#BeBulova with Seoul Sausage.

In January, I got to fly out to LA with three of my closest friends, who I am lucky enough to get the chance to do actual real-life adult work with, to create one of my favorite videos yet!  Spending two days with Ted, Chris and Yong, the genius dudes behind Seoul Sausage, was both fun and freaking delicious.  

The story these guys are able to tell is amazing.  Two brothers and their friend, they moved from San Francisco to LA, starting their lives in ways that may not have been completely within the hopes of their Korean-American upbringings.  Making sausages after their 9 to 5 jobs in Chris' apartment and spending their weekends at different markets and events hawking their delicious food, the guys took a chance and applied to the Food Network's Great Food Truck Race on the night before submissions closed.  With a desire to bring their Korean culture and flavors to the masses in a way that was a bit more familiar (sausages, tater tots, burgers, fries, rice balls), they made it on the show and knocked the competition out of the park.  

Now with two restaurants, two food trucks and a product line on the way, it's safe to say the guys are doing what they really love and inspiring a lot of people along the way.  Myself included.  Chef Chris has opened more restaurants on his own celebrating his eclectic tastes and background, and can even be seen on the new Bravo show Recipe for Deception.  Did I mention that these guys are just the coolest and nicest dudes in the game?

If you're in LA, make sure to head to Seoul Sausage.  It's some of the best stuff I've ever gotten the chance to eat and the atmosphere will make you feel cool by default.  And enjoy their story!