I'm a Barbie Girl.

Truth is, I'm not...I never was.  I remember getting Barbie for my birthday as a kid, but I remember being a lot more drawn to my Gem & the Holograms doll and the skill of playing Oregon Trail.  Oh, and My Little Ponies, mostly because I was drawn to the colors and their butt tattoos....or icons...or whatever the hell those were.

But Barbie has been making a lot of news this past week.  Changing body shapes of the dolls is a smart move when it comes to changing culture and realistic perceptions, but also it's a genius marketing and PR move and I have to applaud that.  Apologies for tarnishing those positive changes with the notion that it was a bit calculated, but it's important to 1.) not kid ourselves and 2.) to know that regardless of motives, these changes come from a good place.

What really touched me about all the Barbie news was this incredible commercial that was released about Barbie being able to teach young girls about the power of pretend and the impact of being able to dream.  Creating scenarios with our little ones and their dolls may just seem like an exploration of imagination...but isn't that what got us all to where we are now?

It's beautiful and it's inspirational and if this doesn't make you smile, even if it's on the inside, you need to go jump in a ball pit and get over yourself.  We all started somewhere, you sarcastic jerk.  And I mean that lovingly  :)