore them.

4. BCBG Veiled Hat - Yes, I know I am ridiculous.  I would like to note that this hat is balanced by the fact that I have, at the very least, researched actual snow boots and proper winter coat.  (I can't find the black version in stock anywhere...don't buy me the white one...that would be too much even for moi.)

5. Cazadora Pink Biker Jacket - I mean, obviously.  Nothing to say here other than I adore this site and I want all the things.

6. Karen Walker Sunglasses - Aside from the fact that I may have fallen even more in love with a pair of Kate Spade sunnies in the last few days...someday I will own some ridiculous Karen Walker sunglasses.  And that will be a good day.

Etsy Monday: Kari Herer Photography.

Something is happening in my little world and I'm increasingly fascinated by the usage of nature in art.  The fact that it is in art that is also accessible makes it even better.  From florals and faunas to sweet (or not so sweet) depictions of animals, I'm digging on it.




But I also like something to be quite abstract about it, too.  The subjects aren't in their natural elements.  They are manipulated in some way.  There are other components that have no place there.  A little while back, I wrote about Nick Knight's 'Flora' series, which shares a lot of these details.  What Kari Herer does, however, brings it to the next level.




You want to reach out and touch Keri's work.  If it's layering gorgeous flowers against a pure black background or adding florals in as elements on a beautifully sketched animal, there is something so fascinating about her eye and her work.  Keri appreciates beauty, as much as soft touches of 'out of the box' creativity.




Head over to Kari's Etsy shop and go crazy.


(All images c/o Kari Herer)

Etsy Monday: Geometric Ink.

Modern lines and design have never been traditionally my 'style' but as I give myself more of a chance to properly explore my tastes, I've really started to fall in love with interjecting bits of geometric, precise artwork.  And Geometric Ink on Etsy has completely taken my heart.  Seriously.  I want all the things.  Get me all the things, please.




Kara, the amazing artist at Geometric Ink, has really fused stunning elements of nature that really cannot be confined with the removal of color and the clean lines that really define her work.  There is a beauty that is really balanced out by gentle masculinity and it's all f**king perfect.  I have never wanted a moose above my bed.  Now I want a moose above my bed.  And even more amazing?  A lot of her work is original watercolor...and she makes sure it is affordable.  Which is the coolest.






Oh, did I mention the lovely Kara is offering a 20% discount code?!  Well, she is.  So get your Geometric Ink shop on here with the code 'LOVE20'.  And all orders come with a surprise bonus print.

Don't forget to enter our Etsy giveaway for the coolest candleholder out there!  It ends this week so get your cutie little patootie over here to enter now.




(All images c/o Geometric Ink)