Petal Power.

Sony is smart.  Sony is REAL smart.  Or at least their advertising agency is real smart.  To represent the number of pixels in the display of their new TV, Sony released 8 million stunning colored petals into the Costa Rican landscape for what is not only one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen...but also one of the most intensely creative. 2 3 4 5 6 petalscostarica1

Not to mention the fact that watching it gives me some intense sense of calm and pure joy.  Freaking brilliant.

(Story c/o HonestlyWTF)

Oh, Ok. You're The Coolest.

Dream big.  That's what 'Visit California' asked skateboarder Bob Burnquist to do...which is not only inspirational generally but also makes me super curious as to who the genius is behind the Visit California campaign.


Knowing that he had skated on basically every surface possible, Bob B  and his team went balls to the wall to create something so brilliantly cool, and actually quite beautiful, that I am reasonably jealous of their imaginations.  Skating on water.  Game f**king on.

(Video and photo c/o Visit California)

Nick Knight's Flora.

I've been thinking of what it is exactly I want to say about this series from photographer Nick Knight and I just seem to keep fumbling my words.  I keep wanting to use the word 'darkness' but that may be too over-the-top for a series that really showcases an incredible amount of beauty.  So maybe I'll just say that I have full-on fallen in LOVE with this hint of macabre that sits over something so perfectly stunning.  (Jeez, Kate, maybe you need to go talk to someone about this.)

1 2 3

But seriously.  I'm obsessed with this entire series.  So if anyone has contact information for Mr. Knight and think he might be up for gifting one or maybe all of these pieces, please pass it on.  Curtsey.

4 5

Or we could all just get his book Flora and flip through daydreaming about when we rich/creative enough to come up with these kinds of things.  That was rude.  You're probably all f**king brilliant and make beautiful things every damn day.

6 7

(Images c/o Nick Knight)

I Like It. What Is It?

When I first started to read about Anthony Burrill's book, I Like It. What Is It?, it wasn't so much the book that grabbed my attention, but it's headline print.  It's such a simple phrase.  But it's one that I've said a million times, that I have heard a million times, that I will hear a million times more.  It's a simple phrase with a hell of a lot behind it.


But you won't notice that until you stop, faced with the words, and properly take them in.  That's a lot of what Anthony Burrill's work is composed of...simple words, simply designed, resonating hard.  He has been described as an artist of words.  No, not an author.  An artist.  Burrill works to keep you thinking and giving you something beautiful to challenge you.




And there is a book.  An incredible book.  A book which is as unusual and simple and clever as Burrill's work itself.  I Like It. What Is It? is a poster book, meant to be read and loved and then torn apart.  Seriously.  Made up of 30 prints, as you flip through the pages, you are able to really get involved with a collection of stories.  Each poster offers a background on where the phrases came from and what they mean.  (Does it entirely matter?  What does it meant to YOU?  You like it, do you need to know what it is?  Can you just enjoy it and have that be enough?  That's some deep shit right there.)








Each poster is easily torn from the book so it can be hung up and loved.  And there are stickers.  Who doesn't love stickers?!  Buy the book here.  Also, you can buy any of the prints here...which I think you TOTALLY should.


(Images c/o Anthony Burrill)

Will Broome for Twenty6 Magazine.

If you're not reading Twenty6 Magazine, you're a fool.  It's brilliant.  And for their latest issue, they brought in the amazing artist/illustrator/adorable man Will Broome for a brilliantly English interview, along with some of his sweet and secretly dark characters to feature in a fab fashion editorial.


You can check out the entire interview here but allow me to present some of my favorite bits:

'I was born in Nottinghamshire.  My childhood was a very uncomplicated affair.'

'I'm not sure if I'm an illustrator, I think I might be an artist.'

'I am inspired by lots of things.  Normally it's stuff I see on toilet walls and the street when I am riding my bike.  I still like things I liked when I was 11.'

'Behind the happy go lucky facade, there is a darkness to my work.'


Augh, this editorial is so adorable and cool and adorable and rad.  You can see the whole damn thing here.

01 1 2 3

Check out Twenty6 Magazine here.

(All images c/o Twenty6 Magazine)


I Can't Hear You.

Allow me to be superficial for just a moment while I geek out over an expensive pair of headphones that I OBVIOUSLY NEED IN MY LIFE.

We Are Frends Layla Headphones

We Are Frends have made the most bad ass-inest headphones called Layla in white & rose gold that I want to make friends with.  Like real good friends.  Like friends that want to wrap themselves around my head for a decent portion of the day (mostly as not to bother the rest of the office with my amazingly horrible taste in music).

We Are Frends Layla Headphones

Seriously though.  I know my iPhone ear buds were free.  But they hurt my little ears and they also don't look half as cool.

(Images c/o We Are Frends)

Etsy Monday: Julia Pott. And Hug.

I have written about the amazing Julia Pott over and over and over again.  Her work is so unique and touching, while still maintaining a sort of childlike whimsy.  Julia's sentiment cuts deeply and honestly...and sweetly even when it's painful.  She was recently commissioned by retailer John Lewis to create a Vine video for their 'What Matters Most' campaign.  So she created 'Hug'. [vimeo]

Don't you just die a little bit inside at how lovely that is?!  So simple, so sweet, so impactful.  I think it hits me the most right before the clip ends and you realize in this lovely hug, they are rubbing each others backs in a way that you only do when you REALLY care about someone.  SO DAMN SWEET.  And now you can have one of the original frames for your very own.  For $10, you can order a frame of the original drawings for the animation that is picked by random.  I'm having a little bit of a daydream about ordering a series...3 maybe...and framing them in succession.  Then you get a hint at the story being told without entirely giving it away.  LOVE.

2 3 4

See the animation frames here and all of Julia's work here.

(Images c/o Julia Pott)

The Capsule.

The Capsule, a 35 minute film directed by Athina Rachel Tsangari, has a storyline that reads as follows: Seven young women.  A mansion perched on a Cycladic rock.  A series of lessons on discipline, desire, discovery, and disappearance.  A melancholy, inescapable cycle on the brink of womanhood — infinitely.


While I've only had the pleasure of being able to locate the trailer, the summary intrigues me and the visuals, not just in the trailer itself but also represented in film posters and fashion, have me reeling.  Beauty in darkness and darkness in beauty.  It's every aesthetic I have ever loved and though I am sure I will find it completely terrifying when I do finally see it, that's what I want from this film.

The-Capsule_Athina-Rachel-Tsangari_Web-Photo_01 The-Capsule_Athina-Rachel-Tsangari_Web-Photo_02 The-Capsule_Athina-Rachel-Tsangari_Web-Photo_03 The-Capsule_Athina-Rachel-Tsangari_Web-Photo_04 The-Capsule_Athina-Rachel-Tsangari_Web-Photo_05 The-Capsule_Athina-Rachel-Tsangari_Web-Photo_06 The-Capsule_Athina-Rachel-Tsangari_Web-Photo_07 The-Capsule_Athina-Rachel-Tsangari_Web-Photo_08 The-Capsule_Athina-Rachel-Tsangari_Web-Photo_09 The-Capsule_Athina-Rachel-Tsangari_Web-Photo_10 The-Capsule_Athina-Rachel-Tsangari_Web-Photo_11 The-Capsule_Athina-Rachel-Tsangari_Web-Photo_12

Its inception began with the commission to create a piece of art incorporating fashion.  Athina was not interested in creating a fashion film in its traditional sense, nor in fashion itself in its traditional sense.  A coat made of human hair.  A dress that reacts to light via sensors.  Fashion that acts as a sculpture as much as a garment.  The genre of horror-fantasy gets quite a stunning treatment in this film.

tumblr_inline_mgq9a7UyW51rpkgdk tumblr_inline_mgq9cm3yC41rpkgdk

(All images c/o The Capsule)

Coeur de Pirate.


We don’t live abroad, but well within the distance, us, lovers separated By the haunted docks with moored boats That keep us on the edge of feelings

But I am coming and the girls that are waiting for you will never wait for you again Or worry excessively for that diamond that I have If I must myself set out the map of a devotee

No one has a hold over me like you do, on my breath that stays jagged Races against the wind that no longer matter now That we've said we belong to each other

But I am coming and the girls that are waiting for you will never wait for you again Or worry excessively for that diamond that I have If I must myself set out the map of a devotee

'Les Amours Dévouée' - Coeur de Pirate

99 Problems.

'Even world famous rappers have problems'.  I mean, sometimes you just need to be reminded of that, right?  Sometimes famous people don't wear make-up either.  Sometimes they act like us plebs and go to the grocery store.  Sometimes they go bat shit crazy and shave their hair too.  (Sorry Britney, you're a doll and have a gorgeously shaped noggin.)  Artist Ali Graham is hysterical and has created a series of Jay Z's '99 Problems'...ya know, just as a reminder that real things can happen to unreal people.  Hysterical.









5 6 7 8 9

See the entire series here.  And guess what?  You can buy prints.  Please, please buy prints.  I will respect you 32% more.  

10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

(Images c/o Ali Graham)

Etsy Monday: More Than Porcelain.

Don't we all want to be 'reloved'?  Well, Berlin-born and Athens-based Monika from More Than Porcelain does just that.  She takes vintage (and sometimes new) pottery and creates something new and unique.  From sweet and delicate, she uses her love of surrealism, Victorian art and graffiti to give these pieces a personality ten times larger than it could have been before.  With Monika's help, her items begin to tell stories all their own.




So I know that I very recently wrote about how I have to stop collecting skull artifacts but, dammit, what choice do I have now?!  It helps that Monika's interests are the same as mine (Victorian faces, skulls, Alice in Wonderland, Mary Poppins, Hitchcock) but how these details give already beautiful artifacts such life in such an unexpected way is imperfect perfection.  I want an entire wall in my apartment dedicated to these plates.  And a whole cupboard dedicated to these teacups.  Oh, and also, I want to throw tea parties on the regular.




Want some of this beauty for your very own?  Thrill of the Chaise readers can get 15% off their orders on Etsy with the code '15OFF'!  Go buy great things!  You can check out everything from at More Than Porcelain here and check out an amazing interview with Monika here.



(All images c/o More Than Porcelain)

Forty Days Of Dating.

Little known fact: my friend, Michelle, and I once wrote a pitch for an anecdotal book about dating in the digital age and had a meeting with a publishing agent, during which I went on a tangent about how much I hated the frosted tips on the guy who wrote 'He's Just Not That Into You' and wanted to meet Oprah.  No big deal/whatever.  Recently, Michelle and I have been kicking ourselves for not really pursuing the writing of the rest of the book (we only got a few chapters in before we got distracted...).  It seems like suddenly it's become really relevant again. [vimeo 69904652 w=400 h=300]

So where this story is actually working against what we wanted to talk about (online dating, using the world wide webs to find a potential mate, using social medias to foster a romantic relationship), it does actually employ digital mediums in a modern age to follow the relationship of two friends who have kinda given up.  Well, that's not entirely true.  Realizing that they both have some issues to get through when it comes to dating and fostering/maintaining a proper relationship, they decided to date each other...for 40 days...and they made it a rule to see each other every day.

Screen Shot 2013-07-28 at 8.42.16 PM

We voyeurs get to follow the relationship on a beautiful website that runs like a bit of a diary.  We are currently on day 23 of the experiment and it is DRAMA.  But kind of amazing drama.  Every day, the two have to answer the same questions, which you read side by side, about how they feel about each other, what they learned about themselves that day and really just diving into the paranoias and hang-ups of the subjects.  It's FASCINATING. [vimeo w=400&h=300]

Every day, my friend in London, Dan, and I are catching up with each other and discussing the relationship as we see it unfold.  I promise it will be worth it to follow...and I can't wait to see how this works out.  I thought I wanted it to be a happy ever after...until a few days ago...when I started getting annoyed at one of the subjects and felt they really needed to stop misplacing blame about why this might not work at all.  So yeah, check it out here: 40 Days of Dating.

(All images/video c/o 40 Days Of Dating)

Oh My God Becky.

There is not a whole lot that looks cooler than a dressed up (or down, really) t-shirt situation.  A classic tee totally it...rock it...throw a necklace on it.  But if you can snag yourself a t-shirt that rocks on its own, you're golden.  In summary: THIS one.


You can check out the entire collection over at Buy Me Brunch here.

(All images c/o Buy Me Brunch)

Etsy Monday: Lenny Mud. And GIVEAWAY.

Well, hello, my little cabbages.  I know Etsy Monday has been missing for the past few weeks but we are back in FULL force!


Now, if you don't know me too well, you may not know that I lived in London for almost 8 years.  While in London, along with a bit of practice, I learned to love a good cup of tea.  Admittedly, I have not yet mastered the art of brewing and properly making a cup that won't get me laughed at by my English peers but baby steps.  You may also not know that I have the best/worst taste in music ever.  And don't you start judging me.  I just admit to liking the things some people rock out to in secret.  Long story short, when I decided to move back to the States to go to school, my dear friend Beaver (yes) sent me a school supply package which included a nice supply of pencils and a mug to help with the brews I would be making for late night study sessions.  BUT it wasn't just ANY mug.  It was LIONEL RICHIE.  From Lenny Mud. affair commence.




What's better to enjoy a lovely cup of tea with than a badass mug?  Exactly.  Lenny is the artist's studio cat...who is apparently as good at breaking ceramics as the artist is at making them.  I love this sense of humor.  It's obvious, it doesn't apologize for itself and it can't help but make you grin.




Did you say GIVEAWAY?!  Heck yes.  One very lucky Thrill of the Chaise reader will win a Lenny Mud mug of their choice! To enter, simply click here.  The giveaway starts today and runs until the end of the day on July 17th.  Open to U.S. residents only.




(All images c/o Lenny Mud)

Supporting Youth.

You've gotta love a small town kid with big dreams (and talent to match).  And as a small town kid myself, who didn't grow up on a sports field but rather finding my voice in a choir room, I have always been passionate about protecting and supporting the arts for younger generations.  Enter 15 year-old filmmaker Max Galassi, a Newtown youth with stories to tell and a life he knows he is just beginning to find his way through. [vimeo]

Max is talented beyond his years but keeps a sense of child-like exploration in his work.  Learning as he goes, Max's film 'Sophie's Tree' was his portrayal of all the unknown feelings and confusion he, and many of his young peers in the area, was feeling following the tragedy this past December in his hometown.  This film was screened National Film Festival for Talented Youth, not only getting Max's message out to a wider audience but also cementing his incredible talent, as well.  See the trailer for his first film, 'Astral', below:


Sponsored by another incredible local talent, Johnny A. Williams Woodshop, Max is working on his next film, 'Youth'.  This young prodigy is currently fundraising $3500 for this project and I want to invite you all to help!  Please visit Max's Indiegogo page and donate.  There are just a couple of weeks left to help Max reach his goal so he can tell this story.

'It’s about love, loss, and being free. It’s about change and escaping and realizing what really matters in the shadow of an intricate adolescent mind. It’s about internal struggle while physically striving to not become a single impression on someone. It’s a story about friendship, and realization. But most importantly, it’s a story about being a kid, and being wild before you can’t anymore. It’s about being a kid and being everything you can before things change.'  And it should be heard and seen.

Get Lucky.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I know everyone and their mom is talking about this summer's cool-kid anthem, Daft Punk jam 'Get Lucky'.  I have admit, it was a slow grower for me...but now that I've let my 'this isn't the Daft Punk I know' issues go, I admit it's a tune.  I also love the idea of a sweet summer song.  Makes me want to dance on a rooftop with friends and a strong cocktail in hand.  Anyone?! [youtube=]

Just as I was throwing my hands up and admitting I love this song, the CFDA Awards happened.  Oh boy.  Well, I have to say, I am having a love/hate relationship with this video.  I love it for being creative, for being cool by default and for allowing some silliness into a place it isn't always allowed.  I hate it because it sucks.  SORRYNOTSORRY.  If you're going to get a bunch of male models together to sing at me, make sure they can all hold a tune.  Yeah, that's right.  To announce the Menswear Designers of the Year, they showcased the nominees collections as the models in their threads sang 'Get Lucky'.  It's not the worst.  Until you get to Thom Browne, who deserved all the best vocalists, but who got stuck with all the guys that it sounds like may have shown up late.  Sigh.  Love.  Hate. Love.  Hate.


I don't want to leave you with that video.  That's not fair.  To you.  To the song.  To the male models.  To anyone.  So I want to share a badass cover by some of my favorite people out there...Daughter.  (I've written about these dolls before here and you should read it.)  Anyway, Elena, Igor and Remi have done a brilliant cover of the song that is not just one to enjoy in your quieter, more melancholic moments but may also serve as the wintertime version to this summertime jam.


Seriously though.  Who wants to go dance and drink on a rooftop with me?  Is this a good time to mention for the millionth time that I turn 30 in a few weeks?  Smooch.

Psst...have you entered to win the beautiful orange ombre tote bag we are giving away with Cocosheaven?!  Do it.  Here.

Warby Parker Rocks Down To Ocean Avenue.

Sometimes, I wear glasses.  I love to wear my glasses.  Or more specifically, I love to wear my Warby Parker glasses.  My journey to find an amazing pair of glasses spanned years.  In fourth grade, I cheated on my eye exam because both glasses and braces were cool and I couldn't fake crooked teeth.  So I ended up with glasses and then ended up with horrible vision because I didn't actually need said glasses.  Feel free to tell that story to your kids.  Don't cheat on eye're probably going to need glasses at some point anyway.  After never really being in love with any of my spectacles, two years ago, I was introduced to Warby Parker (you can read about it here) and my relationship with glasses totally changed.  Warby taught me how to not just enjoy wearing my glasses but to actually have some fun with them. (Photo credit: Nate Poekert)

In the last few months, I've been wanting to expand my ability to have fun with my eyewear...and with the summertime having properly arrived, what better way to do that than with some color?!  (Not to mention, I really want a pair or five of some of Warby's super cool sunglasses.)  And as Warby Parker always seems to inherently do, the team there read my mind and have just launched their Ocean Avenue Collection to celebrate not just the warmer months but the nostalgic and retro-driven joy of summertime down by the boardwalk.  More specifically, the legendary Coney Island.


Drawing inspiration from 1979 cult film The Warriors, a thriller that follows around rival gangs from across NYC on their way to Coney Island during one long, summer night, the collection is about fun and mischief.  With 8 optical frames and 14 sunglasses to choose from, it's the new colors that are the true stars of this show.  Sea Glass Blue.  Chocolate Soda.  Driftwood.  Orange Fizz.  Cream Soda.  Ginger Lemonade.


The Ocean Avenue Collection makes me want to take a trip down to Coney Island.  Grab a hot dog and an ice cream, sit on the boardwalk and re-live the days of having summers off to get up to trouble.  Warby Parker does an incredible job in this collection of giving us a modern take on days gone by.  The retro styles in updated colors give just enough away about the person wearing them that makes you want to know more.  And for those of us who want to wear them, kudos on making it almost impossible to choose, Warby!

Preston in Pearled Tortoise

Preston in Sea Glass Blue

My favorite styles have to be the Preston (Sea Glass Blue vs. Pearled Tortoise) and Beckett (Newsprint Grey vs. Driftwood) for optical frames, and Winston (in Cream Soda), Jules (in Marbled Charcoal) and Jasper (in Orange Fizz).  Not the narrowest of lists but hey ho, I do what I can.  Question is, which would YOU like to rock this summer?!

Beckett in Driftwood.

Beckett in Newsprint Grey.

Winston in Cream Soda.

Jules in Marbled Charcoal.

Jasper in Orange Fizz.

Check out all of the Ocean Avenue Collection by Warby Parker here.  And let me know when you want to hit the boardwalk.  I'm ready.

(All images c/o Warby Parker)