Yvonne Ellen Homewares (And Big Ol' Discount!)

When it comes to home decor and all the related wares, I love just the right amount of quirkiness.  And Yvonne Ellen has it in droves.  

A unique range of hand crafted, 'up cycled' pieces, this shop goes out of its way to make sure that every home is unique.  A strong passion for beautiful vintage crockery alongside a love of unconventional, decorative illustration combines to create the unique ranges within Yvonne Ellen homeware

Like all the things I love, everything carefully and lovingly handmade in Britain. So everything you have is a one-of-a-kind piece.  I want everything.  Every. Last. Thing.  And with 15% off, you could get everything if you so pleased!  Enter 'FRIEND15' at checkout and ta-daaaaaa, extra happiness on top of happiness!  Check out the shop here.

(All images c/o Yvonne Ellen)