Sweet, Sinister Dreams with Alexander McQueen.

My adoration and fascination with Alexander McQueen is long-standing.  A talent and visionary that was lost far too soon, his right hand and now head designer of the brand, Sarah Burton, has done nothing short of a miracle carrying on the label and everything it has always stood for.  Though the controversial statements and showmanship may have subsided, the dark beauty of Alexander McQueen still never fails to show up and amaze.

Though the show was WEEKS ago, I wanted to share the collection because it's freaking gorgeous.  Sarah Burton managed, in this show, to keep a balance of sweet femininity, dark romance and structured heaviness flawlessly, when those elements truly should never work together so effortlessly to create a single statement.  

And because she's a complete powerhouse, it's worth mentioning that this show was a mere TWO WEEKS before the due date of Ms. Burton's third child.  Let's all take some notes from her and her badass-ery, shall we?  

Thanks to the amazing McQueen Instagram account, let's also admire all the incredible details, too.

(Images c/o WWD)