McQ Bunny Jaquard.

It's probably no secret that I get a certain sense of joy with things that are just the right side of creepy.  From the Baseman 'little monsters' from this past season's Coach collection to what I consider a healthy level of skull decor, there is something quite charming about a hint of macabre.  

So when I got an email from McQ (the diffusion label of the ever beloved Alexander McQueen) announcing the introduction of their 'Bunny Jacquard', I couldn't wait to open it.  And as delightfully expected, it was a hint of sweet mixed with a hint of darkness to create something completely lovely...and weird.  Always weird.  Anything else would be boring.

(All images c/o McQ)

Hand Woven...With Love From Nepal: GIVEAWAY.

There are some amazing people out there doing amazing things.  Ashley is one of those people.  With a familiar case of wanderlust and adventure, this lovely lady spent eight months traveling the world and exploring all it had to offer.  During her travels, she went to Nepal where she was introduced to the Women's Skill Development Organization (WSDO) and was taken by the people and their work. [vimeo]

This organization in a non-profit celebrating the country's beautiful traditional handicrafts, providing training to underprivileged women in order to help them learn to become self-reliant.  They learn how to perfect their crafts and key business skills that will help them sell their products and thus better their quality of life.  Ashley fell in love with this group and decided to set-up her own business to help and spread the word.  Bringing products made by the women of WSDO, Hand Woven...With Love From Nepal carries these handmade goods for a wider audience.


From totes to make-up bags, wine carriers to passport bags, Ashley has a wonderful collection of goods at very reasonable prices that help make a difference as much as satisfy some retail therapy.  She has been kind enough to offer Thrill of the Chaise readers to win a large tote bag and matching make-up bag!  They are durable, fair trade and really stunning works of art with a lot of heart.

For your chance to win, 'like' Hand Woven...With Love From Nepal on Facebook here and leave a comment below with your name and contact information.  A winner will be chosen at random on Tuesday, May 13th!  Explore the entire collection here...some perfect Mother's Day gifts there, if you ask me...

(All images c/o Hand Woven...With Love From Nepal)

Rad Picks at Reformation.

I recently came across a dress on the world wide web that I fell in love with...come to find out it was from Reformation...and also come to find out it no longer exists on the site.  BOLLOCKS.  But, regardless, the more I explored the site (admittedly for the first time in quite a while, especially with a couple impending summer weddings in which I would delight in a new frock or two), the more a bigger problem reared its face. 3



I want to try everything on.  I want to buy everything.  I want to have costume changes at said love fests.






Suggestions welcome.


(All images c/o Reformation)

Marissa Webb Fall 2014.

Up until this year, Marissa Webb always had her show next to us at Ruffian in the fancy pants tent that is NYFW at Lincoln Center.  I always loved when she would arrive because EVERYONE knew it.  Not because of any diva behavior, but because this little munchkin of a thing would sweep in like a tornado made of sunshine and smiles.  She would greet everyone with a sense of familiarity that seemed quite genuine, even though you know she didn't know who half the people were that she was wishing a good morning. 1 2 3

I was never really struck by any of her collections...which I always found a real shame because I wanted to love everything about this bright little lady.  And then, TA DA.  Her Fall 2014 collection has gone and done it.

4 5 6

It's a bit naughty schoolgirl gone classy as hell.  Leather, fur, silk...straight-up youthful foxiness.  Will it change the world or the face of fashion?  Not by a mile.  But would dressing in this collection make me a happy girl?  Oh hell yes.  It's stylish and cool without going too far.  Attainable and aspirational.

7 8

I want it.  Check out the entire collection here.

9 10

(Images c/o

Devil In The Couture Details.

As I am getting amped up for NYFW this weekend (where you should follow me backstage at the Ruffian show on Saturday morning on ALL the social medias), I would be amiss if I didn't mention the incredible Spring Couture shows we saw over the past few weeks.  Instead of talking about the looks themselves, I wanted to pick out some of my favorite details from the shows...because isn't that REALLY what couture is all about?  (It is, don't argue me.) First up in trusty ol' Chanel who nailed pastels as per usual.  Leave it to Lord Lagerfeld to sneak in something a bit youthful and also questionable in the form of sneakers.  But screw it, I would wear these kicks in a heartbeat.  And if Karl told me to wear them with a tulle skirt, I would be all 'anything you say, you're magic'.

1 2 3

Raf Dior designing gentleman who I wish I was my are able to use texture like it ain't nothin' and then it becomes EVERYTHING.  It was slightly reminiscent of everyone's favorite merry-go-round centered Vuitton show but stood completely on its own.  The use of artwork and the balance of pastel and deep navy is basically what I wish my wardrobe and life looked like.

1 2 3 4 5

Giambattista Valli kinda killed it when it came to the embroidery and embellishment game.  The color palette was baller.  The accessories were equally as baller.  And dammit I wish I had the money/excuses to wear all of this.


Schiaparelli came flying in like the slightly more refined but still just as batty sister of Vivienne Westwood.  And it's impossible to not love that.

1 2

And everyone's favorite Valentino went fashion balls out with fabrications.  That lace, those feathers, the embroidery and, oh look, adorable lion prints!  Gothic ballerina on safari.  Well, that's a dream I never thought I would have and now can't stop thinking about...

1 2 3 4

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Throwin' Some Major Shade.

I am a eyewear enthusiast but I have been off my game recently.  I know exactly when it started...I went to visit my brother in Colorado and didn't want to look like a COMPLETE fool so I thought maybe the cat-eye D&G shades were too much with my oversized fur collar winter coat.  Thus I opted for a $10 pair of wayfarers from Target and, though I still looked like a jerk, I looked a little bit less like a jerk. Athena


They aren't bad glasses.  But they are pretty blah and they are also so scratched to hell that it's become a point of mild argument with my roommate (another eyewear enthusiast).  The point of my rambling is that I need some new shades.  Oh helloooo, Quay Eyewear!



What I dig about this collection is that all the sunglasses are pretty classic but cool details.  It could be an unexpected color or a little alteration of shape...baller.  And if you go to their 'As Seen On' section, Gwen Stefani is essentially their poster child.  That's quite the fashion stamp of approval.




So now the question is...WHICH ONE(S)?!

(All images c/o Quay Eyewear)

As that holiday designed for lovers is on the fast approach, the pressure is on to find the perfect gifts for the loves of all our lives.  Searching for meaningful presents is one of my favorite things, and as I've gotten older, I try to think about the lasting effect of what I am giving out. Diamond Print by Glimmer of Gold on Etsy

Now I know that we can't all afford to give diamonds, as much as we would like, but a thoughtful piece of jewelry always goes a long way.  It isn't about running out and snagging something just because it's sparkly, though.  Seriously.  Just cause it sparkles doesn't mean you don't have to think about it.  Jewelry is such a personal gift because it reflects your vision of their personal style.  Oh, the pressure!

One of my favorite places to go when I'm on the hunt for a special piece of jewelry is online shop Anjolee.  In my experience, there are two real options when it comes to shopping for a jewelry gift:

1. The Classic

The fail-safe option.  Go for something timeless and it will become a staple in any jewelry collection.  A pair of diamond stud earrings are not just something that can be worn forever but they are also something that can be passed on and stay 'in fashion'.

diamond studs

If you're feeling brave, a slight twist on such a classic item might be just the thing.  The lovely people over at Anjolee sent me these stunners that have the timelessness of the stud earring but bringing it up just a little to become a sweet little statement look.

surrounded by diamonds studs

2. The Custom

This option works best if you know the recipient of the gift a bit better.  It also makes the gift that much more special too!  If you visit Anjolee, they give you all the options you could possibly dream of to make a really personal, thoughtful gift.

From the shape of the stone, to the length of a necklace, quality and weight, even the addition of can really make a piece your own.  I own

Head over to Anjolee to explore.  It's ever so much fun!

(All jewelry images c/o Anjolee)

Dear Santa.

Time for a Christmas list... christmas list 1

1. Julia Pott Hug - Goodness me, I love everything Julia does.  Her short animation for John Lewis melted my heart in 9 seconds flat.  You can see it here.  And frames from the original animation are available for purchase.  I want one.  Two.  Three.

2. Erica Weiner Handcuff Lariat - I've written about these beauties before here.  There is something aggressive but delicately beautiful about these handcuff lariats.

3. Frends Rose Gold Headphones - So I MAYBE may have bought these for myself on Cyber Monday.  Because I'm worth it.  Or at least that was my reasoning.  And I can say with all my rose gold heart that I adore them.

4. BCBG Veiled Hat - Yes, I know I am ridiculous.  I would like to note that this hat is balanced by the fact that I have, at the very least, researched actual snow boots and proper winter coat.  (I can't find the black version in stock anywhere...don't buy me the white one...that would be too much even for moi.)

5. Cazadora Pink Biker Jacket - I mean, obviously.  Nothing to say here other than I adore this site and I want all the things.

6. Karen Walker Sunglasses - Aside from the fact that I may have fallen even more in love with a pair of Kate Spade sunnies in the last few days...someday I will own some ridiculous Karen Walker sunglasses.  And that will be a good day.

Etsy Monday: Kari Herer Photography.

Something is happening in my little world and I'm increasingly fascinated by the usage of nature in art.  The fact that it is in art that is also accessible makes it even better.  From florals and faunas to sweet (or not so sweet) depictions of animals, I'm digging on it.




But I also like something to be quite abstract about it, too.  The subjects aren't in their natural elements.  They are manipulated in some way.  There are other components that have no place there.  A little while back, I wrote about Nick Knight's 'Flora' series, which shares a lot of these details.  What Kari Herer does, however, brings it to the next level.




You want to reach out and touch Keri's work.  If it's layering gorgeous flowers against a pure black background or adding florals in as elements on a beautifully sketched animal, there is something so fascinating about her eye and her work.  Keri appreciates beauty, as much as soft touches of 'out of the box' creativity.




Head over to Kari's Etsy shop and go crazy.


(All images c/o Kari Herer)

Etsy Monday: Geometric Ink.

Modern lines and design have never been traditionally my 'style' but as I give myself more of a chance to properly explore my tastes, I've really started to fall in love with interjecting bits of geometric, precise artwork.  And Geometric Ink on Etsy has completely taken my heart.  Seriously.  I want all the things.  Get me all the things, please.




Kara, the amazing artist at Geometric Ink, has really fused stunning elements of nature that really cannot be confined with the removal of color and the clean lines that really define her work.  There is a beauty that is really balanced out by gentle masculinity and it's all f**king perfect.  I have never wanted a moose above my bed.  Now I want a moose above my bed.  And even more amazing?  A lot of her work is original watercolor...and she makes sure it is affordable.  Which is the coolest.






Oh, did I mention the lovely Kara is offering a 20% discount code?!  Well, she is.  So get your Geometric Ink shop on here with the code 'LOVE20'.  And all orders come with a surprise bonus print.

Don't forget to enter our Etsy giveaway for the coolest candleholder out there!  It ends this week so get your cutie little patootie over here to enter now.




(All images c/o Geometric Ink)

Distinguished Things. And A GIVEAWAY!

My 'Etsy Monday' series has fallen by the wayside as of late, but this week, we shall celebrate Etsy Tuesday.  And do so with a most excellent shop called Design Atelier Article.  Minimalist in style but huge in personality and creativity, Ukrainian designers Lena and Dmitriy believe deeply that anything you bring into your home should be either useful or beautiful.  And they create decor that brings both of these things together.




Using salvaged wood and plywood, this duo creates beautiful bookends, hooks, hangars, candle holders galore.  Which, in my humble opinion, would make some pretty stunning holiday gifts.




And as the month of Movember comes to an end, the team at Design Atelier Article are giving away the most PERFECT candle holder to one lucky Thrill of the Chaise reader!  Even more perfect?  With a couple of my buddies from work, we have a new blog to entertain you if you are a moustache admirer like us (or just like fancy stuff).  Distinguished Things is meant to make you laugh and consider the majesty of a good monocle.  So enter to win this candle holder here!  (Giveaway ends December 6, 2013 and is open internationally.)


And get over to Distinguished Things just in time for some pretty spectacular Thanksgiving posts!

(All images c/o Design Atelier Article)

Will Broome for Twenty6 Magazine.

If you're not reading Twenty6 Magazine, you're a fool.  It's brilliant.  And for their latest issue, they brought in the amazing artist/illustrator/adorable man Will Broome for a brilliantly English interview, along with some of his sweet and secretly dark characters to feature in a fab fashion editorial.


You can check out the entire interview here but allow me to present some of my favorite bits:

'I was born in Nottinghamshire.  My childhood was a very uncomplicated affair.'

'I'm not sure if I'm an illustrator, I think I might be an artist.'

'I am inspired by lots of things.  Normally it's stuff I see on toilet walls and the street when I am riding my bike.  I still like things I liked when I was 11.'

'Behind the happy go lucky facade, there is a darkness to my work.'


Augh, this editorial is so adorable and cool and adorable and rad.  You can see the whole damn thing here.

01 1 2 3

Check out Twenty6 Magazine here.

(All images c/o Twenty6 Magazine)


I Can't Hear You.

Allow me to be superficial for just a moment while I geek out over an expensive pair of headphones that I OBVIOUSLY NEED IN MY LIFE.

We Are Frends Layla Headphones

We Are Frends have made the most bad ass-inest headphones called Layla in white & rose gold that I want to make friends with.  Like real good friends.  Like friends that want to wrap themselves around my head for a decent portion of the day (mostly as not to bother the rest of the office with my amazingly horrible taste in music).

We Are Frends Layla Headphones

Seriously though.  I know my iPhone ear buds were free.  But they hurt my little ears and they also don't look half as cool.

(Images c/o We Are Frends)

Damien Hirst x Alexander McQueen.

I love skulls.  Skulls, skulls, skulls.  And going hand in hand with that, I also am completely taken with all things Alexander McQueen.  The man, the myth, the legend.  Putting aside my bitterness at not yet being the owner of an iconic McQueen scarf, YET, I am fascinated by the power of what really is such a basic item. In celebration of ten years of the McQueen skull-print scarf, equally bizarre artist Damien Hirst is teaming up with the label to rework the classic and create 30 exclusive designs for sale.  Whaaaaaat?!  Here's the thing...collaborations like this can go one of two ways.  It can be pure brilliance and everything you want it to be.  Or it can be a complete let down and disaster that does zero justice to all involved.

Damien Hirst x McQueen

But I have to say...seeing the sneak peek and hearing the inspiration...I'm impressed.  Very impressed.  What nutty Mr. Hirst has done is really inject some life back into something tried and true.  He hasn't tried to reinvent the wheel here but rather really taken into consideration what McQueen's may conjure up and explore.  Inspired by Dante's Inferno, prints are hyper symmetrical and geometric while highlighting elements of nature that fit the McQueen aesthetic.  Butterflies, spiders, unusual insects.  All put together to hint at the signature skull.  Absolutely stunning.  Nor for the faint of heart.

Damien Hirst x McQueen

The capsule collection comes out mid-November and I want all 30 styles to magically appear on my doorstep.  With one of the old faithful McQueen skull scarves thrown in there for good measure, of course.

(Images c/o McQueen)