Delightful Bouffants & Broken Hearts.

I've been on the hunt for quite a few things recently.  Existential things.  Inspiration, peacefulness, a little bit of simple delight.  And I'm finding them, slowly, surely and on a more regular basis.  For the record...I'm fine.  But sometimes life finds a way to take over and rattle things a little beyond your control.  Sometimes you just hit a wall.  And I hit a wall.  I was spending 3.5 hours in my day commuting to a job that wasn't providing a positive atmosphere.  My home life was falling into a routine that we were forcing ourselves to fit into, instead of feeling like we could put ourselves first (which is mostly down to that commute and work exhaustion). I was dealing with some pretty big loss over the holiday season, including my beloved great aunt who took us on a roller coaster before passing away on Christmas Eve.  And I was starting to struggle to manage my Crohn's Disease after a very long stretch of managing it like a champ.  So I slammed into that wall pretty hard.  

And this is all some pretty deep talk for what I'm about to focus this post on, because it isn't about all that disruption.  I started to take more control and take myself off auto-pilot to find that inspiration, that peacefulness, that delight in the moments that I would allow.  So it's starting small.  And when I came across Kendra Dandy's Instagram account, Thee Bouffants, there was something so charming and joyful about her work that reminded me I was starting to see those moments.  An Instagram post is enough.  It's a great place to start.  And it's a great place to continue to appreciate even when you start finding it in bigger ways, too.

I'm still a work in progress.  I quit my job.  I accepted a role closer to home in a situation that I was a lot more comfortable with.  I started to trust myself to make these decisions and to allow myself to see wonderful things in the littlest places without over-thinking it.

What Kendra creates is gorgeous.  It feels organic and silly, in the most complimentary way.  It's bright and doesn't take itself seriously.  Her prints embody that 'no holds barred' side of your brain that we all work so hard to never really let go of.  What's even can get her prints on all types of things from Society 6!  Mug, pouch, rug, print, phone case, whatever you fancy!  Bring some of that delight with you on the daily  :)

So thank you, Kendra, for helping me start to feel that touch of glee as I find my feet again.  Let's hug.

(All images c/o Kendra Dandy)